Medication during menopause: what tools to use

Menopause in women indicates the beginning of the natural aging of the body. Menopausal changes not considered a disease, but can bring enough troubles, and significantly complicate the habitual course of life of any woman. Treatment of menopausal symptoms can be symptomatic such and complex. In each case it depends on the nature of the course of menopause.

The drug Deprim relieves nervousness and insomnia

What are the best drugs to use during menopause?

Most women don’t know what to do during menopause to alleviate their condition. But with the onset of the first symptoms in the form of an irregular cycle, you should contact your gynecologist.

If you asked for help to a competent specialist, the doctor conducting the necessary research, prescribe treatment:

  • Complex.
  • Etiologic.
  • Symptomatic.

Each of these treatments has its own characteristics that help the woman to feel a welcome relief. Comprehensive treatment involves the particular taking medications has an effect on all areas of risk during menopause. The etiological focus of treatment involves hormonal or non-hormonal drugs, that regulate the production of sex hormones women affect the body as a whole. If we are talking about symptomatic treatment, this group of drugs, which are used in pre menopause or menopause by solving the symptomatic problems:

  • Headache and dizziness.
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Decreased performance and irritability.
  • The sleep disturbance.
  • Depression.

If a woman notices any significant changes in the psychoemotional state, in this case, you should seek help from a doctor, who may prescribe anti-anxiety meds. If in the case of particularly severe and symptoms during menopause, it is advisable to contact the experts for the appointment of complex treatment of symptoms. Sometimes traditional medicines vitamins and adaptogens prescribed together with hormonal therapy. It gives good results, but without the supervision of a specialist they can not be used, so a high risk of developing cancer.

Лекарства при климаксе: какие средства применять

Sleep disorders often accompany menopause

Non-hormonal drugs that can alleviate the condition

The period when the female begins menopause is characterized by a lack of the hormone estrogen. It is no longer being produced by the ovaries in the proper amount, which leads to various negative symptoms. Scientists bred a group of drugs containing phytoestrogens — natural analogues of the hormone estrogen. These drugs are not hormonal, but can when taken regularly, to keep estrogen in a woman’s blood. Phytoestrogens help to get rid of negative manifestations in the period before menopause and during the menopause. The combination of ingestion of phytoestrogens with the rules of a healthy lifestyle and overall improve immunity, can facilitate the treatment of menopausal symptoms. But despite all its positive properties, the intake of phytoestrogens should be done only under the supervision of a specialist.

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The most common medicines with phytoestrogens:


Estrovel components contains wild Yam and soy isoflavones, is able to positively affect a woman’s body. Natural hormone estrogen contained in the capsules of the drug helps to normalize the condition of women during hot flashes and to ease emotional state.

Estrovel useful to take women and drinking in the premenstrual period, to facilitate the influence of the syndromes on the autonomic system.

Astravel is a complex drug that affects all possible risk factors at menopause. And safe for prolonged use and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Make a medicine you need during the meal or after, 1 — 2 tablets per day. It is not recommended to take the medicine for more than two years.

Лекарства при климаксе: какие средства применять

The drug Estrogel — hormonal remedy for menopause


This drug is a biologically active food Supplement, which your doctor may prescribe to drink a woman as a support herbal remedy.

Due to the content of isoflavones, the drug is able to regulate the symptoms of menopausal changes in a woman’s body. Recommended as a preventive treatment to eliminate the symptoms of osteoporosis and the risk of cardiovascular system. To take the drug need 1 capsule 1 time a day. Safe for the body to take the drug within months.


The drug of ginsana is characterized by the manufacturer as a drug of plant origin, is able to maintain continuous health during menopause. The drug will help to manage irritability during menopause and severe depression in the period before menopause.

Drink it with caution if a patient suffers from insomnia, take the drug after Breakfast and not in the evening after eating, like most tools of this type.

Лекарства при климаксе: какие средства применять

Drug Ginsana made on the basis of vegetative components

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The drug is a drug and its pharmacological action helps with the ailments during menopause. Well affects the Central nervous system and combats sleep disorders. The cure can be attributed to adaptogens, and as a consequence of etymological treatment. To use the drug in the past month, one capsule in the morning. If no relief comes, the drug overturned and are looking for alternative ways to eliminate symptoms of menopause.


The drug belongs to the group of homeopathic medicines that contain phytoestrogens. The additional property is a sedative and calming effects to the Central nervous system. The drug should be used depending on the severity of the symptoms, but the basic dose is one capsule twice a day. The tablet should be kept in the mouth until complete dissolution and to dissolve in the mouth after eating, not during.

Relief of symptoms occurs on the 14th day of drug, so do not worry if the 4 or 5th day the symptoms are gone. Keep drinking the drug according to the specialist appointment.

Most non-hormonal drugs should drink with each other or in combination with hormonal therapy to achieve the proper therapeutic effect. What drugs hormonal type to choose, can only tell the doctor, conducting the necessary tests.

Лекарства при климаксе: какие средства применять

Drug Klimasan — a homeopathic medicine with phytoestrogens

The use of hormonal drugs

Sometimes, the use of hormonal drugs is the only solution for easing the symptoms of menopause. Hormones can be either synthetic analogs of tablets, and ointments vaginal tablets and hormonal regulators in the form of a spiral. The use of each hormonal medication should be coordinated with the attending physician. Medicines the hormonal type, which can be found on the pharmaceutical market are divided into:

  • Drugs containing a synthetic analogue of estrogen. These drugs are used as in early and late menopause, and also recommended for women after various gynaecological operations, and has urogenital pathology. Such drugs include sigetin, estrofem,proginova. They should be drunk only after consulting with a specialist.
  • Medication containing estrogen and progesterone in synthetic form. They are called combined and can help in eliminating all the unwanted symptoms of menopause. The drug copes well with excessive sweating and nervousness, and the tides. Recommended for acceptance as a preventive measure for osteoporosis, and diseases of the endometrium of the uterus. Their application is possible only after the analysis, the level of sex hormones in the blood. Trade names drugs combined type, Divina, klimen, klimonorm, kliogest.
  • Means of local actions that do not affect the entire woman’s body, and are used to relieve itching and discomfort in the vaginal area. During menopause, women’s oppression, genital secretions and mucous membranes as the uterus and vagina can dry out, which will lead to the emergence of unpleasant symptoms. Thinning of the vaginal walls can lead to injury and opening the input threshold for infection. To avoid this, the woman must use a variety of gels and ointments to reduce symptoms of dryness and leads to the restoration of normal vaginal microflora. Such medicines are candles and ovestin gel, and the gel vagifem.
  • The intrauterine system. A good alternative to hormonal drugs are intrauterine devices containing levonorgestrel. Gradual release of the hormone from the spiral equal doses helps to influence dot on menopausal symptoms without affecting the body as a whole. Spiral Mirena are a Prime example of the intrauterine system. After installing the spiral Mirena relief comes immediately. Hormones in this case, after installation, do not need to take.
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After you have visited a specialist, he will be able to prescribe any medications to take. Without the knowledge of the doctor to take any hormonal drugs is impossible. It is fraught with the emergence of various pathologies: from obesity, to breast cancer.