Is it possible to get pregnant right after medical abortion

Abortion is a shock to the body. Women planning a subsequent pregnancy, worried about whether it will come, is it possible to get pregnant having interruption. Re the conception in most cases is possible and could theoretically happen in two weeks. But it is better to avoid such a development, because the body is ready for a new pregnancy. To withstand the recovery period, making sure their condition and nabludal by a specialist to avoid complications, which may even develop infertility.

Pregnancy after interruption

Abortion is a shock to the body of any woman who started to work for the same goal: to make the already conceived fetus, regardless of the time of the procedure. To do or not to do an abortion – the decision is purely personal, because sometimes there are situations when to continue the pregnancy it is impossible under any circumstances. And, daring to such external interference coming in for a procedure the patient rightly begins to question whether it is possible to get pregnant immediately after an abortion. The interruption has on the female body extremely negative impact, so you should know its consequences and in the planning of the new conception – the timing of the recovery of health.

The methods of abortion

Today from the uterus, the fetus is removed in three different ways:

Vacuum abortion. Held not later than the fifth week of gestation, also called mini-abortion. Using a special catheter with a device introduced into the uterus and creating a negative pressure, forcing an unwanted fetus has right to leave the mucosa. Tissue damage during aspiration with a vacuum minimum.

Medical abortion (frmabout). A very simple procedure. In the presence of a specialist, a woman takes specifically for her chosen drug, causing the fetus in the womb dies. A few days injected other drug that causes contraction of the uterus for the removal of the deceased ovum of the reproductive system in women. Such artificial termination of pregnancy is possible before the sixth week.

Instrumental abortion. The most dangerous, while used more often than other types of abortion available, if the gestational age did not exceed sixteen weeks. General anesthesia, extension of the cervix, curettage of the uterus can all result in a series of complications, after which the chances of getting pregnant after abortion may again disappear altogether.

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The chances of pregnancy

Knowing the complications that are possible after an interruption, it is logical to ask the technician is it possible pregnancy after an abortion or he will almost certainly lead to infertility. What are the chances of conceiving a child?

It is known, that is, the percentage of women who can’t have babies after an abortion. But often induced abortion does not become an obstacle on the path of pregnancy: a woman has a very real chance to bear and to give birth to a healthy baby.

Enough more likely to receive an affirmative answer to the question posed by the gynecologist: is it possible to get pregnant after abortion – women who were not exposed after the interruption of the strong hormonal failure, menstrual irregularities, prolonged psychological trauma.

Pregnancy immediately after abortion possible

Completely different is the interest of the patient, using how much can you get pregnant after an abortion. Certainly not knowing and not asking many believe that pregnancy immediately after abortion is impossible, and begin to protect themselves.

Almost again to conceive a child with unprotected sexual contact may have already in two weeks or three after the procedure. For the female body abortion is the signal for the beginning of the next training cycle to ovulation. In the standard process the egg is ready for fertilization fourteen days. Therefore, gynecologists must dispel the doubts women have about whether you can get pregnant is if you took one – two days after an abortion.

But the ability to conceive again does not equal the ability to make the developing in the uterus of the child: body needs longer to fully recover.

Pregnancy after a short period of time (in the first cycle) after abortion ends in the majority of spontaneous miscarriages. The endometrium, is necessary to consolidate the fruit, did not come to normal, the immune system of women is weakened and passes into the body of infections and viruses. Not the best condition for the development of a new life.

Rehabilitation after abortion

The woman has just survived an abortion and is planning a new conception, it pays to know how soon after the procedure, you can get pregnant again. The period that we have to endure before the next pregnancy will be different for each patient. Its length depends on several factors:

  • the health status of survivors of the abort procedure women;
  • fortress of the immune system;
  • the presence and severity of complications after the procedure;
  • period of recovery of the reproductive organs and hormonal levels;
  • normalize the menstrual cycle and flow monthly.
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Most often, experts say patients interested in when can get pregnant again, the break in 3 to 6 months. In severe consequences of abortion and the weakening of health, physical and psychological, we are talking about a whole year. In the case of the earlier conception of a child is very high risk of miscarriage.

Pregnancy after drug interruption

The greatest chance of quickly with no problems getting pregnant after medical abortion, because this way the interruption causes the least damage to the woman’s body. Reproductive function in this case recovered on average a month.

But it is impossible to hurry, even if you are planning pregnancy after medical abortion, because the body and all systems need some time to recover forces and reserves for a new pregnancy, normalize hormonal balance.

Complications after abortion require treatment

Women are right when worrying about whether it is possible to get pregnant without resorting to reproduction, if, after the abortion by vacuum aspiration or surgical way that they have been diagnosed various complications.

Getting pregnant after medical termination of pregnancy is allowed after approximately 3 – 6 months, and after curettage recovery can last almost a year. The conception and gestation after surgical or vacuum methods often bring more trouble and unrest than pregnancy after medical abortion. These two ways of interruption are associated with injuries of the cervical mucous and the blood supply of the genital organs.

To nurture and give birth after undergoing vacuum or surgical abortion, burdened by complications, should be strictly under the supervision of a specialist, fulfilling all the requirements as a result of this abortion:

  1. To lose a child because of the disclosure of the cervix in the late second trimester. If the abortion was injured in the cervical canal, the cervix can not stand and unfold, the spontaneous miscarriage.
  2. To be on the operating table for carrying out cesarean section. Due to damage to the endometrium during an abortion after the new conception the fertilized egg has to attach to the lower part of the uterus less damaged area. With this finding of the fetus is diagnosed with low of its location, or placenta previa, which would make natural childbirth impossible, provoke hypoxia of the fetus, the risk of miscarriage, developmental delays of the child.
  3. To survive the rupture of the uterus. Done many times abortion thinner wall of the uterus, and possible perforation of this organ during curettage or aspiration. Under the new pregnancy, the uterus can not survive and torn due to stretching that may lead to the death of the child and the mother.
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Rules and tips

Interrupted pregnancy leads to consequences for the female body and makes it relevant to question whether it is possible to have a baby, healthy and in time, after the fact. Doctors say: Yes, you only need to follow the important rules:

  1. If abortion is inevitable, make it should be in the early period of gestation with medication, to avoid complications and a long recovery.
  2. Follow the recommendations of the observing doctor, do not skip techniques after the abortion.
  3. If any discomfort and the first signs of complications to consult a doctor for examination and timely treatment.
  4. Immediately begin to use contraception after treatment interruption, to do it within six months.
  5. Planning to have a baby surviving an abortion in the past, to be examined, to take into account all the recommendations after pregnancy.