Is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation

Many sexual partners are sure that having sex during menstruation cannot get pregnant. But they are wrong, conception during menstruation still happens. How can that happen? The probability to fly, of course, in this period of time is small, but still it exists.

Understand the problem “can you get pregnant during your period”, it is desirable to have the concept of “red” cycles every girl and their orders. Conventionally, the cycles can be divided into phases:

  • menstrual;
  • follicular;
  • ovulatory;
  • the luteal.

In the first half of the month is actively developing the hormone estrogen. Help him follicle-stimulating (FSH) and luteinizing (LH) hormones. Under their influence grow and ripen follicles, leading formed, which breaks, there is a release of an egg, situated to impregnate.

The next stage is the period of ovulation. It may occur around 14 th day of period and last for 24 hours. In this phase there is a meeting of egg and sperm, and fertilization takes place. After ovulation, the time comes for the prevalence of the hormone progesterone, responsible for the beginning of the training environment to the introduction of the ovum. The lack of fertilization means the process of rejection is called menstruation.

Based on the foregoing explanations, you may need to answer negatively to the question: “is there any possibility to get pregnant during menstruation?” But this is not true. A lot of females in my life, in reality, was burned, having sex in the critical days. After the pregnancy they thought about the fact: why did this happen? Therefore rely on the calendar method of protection is not necessary.

The cause of occurrence of pregnancy during menstruation

What are the chances of getting pregnant during menstruation? To find out, you need to meet for several reasons.

  1. It happens that in the body of the girl at once two Mature eggs that are ready for fertilization. To ripen they can both simultaneously and with a difference in a little period of time. Causes can include irregular sexual life, heredity, intense and short burst of hormones in the body, powerful orgasms (the last fact happens rarely, but still possible, because sex during menstruation should occur with a condom).
  2. We must not forget that the constant direction of ovulation may change after childbirth, abortion or during the period before menopause after the age of 40. The consequences of sudden changes in the cycle can become an unexpected pregnancy.
  3. Another reason why it is possible to fly, is the fact that the regularity of the cycle may change under the influence of hormonal background of women. In this regard also changes the time of ovulation in the direction of, or delay the onset ahead of time. And since sperm can be stored for several days and not lose activities, there is a chance of pregnancy.
  4. The answer to the question: “is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation?”, if sex occurred on the 5 – 6th day of the menstrual period and the cycle is broken, it may sound positively.
  5. Chance of getting pregnant is high if you interrupt the reception contraceptives, and then again begin to take them. The woman after 2 days can go monthly. If you want sex and it will happen, then there may come an unexpected pregnancy.
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Summarizing practice shows that there is a fact of pregnancy during sex in the critical days. Moreover, in the course of sexual intercourse at this time, there is a risk of acquiring infectious diseases. Blood promotes the growth of harmful bacteria, so a condom is absolutely necessary.

How do you determine whether the fertilized egg? In the positive case, the body is an increase in human chorionic gonadotropin. Its presence in blood can be determined by passing a blood test for beta-HCG. The study was conducted one week after fertilization and this method is very reliable. Pregnancy test – the same method of definition, but less reliable.

Safe days for the appearance of pregnancy

Is it possible to have sex during menstruation and be sure that conception does not occur? The answer to this question may sound positively only in relation to the first three days of the period. Getting pregnant in the first day of menstruation is unthinkable, and on the second day and third day is unrealistic. In this period there is heavy bleeding with hostile to sperm microclimate, so they’re during intercourse will be destroyed, and conception is impossible.

But in the last days of the cycle, the situation is more relaxed and therefore get pregnant the last day of the month is quite acceptable. You should know that the sperm are active during the week. Hiding, they are quietly waiting to approach the egg. When hormonal failure occurs unexpected ovulation and the ovum Matures. In this case, sex during menstruation leads to pregnancy.

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Sex in the menstrual period

A lot of people learn that some partners love sexual intercourse during menstruation, treat it contemptuously and I do not understand why it should be done in a dangerous period? You can answer this: many men are impatient, and in women at this point, strongly expressed libido.

We must not forget that sexual intercourse during menstruation is allowed when there is a permanent partner, as the risk of STDs increases.

Can pregnancy occur at the end of the month?

The probability of pregnancy after menstruation is caused by the duration of bleeding. Because the longer period, the chance to fly becomes greater. If the blood is up to 7 days, then the cycle is 24 days. Thus, before ovulation little time and the girl there is the opportunity to become pregnant.

There are several cases when this may occur at the end of the month:

  • The appearance of false menstruation. Sometimes bleeding occurs at the time when the egg is fertilized. As a result, it is possible to assume that the conception happened when my period was over, but in reality pregnancy has come to their “arrival”.
  • Vague time of ovulation. The ovulation date can vary, it is difficult to count the number of when ripe egg.
  • Ectopic or tubal pregnancy. Very rarely, the egg is fertilised in the fallopian tube, the ovary and even in the abdominal cavity.
  • In diseases of the cervix. Occasional bleeding during sex or after it. The woman takes them for a month and not secured, resulting in the pregnancy.

Analyzing all the above, we can conclude that it is impossible to determine safe days, which would fit for all women equally, because each of the ladies individually.

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The probability of pregnancy in the critical days in the presence of a spiral

Is it possible to get pregnant days of menstruation if the woman uses a plastic contraceptive coil?

The application of intrauterine device (IUD) is an effective method of contraception. Its function is to prevent attachment of egg to the walls of the uterus. In other words, is the premature termination of pregnancy in the very beginning of conception.

When using the spiral must follow some rules:

  • it puts only a doctor;
  • you should regularly visit the doctor to avoid shifting of the spiral;
  • allowed separate probing of antennae to check their correct, natural location;
  • it is important to adhere to a lifetime.

The origin of pregnancy in the critical days in the presence of a spiral is unlikely. This can happen if it has shifted or fallen out of the uterus.

Can be formed in an ectopic pregnancy, if there is a spiral? Quite, because it can develop in the fallopian tube.

Contraception in the form of intrauterine devices requires a thorough review.

So, to sum up the theme of fascination with sex during menstruation and the origin of pregnancy during this period, it is safe to say that except for the first three days will be intensive to go bleeding, the chance of occurrence of pregnancy exists. If in this period of time the couple really want sex, you should use a condom. They “kill” two birds: the risk of pregnancy and infection.