Mastitis of the breast: what to do if a chest pain and how to treat

Mastitis – an inflammatory process in the tissues of the breast. It is of two forms: normal and not normal. If the first form only sick women, the second occurs in women, men and children. Mastitis of the breast should be treated promptly and do not start the disease.

Mastitis can hurt not only women but also men and children

Causes of mastitis disease in men and stage of the disease

The mammary glands in men and women until a certain period, evolve is almost identical. That is why men also can get sick with mastitis. What is the reason of occurrence of this disease in men? Such reasons are several:

  • Hormonal disturbance, including due to:
  • excessive alcohol consumption (especially beer);
  • misuse of drugs, reducing blood pressure, and tranquilizers;
  • excessive consumption of anabolic hormones;
  • as a result of some diseases of the digestive system.
    • Urological diseases;
    • Violation of the sex glands;
    • A tumor of adrenal gland causing the progress of the disease increase production of female hormones.

    Мастит груди: что делать если болит грудь и как лечить

    If a chest pain must consult a doctor

    If a man has a sore chest, it does not mean that he has mastitis. Chest pain can be the consequence of another disease. To know exactly the diagnosis you need to consult a doctor. It will help you to professionally diagnose and tell you what you need to do in order to cope effectively with the disease and prescribe the correct treatment.

    Mastitis of the breast in men and in women is of two types: diffuse and nodular. Mastitis has several phases. The initial phase is serous. The first sign of the disease is an increase in the volume of the chest, painful when touching it and probing seals. Seals can be across the chest or in the form of small nodules. Then the inflammatory process spreads further throughout the body and begin a painful sensation in the axillary lymph nodes.

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    Мастит груди: что делать если болит грудь и как лечить

    At the first stage of mastitis manifests itself in the form of seals and nodules

    In the absence of proper treatment, the disease will move to the second stage – infiltrative. At this stage, a pronounced swelling of the breast and redness of her, a sick fever. Should not delay with the visit to the doctor and after the tests, you need to start treatment. At this stage, the disease can be cured with medication.

    If treatment is not initiated in a timely manner and the chest still hurts, the disease will progress and will move to the third stage – purulent. In this case, a simple medication is not to cure mastitis and will need surgery. Severe purulent stage of mastitis in men are extremely rare.

    Мастит груди: что делать если болит грудь и как лечить

    If you do not start timely treatment mastitis fast it can go in the purulent stage

    Causes of mastitis disease in children and the symptoms of the disease

    In children, as men not only found form of lactation mastitis. But unlike men and women, in children it has two forms: pathological and physiological. The pathological form of mastitis, alas, occurs independently. Physiological well be the result of injuries of the mammary glands or endocrine pathology. The physiological form in newborn infants is related to the fact that in the first days of their life they adapt to life outside the womb. It was during this period a small body subject to various changes, especially hormonal. Because of these hormonal changes in babies can happen sexual crisis. Signs of sexual crisis in newborn:

    • Swelling, swelling and tenderness of the breast (one or both at once);
    • The increase in body temperature.
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    Мастит груди: что делать если болит грудь и как лечить

    If you have a fever, and also noticed swelling and pain in the chest, immediately be surveyed

    The combination of fever with swollen Breasts is mastitis in the newborn. What symptoms indicate that your baby has mastitis? There are several:

  • The increase in body temperature to 38-39 degrees;
  • Increase the size of breast glands;
  • Redness, pain and tightness in the chest;
  • A decrease or lack of appetite;
  • Regurgitation, vomiting, and diarrhea;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Lethargy, tearfulness and lethargy of movement.
  • What to do if you detect symptoms of mastitis in your crumbs? The first thing to do is to go to the doctor. In no case do not treat yourself. Only a doctor can help qualified to handle the disease and prescribe the necessary treatment.

    Мастит груди: что делать если болит грудь и как лечить

    If there is a suspicion of mastitis, do not engage in treatment themselves

    Causes of mastitis disease in women

    In women the main factors in the emergence of mastitis are:

    • Reducing the body’s resistance to infections. The reasons for this can be:
  • bad leaking pregnancy;
  • pathology of pregnancy;
  • heavy labor;
  • colds, and weaken the body.
    • Stagnation in the breast milk (in breast-feeding women of the baby);
    • Damage to the breast (injury and abrasions).
    Stage of mastitis Signs of the disease
    serous The increase in body temperature, breast swelling and pain on palpation of her.
    infiltrative In addition to the symptoms of the first stage added is a fever, painful breast lump.
    purulent In addition to the symptoms of the second stage of mastitis in the breast starts accumulation of pus. abscess
    abscess During this stage of the disease is the spread of inflammation throughout the breast.
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    Who would not ill with mastitis should not be anything to do with the disease themselves. It must be treated. Treatment should begin only after visiting the doctor, after examination. In children, men and women, the treatment is individually. Modern medicine is able to help with the mastitis on drug level, if the disease has no running form. Mastitis is a disease that in children, men and women can be healed completely. To achieve the result you should promptly and properly carry out the treatment.