Mastitis in nursing: symptoms and signs, causes, treatment

The signs of disease in lactating women appear on the second or third week after birth. Mastitis and its symptoms are expressed very vividly. The body temperature abruptly jumps to 38-40 degrees. A sick mother there is a feeling of weakness, fatigue, and suffers from headaches. The mammary gland is painful to the touch.

Headache and fever symptoms of mastitis

The appearance of the disease

Inflammatory mastitis, a bacterial disease of the breast. Statistics indicate that the development and causes inflammation of the breast arise in the background of the lactose in the postpartum period. Various forms of lactational mastitis does not occur in children adolescent, nulliparous and not breastfeeding women, rarely in men.

Causes of disease lie in the spread of germs, staphylococci and streptococci in the tissue of the breast.

Mother’s milk is a favorable nutritional flora to active reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Bacteria enter from outside (exogenous) through cracks and wounds present on the nipple of the mother. Endogenous infection occurs in the breast gland from the blood stream. It can be a source of infection, spread from other organs. For example, if a nursing mother has signs of inflammation of the throat or there is chronic infection of the nasopharynx.

Мастит у кормящих: симптомы и признаки, причины, лечение

Streptococci spread rapidly in the tissues of the breast


Doctors quite often see a picture when patients ignore the first symptoms of the disease refuse to seek help at the hospital. Use traditional medicines, try to self-treat. As a consequence, the disease becomes advanced, mothers lose time and chances of a quick cure.

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Symptoms of serous mastitis are as follows. Patient has a small seal in the breast. Sore Breasts may acquire a reddish tint, there is a feeling that in an area where there is swelling, skin hot. The pain is constantly increasing, has aching in nature. Diseased mother can’t sleep at night because of the pain increase when changing posture during sleep. May lose appetite, possible headache, irritation. Obstetricians any significant thickening in the breast, fever is called the initial stage of mastitis.

If the disease failed to recognize at the first stage, mastitis becomes infiltrative form. In the breast begin to change, there is swelling of the breast tissues.

Symptoms of sudden increase in body temperature, talking about the deterioration of lactating women. The causes of the complications of the health of the mother lie in the swollen lymph nodes located in the armpit. A breast lump is growing in volume, the pain is cutting in nature.

Мастит у кормящих: симптомы и признаки, причины, лечение

At infiltrative form of mastitis is the inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arms

The stage of purulent mastitis in medicine is described as running form of the disease. In the breast of the mother appear foci of purulent formations. Doctors there are three stages suppurative mastitis:

  • abscessed;
  • abscess;
  • gangrenous.

If these forms of mastitis symptoms indicate worsening of the clinical picture. Pain in the chest gland of a nursing mother are accompanied by pulsation. The chest, vulnerable to infection, acquires a crimson-red hue.

The body temperature of diseased women rises to 40 degrees. Greatly enlarged lymph nodes.

On the background of the development of purulent formations in lactating mother is intoxication. Vomiting and nausea. Lost appetite, ailing mother feverish and shivery. When pumping milk is a rich admixture of pus.

Мастит у кормящих: симптомы и признаки, причины, лечение

At the first signs of mastitis you need to contact your gynecologist

Infection spreads to nearby areas of the breast. In the absence of timely medical treatment of festering sore is growing rapidly and affects the whole breast. Thus, the disease becomes chronic.

In rare cases with advanced forms of mastitis, in cases of women there is a risk of sepsis, that is sepsis.

Any signs and symptoms of incipient mastitis should alert the nursing mom. An ill woman in the shortest time, in the early stages of the disease, should go on reception to the doctor in female consultation. When purulent secretions should immediately seek the assistance of the surgeon.