Menopause and depression: how to help yourself, treatment for menopause

In addition to the changes in a woman’s body that occur at the physiological level, emotional background is also changing. With timely treatment to a specialist, negative consequences can be avoided. The doctor will prescribe a suitable treatment and depression will not be felt.

Sometimes comes with menopause depression

Causes of depression in the menopause. The symptoms and methods of examination

Depression during menopause occurs in most women, and the reason for this may be:

  • Physiological changes in a woman’s body. Inhibition of ovarian function and insufficient estrogen leads to insufficient production of serotonin. The difference in its formulation leads to mood swings and the emergence of depressive States.
  • Psycho-emotional background. Menopause means the natural process of aging and its inevitable negative impact on psycho-emotional background of the women. Inability to fulfill the reproductive function and physical changes in the body cause of depression.
  • Common factors of menopause. During menopausal changes in a woman’s body growing symptoms, which could have a negative impact on the psychoemotional state. Tides in combination with insomnia and signs of aging makes women worry about their future and delve into the experience. If previously the patient was diagnosed with depression, depression during menopause is more severe.

Климакс и депрессия: как помочь себе, лечение при менопаузе

Ailments during menopause can cause depression


Diagnosing depression during menopause is only a specialist. But if you see in your body changes which do not last more than a week, you can help yourself, taking sedative drugs.

Signs of depressive syndrome:

  • Sharp breakdown. Decreased performance and apathy. Lethargy and drowsiness.
  • The desire for isolation and low self-esteem.
  • The buildup of anxiety and a sense of persecution.
  • Mood swings and irritability.
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To detect the presence of disease and prescribe the necessary drugs from depression can only be a specialist. So if you discover these symptoms, contact the specialists.


If a woman said from addition to menopausal changes symptoms of depression, you should seek the assistance of professionals who will help to diagnose the presence of disease:

  • Therapist. Recourse to the specialist is the starting point which a woman needs to be leveled. The therapist will prescribe the necessary tests that will help not only to recognize the presence of comorbidities, but also help other professionals. After the tests, the therapist decides with the help of what the next specialist you need to contact the patient.
  • Endocrinologist. An expert in this field helps a woman to enter menopause is right and to avoid its negative consequences. Diseases of the thyroid gland and hormonal system are often the instigators for the development of depression, so their exceptions will help in further treatment.
  • Cardiologist. Symptoms of the depressive syndrome may show the presence of the usual menopausal changes in the body, not a disorder of the nervous system.
  • Neurologist. The doctor, conducting the necessary research will determine the condition of the nervous system of the body and will help you figure out what caused the symptoms, prescribe treatment according to the severity of the disease.

If the consultation of these specialists rule out pathological changes in the body, the patient should consult a therapist.

Климакс и депрессия: как помочь себе, лечение при менопаузе

Timely appeal to the specialist will help to avoid the development of pathologies

Treatment menopause and depression. How to help yourself cope with depression

To combat depression it is very important proper selection of drug database. Psychotherapist uses in the treatment of depression drugs that belong to the group of selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake. It is common antidepressants, which are well accepted by the body (if there is no individual symptoms of the drug).

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These drugs do not have a sedative effect, and do not cause confusion, and therefore assigned to women in the daytime.

A combination of medication and psychotherapy methods helps to achieve the desired effect in the short term, to develop in the patient a strong understanding of the ongoing processes and reasonable attitude towards them.

Hormone replacement therapy synthetic hormonal products can be used as a method of dealing with depression.

The theory about the positive impact of preparations for treatment of problems with psycho-emotional background is based on the normalization of hormone levels. The decrease in estrogen levels and lowers the production of serotonin, thereby causing disorder of the emotional nature. But drugs hormone replacement therapy to normalize the amount of estrogen in the blood and normalize estrogen production, improving mood.

But the use of the synthetic analogue of estradiol can occur independently, this treatment requires knowledge and experience of experts. As improper and prolonged use of hormones can trigger the growth of cancer cells.

Климакс и депрессия: как помочь себе, лечение при менопаузе

The doctor will prescribe a safe antidepressant

How to help yourself cope with the symptoms?

During menopause changes a woman’s body needs more care, so prevention will not be superfluous.

A woman must understand that in premenopausal, herbal and hormonal drugs can relieve the symptoms of hot flashes and voltage independently, but with the onset of menopause, without consulting experts apply self-treatment is dangerous.

In order to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and stress, to normalize sleep, can take light herbal preparations that enhance the nervous system.

But you can do without them and use other ways of relaxation: massage, meditation and relaxing baths.

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