Means for intimate hygiene of women

It is impossible to imagine modern life without the tools that help the woman to care for your body. Skin, hair, nails – all require special care. Quietly in this list you can make the vulva. This area could not be left without attention, so there are many specially created for her personal hygiene.

These include:

  • gels for washing,
  • moisturizer,
  • wet wipes,
  • strip,
  • tampons
  • the deodorants.

To intimate area include large and small labia, the clitoris, the eve of the vagina and perineum. The skin in this area is different from the rest of the skin, it is much softer and thinner, respectively, requires special care.

Ordinary soap is it worth it?

Regular soap, even children’s, not suitable for washing intimate areas, it is better to use a special tool, it can be in the form of a gel, gel-cream or jelly, which in its composition have to have a lactic acid. It modifies the pH to the acid side, which creates a so-called acid mantle that protects the skin of the genitals from bacteria.

Soap ratio pH is alkaline, therefore, in constant and frequent use can cause candidiasis, because the alkaline environment favours the development of fungal microorganisms.

What is pH balance

If we imagine a coordinate line, then the acid-alkaline balance, it will take positions from 0 to 14.

Figures 7 to 9 is in the neutral ratio. Below 7 is shift to acid side, above 9 – a shift to the alkaline side. The skin and mucous membranes in norm have an acidic indicator – 4 – 6. That’s why you need to use to wash intimate areas contained a substance that supports that level.

An acidic environment is detrimental to pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, and alkaline, on the contrary, favorable. An apparently acidic substance is citric acid(pH 2) and alkaline – chlorine bleach (pH 13). In addition, the acid and alkali can cause skin irritation or even burn.

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Of course, shower gels and even soap does not have these critical parameters of acid-alkaline ratio, but sometimes can cause imbalance. On the vials with the gel for intimate hygiene don’t usually write pH in the figures, but is marked “balanced”. This can be considered a green light for the application.

In the composition of the gel for intimate hygiene should not be parabens, fragrances and perfumes.

Parabens – chemicals that increase the shelf life means the preservative. Some scientists say that parabens are carcinogenic, so the use of tools, having them in the squad, is not recommended.

In the composition of a good gel for intimate hygiene may contain extracts having a kind of necessary in solving various problems, properties:

  1. Chamomile – has antibacterial properties, positively influencing the microflora balance.
  2. Aloe has regenerative properties required for healing of microcracks, resulting from excessive dryness due to various reasons.
  3. Calendula – soothes irritated skin, prone to allergies.
  4. Tea tree oil – has a caring and moisturizing effect.

In the shower, along with the use of the gel for the body, it is necessary to separately take a small amount for personal hygiene and to wash genitals under running warm water. Toilet this zone is recommended twice a day – in the morning after waking up and evening before bedtime.

Gel for intimate hygiene you can buy in a regular store cosmetics and in the pharmacy. When buying, you must want to pay attention to the price category, the composition, the presence of the dispenser. Suitable for these items remedy is chosen individually, depending on financial possibilities, but not even very expensive, the gel can have a good composition, so take care of the intimate area can afford a woman with low income.

Expensive tools that are sold in retail stores and pharmacies, in addition to the standard components and lactic acid, can also contain hyaluronic acid and collagen, contributing to the preservation of the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

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A moisturizer can be useful in dryness in the intimate area, resulting in menopause in women older than 45 years. Owing to hormonal changes is the reduction in the production of the sexual secret. In the absence of proper hydration, our skin becomes thinner, cracks appear, which can easily penetrate micro-organisms and can occur inflammatory process that causes a lot of discomfort. These include itching, burning, swelling, sense of rubbing and soreness during sexual intercourse.

To prevent this condition allows the daily use of special moisturizers. They submitted:

  • Cream for intimate comfort-based moisturizing ingredients such as extracts of herbs, oils, panthenol, which can be used independently.
  • Medicinal gels, which includes female sex hormones – estrogens that have a therapeutic effect, are used strictly for the purpose of specialist after a thorough examination. These gels are, in turn, exist in the form for external use, and intravaginal administration.

The total for these two categories of funds used in the climax, is the content of lactic acid. This component is required for all personal hygiene.

An important factor in the elimination of dryness in postmenopausal women, in addition to the use of creams and ointments for intimate areas, is the use of replacement therapy. In strict compliance with all the appointments of the gynecologist a woman will feel during menopause more comfortable.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are an important tool in the Arsenal of almost every woman, to care for themselves. Special wipes for intimate hygiene are useful when there is no possibility to take a shower. They are made of very soft, pleasant to the touch fabric, do not contain alcohol, hypoallergenic, have anti-inflammatory components of the composition, lactic acid.


Sanitary pads also need to be individualized, they come in different thickness and material from which made. The ease of use is the preservation of the purity of linen, if a woman is concerned about vaginal discharge in certain diseases or during treatment, as most of the medicinal candles are auxiliary substances which are not absorbed, and unchanged flow out.

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Daily strips can be used at full health, because natural lubrication can also disrupt the cleanliness and freshness of linen. The only drawback of this tool could be the lack of breathability.


In the area of the external genitalia and the body are the sweat glands. The profusion of sweat and smell of each individual, and depend on metabolism, food intake, lifestyle and age. For those who have these processes are quite tangible, there are special deodorants. They also do not contain alcohol, often do not have their own flavor, but inhibit odor at the application site.

This tool can be effectively combined with the rules of General hygiene.

Method of application: if necessary, to clean, dry skin in the genital area spray a small amount of deodorant can be applied on linen.

With such a variety of means for intimate hygiene of every woman will be able to solve any problem arising in different periods of life, and unexpected changes in health.