Is it possible to breastfeed a baby during mastitis

Mastitis is a bacterial infection which I heard about every young mother. Due to the inflammation of the mammary gland of the mother is experiencing, and whether you can continue to feed your baby. Some even in order to avoid fear, immediately stop feeding, and making a serious error. When mastitis is not something that we can and should feed the baby, because the milk should not stagnate in the chest. Be careful, the process of breastfeeding needs to occur so that the disease does not aggravate your condition.

When mastitis should as often as possible to feed the baby

Squeeze the chest and without much effort to massage it to calm the milk squeezed out of her. If the feeding process would imply a pressure on his chest with a force that, with high probability, the milk gets into the soft tissue, which prevent any means impossible. Feed the baby should as often as possible. And in order to keep the milk remains in the breast, it is possible to resort to the use of the pump. It is possible to completely empty the breast.

The more your salvation, the breast pump will be the case if you latch the baby to breast causes terrible pain, it is likely that during mastitis.

Treatment of mastitis will not stop the feeding of the baby

As soon as you feel the inflammation of the mammary glands, or sharp chest pain, should immediately seek medical attention. All you can do without the help of a doctor is to make a dry hot compress that will help to breast feed the baby without severe pain.

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After the examination, with high probability the doctor will prescribe the mother taking antibiotics. But we shouldn’t fear this, as these drugs will not affect the quality of milk, so you will be able to continue even during the treatment time to breast feed the baby. Do not forget to inform the doctor that you intend to continue breastfeeding.

The course of treatment with antibiotics takes place in about 5-10 days. That is, at the expiration of this period, you will be able to get rid of the disease.

Можно ли кормить грудью ребенка при мастите

Your doctor will tell you how to attach the baby to the breast

If mastitis develops is still only in its initial stages, already the next day after taking antibiotics mom will feel improvements in your health. The cause of the disease can be due to infection in the mammary gland or due to improper feeding of the baby. Because if breastfeeding goes wrong during mastitis, the treatment will be less effective than it should be. About the correct attachment of baby to the breast, you can consult a doctor. The baby should feel comfortable during feeding.

Mom should be clearly understood that mastitis is not a death sentence. Feeding the child with the disease in any case do not need to stop. Besides, with proper treatment at the initial stage of the disease it is quickly eliminated. Even if the mother feels not good to feed your baby without fear for his health and for the condition of milk in the breast. Young moms assume that if mastitis caused by an infection, then the milk she will be amazed.

Yes, it’s true, only child of infectious bacteria in no way threatened by the gastric juice of the kid with easily cope with these bacteria.

Можно ли кормить грудью ребенка при мастите

For the baby of maternal mastitis is not dangerous

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Folk remedies

First and foremost, you must understand that when mastitis on some people’s means should not stop. The campaign for a consultation with a doctor is necessary even if you begin to feel much better.

  • Cabbage leaf. If applying it to the patient’s chest, exactly on the day, the pain will subside and allow you to go about your business without the onset of a sharp pain. The sheet is applied under the bra.
  • Mint leaves, alder. The compresses. Before feeding the baby can be dried leaves to hold in boiling water for two minutes, after which the gauze for fifteen minutes to make a compress. Thus, to feed the baby you can without pain.
  • The leaves mother and stepmother, burdock. They can also be soaked in boiling water for a while, and after to the Breasts for 10-15 minutes. Pritchett compress this can be done not only before feeding the child.
  • Можно ли кормить грудью ребенка при мастите

    Mint leaves are effective in the form of compresses

    The fear of treatment to the doctor unnecessary. If you do not ignore symptoms and to promptly contact their doctor, about any surgical intervention and speech can not go. Moreover, you the doctor will say to feed the child to stop is not necessary, because the stagnation of milk in the breast can only aggravate the condition of the mother during mastitis.

    Even if your toddler eats well, pumping should be carried out continuously, thus it is possible to reduce the load on the gland, peculiar, not to start new outbreaks of the disease.

    Most importantly, when mastitis is not to panic. The child senses your emotional state, and it affects it very negatively. Take care of your health and the health of your baby, immediately turning to the doctor at the first pain in the chest.

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