Is it possible to do fitness at the monthly

To fitness benefits, exercise must be regular. However, excessive zeal in some circumstances, can damage health. It is sometimes necessary to reduce the intensity or even to refrain from activity. To distinguish the imaginary from the real causes is not always easy, especially when we are talking about whether to do fitness at the monthly.

If in those days the state of health does not allow even to get to work, the question is removed automatically, but many women, feeling fine, are afraid to exercise.
Is it permissible exercise during menstruation, how they affect the body and reproductive system, what happens to the body to know about it to every woman who plays sports or just planning.

What do you think the doctors

Gone are the days when menstruation was a strict contraindication to any activity and was equivalent to a serious ailment. Perhaps it had to do with inconvenience because of the lack of reliable hygiene. Now scientific research and real-world examples confirm that physical activity during the critical days in most cases even useful:

  • One cause the uterus to tone and improve blood circulation, reduce the physiological manifestation of pain and other unpleasant symptoms during this period;
  • Dvijenie a positive effect on mood, which in the critical days is often not the best, gives courage and confidence.

Fears that sports have a negative impact on the ability to have future children, are often far-fetched. Many professional athletes train and perform for years, and then successfully become mothers. They know how to use a natural cycle for good and to build a training in accordance with the current phases.

But if you have gynecological problems or intolerable pain, which can hide of the disease, the patient should refrain from stress or clarify with the attending physician whether it is possible to train, at least in the power saving mode. In the absence of other diseases, time, contraindications are:

  • Golovnaya pain;
  • Golovokrugenie and weakness;
  • Toshnota and severe bloating;
  • Obilnye bleeding (most often in the first two days).
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Features of the female body

Every menstrual cycle is a little life. Levels of the hormone estrogen, which is considered “feminine” begins to rise after the menses, reaches a peak in the middle of the cycle and greatly reduced on the eve of menstruation, hence the lack of energy both emotional and physical. Therefore, the need to be treated to this phenomenon and calmly exercise in rhythm that are most beneficial in these days.

What should be avoided

No matter how well a girl may feel that some types of loads are strictly contraindicated:

  • Strength training with large weights. Squats and other exercises for your legs and body causing severe tension of the muscles of the perineum and abdominal cavity, increasing her pressure. There is a risk of complications, particularly endometriosis of the uterus. Exercise with serious unwanted weights for the upper body, as the stomach load in any case goes.
  • High-intensity aerobic exercise. The longer training and higher heart rate, the greater is the volume of blood loss. In the period when the body is already weakened, this can lead to fatigue and even loss of consciousness.
  • Inverted postures. Positions in which the pelvis is located above the head, prevents the exit of blood from the uterus and blocks the energy flows in these days down of the body;
  • The rotation of the Hoop.

Allowed fitness

Before menstruation almost all women noted weight gain and increased body. Slimming is not the best time. Workout wear needs to support a health nature. During the critical days allowed

  • Pilates, yoga and stretching. Classes relax the body and relieve spasms, at the same time strengthen the muscles, without exerting excessive load.
  • Jog and walk. Discomfort in the abdominal area significantly reduced, and the muscles retain tone.
  • To swim in the pool. From open reservoirs it is better to refrain from the risk of catching the infection and the pool is quite safe if you use tampons or silicone cups. Moderate-paced swimming and the warm water provide a soothing effect, relieves pain in the lower back muscles. Water aerobics is also possible to engage, without burdening the feet.
  • Visit aerobic classes, passing at an easy pace, such as Latin and Oriental dance, some martial arts. Exercise during menstruation should avoid tension press, sharp turns of the case and hard jumps.
  • Access to the gym. The focus should be on cardio training. Classes at the octagon, a treadmill, a stationary bike, as running in the fresh air will invigorate and relieve tension. Allowed strength exercises with small weights. It is important to protect the abdomen, and all the usual exercises to perform at a slow pace, reducing the number of repetitions.
  • Actively breathe. The respiratory elements of the body Flex transmit oxygen into the bloodstream and reduce pain. But you need to avoid retraction of the abdomen and exercise, the load of the abdominal cavity and pelvis.
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If special health problems no, but women tend fatigue and frequent colds, she should definitely reduce the intensity of training, as menstruation makes the body more vulnerable. During the spread of infectious diseases is preferable to stay home and do simple types of activity: stretch, dance, lift small weights. The four-day break from the fitness club once a month will not negate what has been achieved.

Sports in full force and effect throughout the first half of the cycle before ovulation. This is the most favorable time to achieve the desired results, the body full of strength, many women feel a surge of energy.

Some recommendations point to the fact that no matter how good may feel a lover of fitness, she should:

  • Trenirovatsya in a room with good ventilation, or outside, to avoid stuffiness;
  • Odevat spacious sportswear, especially unacceptable tight pants, because the waist and abdomen should not be squeezed;
  • Senate to start in a measured pace, stretching;
  • Pity a lot of water in the classroom.


In the absence of gynecologic problems and normal flow monthly fitness to engage in can and should. If a woman is constantly engaged in sports lifestyle, it is psychologically difficult to make even a short break. Contraindications athletes should discuss with your doctor what exercises you can do in a particular situation.