Mastitis in lactating mother: how to treat, symptoms, photos

Mastitis is a serious disease requiring treatment. But do not try to cure it yourself. Modern methods allow us to successfully and quickly handle even the severe form of the disease. But despite this, it is necessary to understand what can be triggered by the disease. Should take appropriate preventive measures through which to treat the disease is not necessary. This is especially true for moms who tend to their own to feed their children and understand that short-term abandonment of natural feeding and medication therapy may adversely affect the attitude of a baby to breastmilk.

During treatment nursing mother are often forced to stop breastfeeding

Basic principles of treatment

To cure the disease of any severity is recommended only under the supervision of a qualified professional. Only then there can be no doubt that the symptoms disappear fairly quickly and the disease will remain in the past.

Initially, the mother needs to pass a General analysis of blood and inoculation of milk on sterility. This will allow to determine the sensitivity to antibiotics. Only on the basis of the results obtained may be appointed antibacterial therapy.

Treatment is primarily medical. Antibiotics are prescribed intramuscularly or intravenously. Treatment of mam depends on the form of disease and usually lasts 5-10 days. In the case of formation of cracks on the nipples, you can optionally use the appropriate ointment or cream.

Мастит у кормящей мамы: как лечить, симптомы, фото

In the case of formation of cracks on the nipples, you can optionally use the appropriate ointment or cream

In combination with antibiotics the woman needs the help of the immunomodulators that enhance the immune system. As additional measures can be assigned:

  • painkillers;
  • local anesthetics;
  • intravenous drip of the drug glucose;
  • the injection of saline solutions;
  • the compresses.

During treatment nursing mother must stop breastfeeding. This moment scares women because there is a risk of final cessation of lactation. An important point in the treatment of mastitis is emptying the breast and pumping the remaining milk.

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Pumping is an efficient helper for elimination of stagnation of milk, respectively, and reducing inflammation. It also helps to maintain lactation and recovery to continue breast-feeding.

Мастит у кормящей мамы: как лечить, симптомы, фото

Pumping is an efficient helper for elimination of stagnation of milk, respectively, and reducing inflammation

In addition to pumping during mastitis doctors can prescribe to treat the disease with drugs that reduce or completely stop the process of lactation.

Young and nursing mothers are worried that this process is irreversible. Never fear, because lactation can be restored by using medication if it is not renewed in a natural way.


If a woman did not pay attention to early warning signs and the disease has developed, then likely mastitis passed into the suppurative stage. In this case, medical treatment is possible only after surgical intervention.

When the mother’s body will come in a stable condition, doctors prescribe repeated tests to identify the absence of an inflammatory process. If the results are good and the danger has passed, it is necessary to resume feeding the baby’s chest.

Folk remedies

If a nursing mother wishes, that in conjunction with prescription drugs mastitis can be treated with folk remedies. But the effectiveness of this method of combating the disease has not been proven and cannot be a replacement for medical treatment.

Мастит у кормящей мамы: как лечить, симптомы, фото

Together with prescription drugs can be used folk remedies

Recipes of traditional medicine:

  • In a container, you must place the honey, juice of Kalanchoe plants and vegetable oil in equal proportions. Stir thoroughly and put in a dark place for 7 days. Before using the tool, you stir to the lifting of oil. Then a small piece of cloth moistened treatment composition, wrung out and placed on the patient chest. This bandage is recommended to be changed every day.
  • One of the effective and safe remedies is camphor oil. It is also used in the form of compresses.
  • To alleviate and relieve symptoms of mastitis can take advantage of the healing properties of pumpkin. The root needs to send on a frying pan and slightly heat. After that, the pumpkin is applied to the chest, but its temperature should be tolerable for the body. The procedure is performed a quarter of an hour.
  • Azerbaijani recipe deserves special attention. To prepare the tools you will need saline solution, which can be purchased in the nearest pharmacy or prepare it yourself. To do this, take 250 ml of water and dissolve it in 1 tbsp. spoon of salt. Then the solution will only heat up. To begin treatment, you should take care of the cut cotton thick fabric. Its size should match the area of the affected area of the breast. Nipple it is necessary to form holes. The cut fabric should be dipped in the prepared solution and place it on his chest. After this, you will need to insulate this area, turning with plastic wrap and a warm scarf. Once the fabric cools, it must be changed. This simple treatment will allow mothers to forget about the symptoms of mastitis.
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Treatment cabbage leaf

Mainly the preference of women converge on the means, tested even by our grandmothers. Among these, it is safe to include cabbage leaf. It not only allows you to remove the inflammatory process, eliminating the painful symptoms, but also significantly accelerate the recovery of the mother.

Мастит у кормящей мамы: как лечить, симптомы, фото

Cabbage has excellent preventive and antibacterial properties

Cabbage has a number of useful substances. That is why it has long since been used as a medicine. Cabbage has a beneficial effect on the state of the body. It has a preventive and antibacterial properties, however, is an available option of treatment of mastitis in mom.

Recipes of cabbage

  • You need to prepare a few leaves of cabbage. The vegetable must be fresh. On each sheet with one of the parties to apply the butter. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt. At the end of the sheet is placed on affected area of the breast and put on top of cotton fabric. This compress is best done before bed and in the morning – to remove.
  • This method of treatment is recommended to use the mother only after the complete emptying of breast milk. For the procedure take a few leaves of cabbage and scald them with boiling water. Further they should be applied to the sore area of the breast.
  • This recipe is ideal to reduce pain in the chest. To do this, a few leaves of cabbage to process through the meat grinder. The resulting slurry is combined with two tablespoons of yogurt. The therapeutic mixture is distributed by cotton fabric and falls to the disturbing plot.
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    Мастит у кормящей мамы: как лечить, симптомы, фото

    Treatment cabbage leaf it is recommended to use the mother only after the complete emptying of the breast milk

  • The sooner a woman pays attention to early warning signs, the sooner you can expect to achieve a positive result. A timely appeal of women to a specialist helps to avoid surgical intervention and allows to use only medical therapy.

    Competent treatment of women during lactation effectively, but it is better to make all efforts in order to avoid the development of disease. After all, nutrition plays an important role in the process of development of the baby. It is therefore not necessary to rely on the possible treatment, and it is better to engage in serious prevention.