Medication for menopause best how to take

Menopause is a bright period in the life of every woman. It happens in connection with the extinction of the function of reproduction directly depends on the change in the hormonal system, which have a significant impact on all organs and systems. That is why in this period many women experience weight gain, disease in the endocrine system.

Drugs may greatly relieve the symptoms of menopause

There are a lot of additional unpleasant symptoms that significantly reduce quality of life and cause discomfort. To cope with all the problems drugs can help with menopause, which will be discussed below.

Let’s see

List of drugs for the treatment of menopause are wide and varied. To understand it, you must divide all drugs into groups.

  • Hormonal drugs. In the period of menopausal changes in the female body changes associated with hormonal changes. The level of sex hormones decreases, so it becomes necessary to adopt artificial surfaces in order to reduce the manifestations of menopause. This group of recognized specialists in the field of medicine most effective for relief of symptoms of menopause in women. They contain hormones that are derivatives of estrogen and progesterone, due to which replace those in the body. Typically, these medications need to drink as a replacement therapy.
  • Herbal and homeopathic medicines. The first consists of those enzymes and active components that are extracted from different medicinal plants. The second does not always have a vegetable nature. They may be some chemical compounds.

Both groups are a great alternative for those who would prefer not to take hormones. The ideal option would be they are for those women who for one reason or another are afraid to use hormonal drugs in the treatment of menopause.

Say that these medications have a significant effect against the symptoms of menopause can not but deny their positive effects are not worth it. So often they can be used in combination with hormone therapy.

To determine which of the drugs from these groups are the best, you should elaborate on each of them.

Препараты при климаксе самые лучшие: как принимать

The herbal remedies are prepared from extracts of medicinal plants

About hormone therapy

The medicines exert their effects by analogy with the work of hormones in the body. When they are used and a substitution of those hormones that are so lacking in women during menopause. Can be combined (estrogen plus progesterone) or contain only estrogen.Drink these pills are required under constant medical supervision. The most effective of them are listed below:

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  • Divina. Combined preparation of continuous operation. Simulates the cycle, close to the natural hormonal activity. After a year of use disappear hot flashes and sweating. Prevents the development of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis;
  • Sigetin. Not has a pronounced hormonal effect, is a chemical analogue of estrogen. A positive effect on the regulation of the functions of the ovaries and fights against lung disorders during menopause;
  • Dermestril. The drug estrogenic action, be issued in the form of a patch, why, and enjoys great popularity, because it is not necessary to drink tablets. Well established in the early and late stages of menopause. Shown for those categories of women who have sleep problems, disorders of the genitourinary system, and mental instability;
  • Ovestin. Contains an analogue of female hormones – estriol. Available in the candles and tablets. Reduces the severity of menopause symptoms. Contributes to the normalization of the vaginal flora and reduces the risk of urinary infections.

Препараты при климаксе самые лучшие: как принимать

Divina is a combination drug

Which one to choose, decides the woman after the doctor’s recommendation. But medicines for menopause on the basis of the hormone have a lot of contraindications, and not suitable for everyone. A recent study in America showed that if you take hormone replacement therapy when menopause more than five years, the cancer risk increases.

There is a lot of evidence against such therapy: hypertension, myocardial infarction, endometrial cancer, neoplasm in anamnesis, liver and kidneys. There are side effects: increased body weight, headache, swelling. But this does not imply that all such problems will occur immediately, and all women. With proper selection, dosage and constant monitoring of any side effects may not be.

If well chosen drugs at menopause, the basis of which are hormones, are not suitable, then there is an alternative — homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies. You can also use a medicine that will successfully help to get rid of some unpleasant symptoms individually: anticonvulsants, to reduce the pressure.

To improve the psychological state can lead taking anti-depressants and sedatives. They will help remove the mood swings or decrease their symptoms, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Препараты при климаксе самые лучшие: как принимать

Ovestin is available in the form of candles

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About herbal medicine and homeopathy

This group of drugs is no less popular among women, many of whom, because of the negative effects from the use of the hormone are turning to alternative methods.

The most effective homeopathic drugs include:

  • Climaxed. Eliminates the deficiency of estrogen. Helps to improve psychological and physical disorders during menopause;
  • Klimaktoplan. The drug from the German manufacturer. Reduces the severity of menopausal symptoms, has a calming effect;
  • Remains. Operates on the same principle as Climaxed, the only difference in the active components. It additionally helps to struggle with weight gain and the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders in women.

For a large number of reviews, the best of all herbal remedies the following:

  • Inokom. Biological additive from France on the basis of phytoestrogens. Estrogen has a similar action. Reduces the frequency and intensity of symptoms during menopause. A positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, improves sleep;
  • Chi-Klim. Perfectly struggling with a lack of estrogen level in the blood, cope with excessive sweating, hot flushes, bouts of palpitation and sleeplessness. Slows down the aging process, which is directly related to the level of hormones;
  • Estravel. Biologically active additive. Consists of three plant components. Increases hormone levels, improves emotional state, it alleviates the symptoms of hot flashes.

The herbal remedies do not have side effects help in the fight against atherosclerotic plaques in the body and of blood clots. It is proven that they have considerable help in the prevention of cervical cancer and breast.

Препараты при климаксе самые лучшие: как принимать

Estrovel three — drug

Antidepressants are not only

For those women who have contraindications for hormone therapy during menopause, antidepressants will become a real salvation. Among all can be identified separately:

  • Coaxin. Combines several positive effects: energizing, antidepressant and wegetotropona. Another important plus is well tolerated;
  • Prozac. Contains the main active ingredient is fluoxetine. It has a good antidepressant effect.

These effective drugs has a beneficial effect on the vascular system of the body. If you apply them during menopause, as a consequence will decrease the frequency of hot flashes.

Often, menopause is accompanied by such symptoms as high blood pressure. It is very common for treatment of this diagnosis should take special medicines, which can additionally have effect in the struggle with the tides.

You can use and really budget tool is dill water. It helps to reduce the number of hot flushes and strengthen sleep. But with care taken it is the women who have marked changes in pressure or low level.

Some women in the fight against the signs of menopause can be successfully used red clover Royal jelly. The list is endless. Every woman is special, so find the right therapy should be special, because female hormones play a significant role in the quality of life.

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Препараты при климаксе самые лучшие: как принимать

Prozac relieves depression

It should not be forgotten

Any, even non-hormonal drugs in menopause, which is a long time will make the woman capable of causing diverse effects. It is not excluded allergic reactions and individual intolerance. Therefore, the most important thing in the choice of drugs against menopause, the help of a specialist.

Only he will fully assess the physical condition of the woman, her individual features and pick the group of drugs which will be more effective. After a detailed study of life history and associated diseases, determining the level of hormones in the blood will be assigned a treatment program.

If properly applied by a qualified doctor selected therapy, it will be possible to cope with all the manifestations of menopause and improve quality of life. Which kinds of drugs to choose, decides the woman herself. Will help simple rules: drink tea made from oregano and the juices of fresh vegetables (carrot, beet, cucumber).

Easy and simple to be not only beautiful and happy when the woman is forty or forty-five. After the occurrence of a «tipping point» age unpleasant symptoms and manifestations of menopause a real challenge. So do not hesitate to seek help from a doctor that will help you choose a treatment program — and life will sparkle with new colors.