Is it possible to have sex with the ovarian cyst: effects

Many women who are faced with the formation of ovarian cysts, ask a question about the possibility of leading a normal sexual life. The optimal solution in this situation is handling this matter directly to the treating physician. The specialist will be able to objectively assess the condition of the patient and to provide professional recommendations.

Often the cyst is not a hindrance for lovemaking

Predisposing factors

A cyst is not a reason not to have sex. But the tumor involves the refusal active physical exercise. Special attention should be given exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Regular exercise may be the reason that the cyst just burst. And in this case there is a serious danger to life and need urgent surgery.

Therefore, having sex is required to fully exclude the use of postures, providing the tension of the press. This approach will allow to exclude the development of adverse effects.

Important points

Individual attention, any discomfort. If the sex life is accompanied with pain, you should immediately undergo further examination. This will set the size of the cyst and to monitor development. If the tumor will cease to grow, then sex after that would be contraindicated. This measure will allow to avoid its rupture.

How to avoid serious consequences?

In most cases, the treatment of ovarian cysts is represented by the use of medicinal drugs, allowing you to avoid its removal. After the course of treatment, it is possible to forget about the tumor and possible adverse effects.

Можно ли заниматься сексом при кисте яичника: последствия

A woman should regularly visit the gynecologist to avoid problems

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After that, it is very important to closely monitor their health. This is due to the fact that the risk of recurrence of original tumor is quite high. To avoid serious problems, you need to resort to the following measures:

  • to stop Smoking;
  • to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • to control the regularity of the menstrual cycle;
  • periodically visit the gynecologist;
  • timely treatment of inflammatory processes and other common diseases of the pelvic organs.

Otherwise there is a high risk that the tumor will be very large, and exclude its removal will not succeed.

Will not hurt if sex after cyst removal?

Another common question the answer to which is wishes to obtain a huge number of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, is the ability to have sex after removal of ovarian cyst.

For full recovery of the female body after conventional surgery of this type requires not more than one month. At this time you should forget what sex is.

To ensure that all processes are performed properly and in accordance with the rule, allow only one visit to a specialist. Only after receiving the test results, and survey again to resume sexual activity.

Можно ли заниматься сексом при кисте яичника: последствия

The quality of sexual life depends on the psychological state of women

An interesting fact is that sex helps to avoid the development of ovarian cysts. To achieve this result, the sex life should be regular and be fun. Data obtained in many studies suggest that the mental condition of the woman largely depends on her physical health. That is why full sex in the presence of an ovarian cyst, and after removal procedure, it is safe to call an important factor that has exclusively positive impact.

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We should not forget that tumor, negative impact on the ovary, can be caused by various reasons, among which include inflammation and hormonal disruption, which can occur at any age. That is why the life of every woman must be associated with continuous monitoring of their health condition. And even the minimum deviations are about the treatment to the specialist.

In case of detection of tumors, which is not absorbed and does not decrease within three months, such a tumor requires urgent removal. Only a competent and responsible approach will help to avoid the development of serious complications in the future. Sex in this period are undesirable.

The right decision

But sex should not disappear from the lives of women faced with this common neoplasm. With the exception of the situation associated with painful sensations, as well as cases requiring surgical removal.

If taken alone, the solution is not possible, it is best to immediately consult a specialist. He will be able not only to establish the nature of the tumor, but also to correctly assess the risks. This will help not to doubt that proximity will bring only positive emotions.