Jeanine instructions for use, hormonal birth control pills

One of the most reliable methods of contraception for women are preformed hormones. Here described in detail and collected all the facts and knowledge about the drug Janine, instruction manual with various health conditions.

The drug is marketed in the form of pills, for 21 pieces in the plate, which is coated on one side with foil. On the foil be sure the name and dosage of the drug. Analogue Jeanine difficult to find in the domestic pharmaceutical market, as the drug is different quality of active ingredients, which are carefully taken care of by the manufacturer.

General description

The active substance is dienoguest and estrogens are chemicals that relate to contraceptive pharmacological group of drugs. Considered one of the best part of the subgroup “female sex hormones: estrogens, Progestogens”.

Hormonal drug Janine is a combined medicinal product, which has a low dosage of estrogen and progestogen in the desired ratio. Is solely inwards, that is, orally, washed down with plenty of water. It is necessary to strictly comply with the same intervals between taking the pills.

Action Janine is caused by the suppression of ovulation and thickening the mucus of the cervical canal of the uterus. The change in the density of this mucus affects sperm entry into the uterus, which not only complicates the process of conception of the fetus, but also reduces the possibility of infection and bacteria in the uterine cavity.

The results of the study prolonged and regular use (as directed) birth control pills Jeanine leads to stabilization of the menstrual cycle, reduce bleeding during menstruation and reduces the painful feelings associated with the blood supply of organs during menstruation.

In studies, it was observed that out of 1000 women who in the course of the year taking the drug without interruption according to the instructions, the percentage of an unwanted pregnancy is 0.001%.

The effect of the drug

The contraceptive effect of the drug is associated with suppression of the ovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle. Janine maintains the desired concentration of estrogen in a woman’s blood, which eliminates the possibility of pregnancy.

One of the contraceptive properties Jeanine is also thickening of the mucus of the cervical canal of the cervix. Normally, the egg is most often fertilized either in the fallopian tube or in the uterus. After fertilization the egg for 7 to 8 days from conception is implanted in the uterine wall.

A change in physical characteristics of the mucus of the cervical canal prevents sperm into the uterine cavity, which reduces the risk of pregnancy. Sealing of the cervical mucus and reduces the probability of inflammatory diseases of the uterus due to penetration of bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

The response of the body to the reception Janine

Janine is composed of hormone-like substances, therefore, taken exclusively inside and washed down with plenty of water. This allows to increase the dissolution rate of tablets and to accelerate the absorption of the drug into the body.

Intake of water after swallowing tablets of drugs prevents the sticking of tablets to the various departments of the esophagus. After dissolving pellets in the digestive tract of the active substance of the medicine is absorbed into the blood stream and within 2 – 3 hours, its concentration in the blood increases to the maximum numbers. After entering the blood through the blood vessels of the small intestine the drug binds to serum proteins, which are part of the elements of blood, usually to albumin, and is delivered to the organs of the reproductive system.

The drug is completely excreted from the body within two days, and therefore, to maintain good concentration must take daily for the drug at the same time. The decrease in blood concentration of hormones can reduce the contraceptive effect.

How to use the drug Jeanine in various diseases

During pregnancy and lactation the use of Janine is absolutely contraindicated. It should be clarified that the research that was conducted on the drug showed some adverse effects on phenotypic and genetic characteristics of the child. But a deeper study of the effect of contraceptives on a woman’s body there are some concerns about their harmlessness for small children.

During breast feeding is not recommended to take this drug, as with breast milk the current drug can get to the child, that would negatively affect his health.

When planning a pregnancy should stop taking the combined contraceptive pills for 1 – 3 months before conception. This will allow the base to restore hormonal balance. In some diseases, on the contrary, it is recommended to plan conception after discontinuation of the drug. To clarify this question from your doctor.

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To welcome Janine in all kidney disease should be taken very carefully, as it is the filtration barrier of the kidney excretes this contraceptive. Therefore, if you have kidney disease should immediately consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist about this problem. Of course, often this problem does not cause difficulties and urologists, but specialized expert advice never hurts.

Women with severe liver disease, especially in the stage of subcompensation and decompensation, contraindicated appointment and taking any oral contraceptives. This is due to the perception of any drug by our body as poison.

And when ingested with other medications, the liver begins to actively work to get rid of it in a very short period of time. This condition of the liver is very bad for overall health and often leads to a worsening of the disease.

Teens Jeanine is not recommended. The use of hormonal methods may negatively affect the development of the reproductive system of a growing organism.

Girls should always consult with a gynecologist about the possibility of taking this drug, and it should be noted that it is recommended to use only after the onset of a regular menstrual cycle. Women menopausal period is also not recommended to take the drug Jeanine in connection with high risk of thromboembolic complications.

Rule application and dosage

Many women are turning to gynecologists, to tell how and how long to take hormonal drugs. In this paragraph of this article described in detail all the main points of the user application.

To the rules of use of combined hormonal drugs should be treated very carefully. Admission according to the instructions will not only provide almost one hundred percent the result of contraception, but also reduce possible side effects.

The drug is taken at the same time daily orally with water. The first time Janine is highly recommended to take only after the beginning of regular sexual life and the occurrence of a constant cycle of menstruation. Usually the drug can drink from the first day of menstruation (the first day of the menstrual cycle). Length of treatment 21 days according to the order specified on the package. After taking for three weeks, discontinue for one week. For 2 – 4 days periods start. After 7 days of so called holidays need to start a new course.

Start taking medicinal tablets need contraceptives subject to certain circumstances.

  1. To exclude disease of the kidneys, liver, thyroid.
  2. To consult a gynecologist about the need of acceptance Janine.
  3. To exclude hormonal disturbances and gynecological diseases.
  4. You should consult with your doctor when switching from one contraception to another, as in this case, there are a lot of features. But the main one is to prevent interruption between doses of contraceptives.
  5. When the decision on reception of the combined preparations for contraception, you need to ensure the absence of pregnancy.

If you decided to take combined hormonal contraceptives, they obeschat you full protection from unwanted pregnancy. But there are times when the reception of pills of the drug were omitted, and then the risk of pregnancy increases depending on the number of missed days.

If you skip one day of admission (the time between doses is less than 36 hours) you need to take the missed pills. During the next 7 days need to use additional contraception, such as condoms (in case the missed tablet fell on the 1st or 3rd week of the cycle).

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If you continuously take Janine for the second week and missed one day of admission, as soon as possible drink some missing pills, even if you have to drink 2 pills at once. Additional contraception in this case is not required.

If after taking Janine for 21 days and cancel the appointment with a 22 day menstrual cycle your period is not started within 3 to 4 days, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy and diseases of the genitourinary system in women.

Overdose symptoms

Overdose Janine is extremely rare in medical practice, but to exclude it completely from the list of possible States is impossible. With proper reception is impossible to overdose, since the drug is excreted within 48 hours almost completely.

In some diseases, overdose is still possible. These include glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis, renal amyloidosis, polycystic kidney disease, chronic hepatitis, steatosis of the liver, chronic cholecystitis in the stage of decompensation and other diseases that cause changes in the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system of women. Symptoms of overdose Janine begins gradually, and often women do not associate them with the drug. Specific symptoms of overdose are nausea, periodic vomiting, abdominal pain.

To resolve the overdose it is necessary to cancel the drug. Overdose symptoms very similar to other diseases. You need to see a specialist, which when viewed will be convinced that this condition is due to overdose, and prescribe the right treatment.

Side effects

Combined contraceptives have many side effects. This is due to their influence on many systems of the body. But it often happens that the proper assignment of the necessary medicines, as well as reception, respectively, of the user minimizes possible side effects.

During the study of the drug when taken Janine for some women there were some side effects. The gastro-intestinal tract the most frequently reported nausea and abdominal pain. Rarely found vomiting or loose stools, flatulence, intestinal colic, constipation.

With the genitourinary system observed in equal proportions soreness and increase the breast, an increased amount of vaginal discharge. Rare phenomenon of secretions from the mammary glands.

In healthy women, the discharge has a clear or slightly cloudy color, with no smell and various additives. In various diseases of inflammatory or hormonal allocation failure change the behavior. The color changed from brown to green depending on the causative agent. The smell is unpleasant.

Pathological impurities, for example, blood, will indicate a serious impairment of health. Do not confuse krivomazova, which is sometimes possible when using Janine, with bloody impurities in the discharge.

From the Central nervous system the most frequent adverse effects of the drug is headache, bad mood. But these side effects are related to excessive attention to his condition and focus on the details.

From the side of organs of vision is rare intolerance to ophthalmic lenses, and more specifically discomfort when wearing them. Some women noted an increase in body mass. Most say the decline, which they are much pleased. Allergic reaction is rare and likely related to additional and auxiliary substances, which are part of medicinal products.

When not to take Janine?

The most dangerous side effect Jeanine is the formation of blood clots, their movement in the body, in the case of their falling into the pulmonary system can cause thromboembolism. There are the health status of women, which is strictly forbidden to use Janine. The diseases which are contraindications for administration of contraceptives include:

  • allergic reaction;
  • pathology of blood coagulation;
  • the disease: myocardial infarction, brain stem stroke, pulmonary embolism, thrombophlebitis of vessels of lower extremities, thrombosis, varicose veins;
  • the presence of chronic diseases: angina, diabetes under decompensation, the occurrence of transient ischemic attacks;
  • migraine, especially in combination with focal neurological symptoms;
  • diabetes mellitus and its complications;
  • a condition in which very high risk of thromboembolic disease: obesity, sedentary lifestyle, frequent long journeys in planes, addiction to alcohol, Smoking;
  • hypertension high blood pressure;
  • surgical intervention followed by immobilization of one of the parts of the body for longer than 3 to 5 days;
  • persistent disorders of lipid metabolism;
  • liver disease that is not amenable to correction with diet;
  • high risk of oncological diseases;
  • severe pathology of the hormonal system of the body;
  • the instability of the menstrual cycle of unknown etiology;
  • possible pregnancy;
  • lactation.
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Is it possible to take Janine with other drugs?

Combined oral contraceptives significantly influence all functions of the body systems, therefore combination with other drugs with constant use could adversely affect health and, most importantly, strengthen the possibility of unwanted side effects.

Medicines that contain St. John’s wort, and barbiturates, rifampin, felbamate, increase the excretion of the drug from the body, which reduces its concentration and significantly reduces its properties as a contraceptive.

Medicines that fight HIV infection and conventional antiviral drugs can adversely affect the liver, so the drug is excreted from the body more slowly. Delay of the drug may lead to a large number of side effects and worsen unwanted effects from taking both drugs.

While taking antibiotics should use another method of contraception, since antibiotic therapy reduces the effectiveness of the COC, may increase the risk of pregnancy.

The abundance of female hormones positively affect the mood of a woman, her skin, hair, nails. Usually during the reception, Jeanine women noted a decrease of fatigue during the working day, improve sleep, and increase libido. One of the most popular opinions is the reduction of headache that is often accompanied by young girls during the day. Positive effect of taking Janine in all cases seen as the nervous system of the girl.

The reception of the combined contraceptive pills are also justified in some diseases of the reproductive system female. Such diseases should include:

  • endometriosis;
  • irregularity of the menstrual cycle;
  • precancerous diseases of the uterus and accessory organs;
  • polycystic ovaries;
  • diseases of the mammary glands, which are associated with the violation of hormonal background.

Endometriosis is very often prescribed the contraceptive drug Janine. Endometriosis is characterized by the abnormal growth of endometrial cells of the uterine cavity beyond. Depending on the degree of proliferation of that tissue isolated category of severity of the disease. Janine reduces pain and amount of bleeding during menstruation, and eases the condition.


To summarize about the combined contraceptive drug German origin Jeanine, and given all the knowledge about rules and regulations apply and it is necessary to summarize the analysis of the effect of this drug on the female organism.

Positive aspects of receiving, Janine will no doubt be the contraceptive effect on women’s body change for the better hormonal women that has a positive effect on her mood, skin, hair, nails.

This medicine won a leading position in a number of drugs for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, because currently planning pregnancy is the basis for the health of the unborn child and its mother. The tool has proved to treat endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, and other disorders of the reproductive system female.

Negative action the drug has because of the diversity and multiplicity of effects on virtually every system of the body. Welcome Janine may cause side-effects from the digestive, reproductive, circulatory systems.

Welcome Janine shows girls with a regular sex life who have one sexual partner.

Proper observance of instructions on accepting Janine will provide complete prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and reduce the risk of disease malignant neoplasms in women and ease the transition into menopause. Before buying this product you should consult with a gynecologist to exclude possible pathologies of the reproductive system as well as hormonal evaluation at the time of inspection.