Is it possible to sleep with a tampon all night

Monthly and everything connected with them, surrounded with a lot of conflicting information, you have to check yourself or consult with specialists of the corresponding profile. Due to its special qualities tampons widespread. However, many women are hesitant to start using tampons, in connection with various prejudices. The circle of questions about the hygiene there are several basic and examine in detail.

Myths and truths about tampons

  1. The presence of the tampon in the vagina prevents the free outflow of menstrual blood. It is totally a misconception. The product is made from pressed wool, which will not be able to prevent the outflow of blood from the uterus. A tampon absorbs liquids, and when it is fully saturated, the blood will flow out. At the beginning of the monthly allocation more abundant, so you’ll have to frequently change the swab and then the amount of blood decreases and the medium is almost dry. It is very important to strictly follow the rules of use of sanitary means, which are set out in the special instructions. A tampon should not remain in the body longer than provided by the rules! It is recommended to change the tampon at least every 6 hours (even with minimal selections).
  2. Of special concern is the use of a tampon while you sleep. Safety swab, when used properly, no doubt. Can sleep and feel night comfortable with a tampon? The peculiarities of female physiology is such that at this time the blood is secreted in several times less, so some women can sleep through the night or to change your tampon once. The use of spacers does not guarantee that will not happen leakage. A tampon is almost impossible, but if the fear is very large, it is possible to insure a seal.
  3. There is a misconception that tampons contribute to the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. During menstruation varies slightly pH of the vaginal flora, but this physiological process does not depend on the use of tampons. Disease and bacteria develop due to improper or insufficient hygiene! If the time to change hygiene products, use them in accordance with the amount of discharge, the health risks are minimal and the day and night. Tampons do not harm the flora of the vagina.
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Night tampons

Experienced gynecologists say that the night tampons are not dangerous to women’s health and provide restful sleep. Physical comfort ensures proper mental attitude, there is this eternal feminine fear of leakage, deformation and noise.

To put tampons at night is very convenient, and most importantly safe for health when used correctly. Once you sleep with this means of hygiene, to understand all its benefits.

The types of tampons

A little bit about the product. Manufacturers have taken into account all the results of scientific research, so the tampons come in different types and are intended for a normal – “normal”, rich “super” and very rich -“super plus” bleeding. Do not insert tampons that absorb more than the body needs and to extend their time spent in the body. The explanation for this is very simple – if the swab is not going to have time to soak up the blood, then maybe my dryness can cause vaginal discomfort. And if you use the product more than 4 – 6 hours, can provoke the development of pathogenic flora.

Virgins should opt for a size “mini” or “normal” so as not to damage the hymen, and if the discharge is abundant, often just to replace.

Some manufacturers have developed special night tampons, which have a high hygroscopicity and a small wings for extra protection. This is not a mandatory condition, because the individualized tampons at night is not difficult, women take into account the peculiarities of the organism and gradually choose the best option.


Contraindications to the use of tampons: the post-Natal period (6 weeks), individual characteristics of the organism.

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Infectious diseases physicians perform medical gynecological swabs, but do it in a hospital under his observation.


In conclusion: the question whether to use a tampon at night, you can answer in the affirmative, but do not forget the basic rules:

  • Individual choice of tampons in accordance with the peculiarities of the female organism.
  • Insert just before bedtime.
  • The mandatory hygienic procedures.
  • Change the tampon right after sleep( preferably 8 hours before its location in the body).
  • With abundant secretions to change your tampon at once, or use the gasket for extra insurance.

The choice of such intimate feminine products purely personal, so do not listen to the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. Before using worth the extra time to see a gynecologist who will advise the best option. A further survey will help to gain confidence in your health that no problems could not break habitual way of life that tampons would be more comfortable. Because a happy woman is a healthy woman!