Massage Breasts, how to perform

Breast massage is one of the main points of prevention of diseases of the chest. It is also necessary nobody thinks until, until health problems. This procedure should not be underestimated. In most cases, the breast massage can improve the condition.

When is massage

Massage is used in most pathologies. The use of this kind of therapy is used in the following situations:

  • some forms of mastitis;
  • mastitis (early stages);
  • correction of the breast shape;
  • the lactose.

Regular treatments can be attributed to the diagnostic events. During the massage always easy to identify those or other deviations in the structure. Thus already at this early stage, identify any new growths, especially if they have a seal in its structure.


It is important to remember about the States when doing massage, you should not:

  1. in mastopathy fibro-cystic in nature, as there is a risk of damaging tissue formations;
  2. in case of detection of a malignant tumor;
  3. at the elevated temperature of the body;
  4. in traumatic injuries of the mammary glands;
  5. allergies;
  6. when purulent mastitis;
  7. during pregnancy.

Common massage technique

It is desirable to use auxiliary means such as creams, lotions or oils. As a replacement you can take baby cream or lotion. On the bottle the product must be the mark of its being hypoallergenic.

For all types of massage, there are General rules of execution:

  • The position is recommended to choose based on their comfort. You can do the massage sitting or lying on the back or side.
  • Land preparation is done using active movements. Circular movements of the hands alternate with stroking. Their direction should be from bottom up with special massage lines: from the nipple to the chest muscles.
  • The nipple area can be massaged only on the testimony of, for example, when ceasing or bending.
  • Each muscle group should be worked out one by one.
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Also important is the observance of precedence used movements. Total 5: stroking, rubbing, kneading, effleurage, vibration. The most effective option is made up of all the manipulation.

Pats represent a slow easy movements that affect each treated area. The action must be in the course of the massage lines, in the direction of clockwise.

When rubbing the finger pads are used. By themselves, the movements become more intense. It is best to describe a circle or zigzag.

Kneading of the breast is smooth. Recommended sliding movements. You can also use the finger pads. In some cases, added a gentle pressure on the skin.

Tapping are soft bumps which are made without breaks and equal intervals. It is best to do them using the edge of the palm. The blow must be sharp and frequent, but painless.

At the end of the procedure with one hand iron is fixed near the bottom and the other grasping the areola. Next occur a circular motion, which is better to combine with strokes.

Technique in different situations

Depending on the assignment the methodology of the massage may vary.

Massage while breastfeeding

The birth of a child is not a reason to forget about the beauty of your Breasts. Moreover, in this period, the prevention of any disease is very important. Breast feeding in itself is a protection against cysts and tumors. But massage can help to relax the muscles of the chest and improve the appearance of women.

What are the basic rules of manipulation:

  • The procedure should begin with light strokes at the top of the gland.
  • Then massaged each point, moving from the top toward the nipple.
  • The time of exposure to a separate zone should take no more than 5 – 10 seconds.
  • We must not forget about the region of the nipples and areolas. They should be paid more attention.
  • To improve a discharge of milk should gently shake the Breasts. Perform this manipulation in a standing position with a slight tilt forward.
  • At the end you can take a warm shower, which will allow to completely relax the muscles of the chest.

When lactose is better to use motion rubbing and stroking character. It is important not to push hard on the knots, as nothing but pain, they will not. Before the massage, it is recommended to rest and relax. This will help to improve the effect of the massage.

Massage at pathologies

In all inflammatory diseases, including mastitis and tumors in the treatment is better to trust a physician or qualified massage therapist.

Technique of massage:

  1. After applying the massage gel or cream, the doctor starts to perform the stroking motion.
  2. Then they are replaced by rhythmic sliding movements.
  3. Further, the chest rubbed. For this purpose, circular movements that alternate with zig-zag.
  4. After training chest start actively stretch. For this purpose, squeezing, tightening of the skin, tapping with the fingers. It is important to remember that mastitis should not be intense effects.
  5. In the end, make the vibrating movements that help to expand the lumen of blood and lymphatic vessels.

Yourself to do massage for mastitis and any other disease is not recommended. It is best to consult with a specialist who will determine the need for this type of treatment.

What will be the result

Many women completely underestimate the result, which you can get from regular massage. Everyone who tried it on those or other methods, noted the positive results:

  • improves the flow of blood and lymph;
  • clears pores;
  • the skin renews itself;
  • normalized separation of the sweat and sebaceous glands;
  • reduces the swelling;
  • improved appearance of the breast.

Breast massage is a good prevention of diseases of the chest. Permanent inspection allows you to identify any pathology at an early stage of their development. In addition, this is a good way of improving the appearance of without the intervention of a surgeon. Regular treatments will allow you to achieve excellent results.