Menopause and the pressure: how to deal with hypertension

Any menopausal changes in the body-it is the result of natural aging of the female body. During menopause a woman should be prepared for the fact that her body changed almost everything. Changes in hormone levels entail various consequences, such as increased blood pressure, osteoporosis, disorders in the cardiovascular system.

Menopause is often accompanied by irregular pressure

Pressure changes during menopause. The negative effects of increasing pressure. Features of treatment

At the onset of menopausal changes in the body gradually fades the natural production of female hormones, this leads to changes in every system in the body. Violations of water-salt metabolism in tissues provokes the accumulation of sodium. It contributes to:

  • Stagnation of fluid in tissues.
  • The increase in total blood volume.
  • Increase the frequency of shock cardiac output.
  • A significant increase in blood pressure.

Changes in the nervous system, chronic stress and irritability have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, increasing the pressure.

But if the woman takes drugs to help maintain health in the menopause and blood pressure still remains at a high level, the reason for this is not the onset of menopause.

A tumor of the adrenal glands triggers the release of corticosteroid hormones in large numbers, thereby increasing the pressure.

Therefore, upon entry into the climacteric period a woman needs to be carefully investigated to rule out all possible pathology.

Климакс и давление: как бороться с гипертонией

Swelling often accompanies the menopause and is a burden for the cardiovascular system

Risks to the body associated with increased pressure

Hypertension is a serious disease that can cause complications in the body, right down to the detailed outcome. Therefore, when the first symptoms of pressure changes (sudden jumps from low to high) and the discomfort associated with it, you need to seek help from a specialist. The doctor will help prevent negative consequences.

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Hypertension during menopause, most often invisible, as it passes under the symptoms of hot flashes. If you do the usual actions that help to stop the seizure of the tide, to detect the consequences of blood changes only at the stage of complications. To prevent the disease has led to such complications as myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitis, and atherosclerosis, retinal dystrophy-it is necessary if you have symptoms of menopause to seek help from a specialist.

Климакс и давление: как бороться с гипертонией

Arterial hypertension at menopause is often masked by the tides

Treatment of high blood pressure

If you have unstable blood pressure not only during high tides, it is reason for seeking medical attention. Most often, the treatment of arterial hypertension in period of menopause begins with:

  • Testing and extensive inspection of specialists (gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist).
  • After the doctor has ruled out the presence of tumors, then you can start prescribing HRT.
  • In complex situations may require the appointment of preparations of group of inhibitors.
  • Normalization lifestyle. The rejection of oily and salty food helps to solve the problem with the stagnant fluid in the tissues.
  • Sports. Physical activity helps to solve the problems with menopausal changes in the body and improve vascular tone.
  • To fight hypertension and if you to be excluded from the usual diet Smoking and alcohol.

Sometimes in the decision of problems with pressure and other symptoms of menopause, it is sufficient to take drugs hormone replacement therapy in combination with lifestyle changes.

If the attack increase pressure happened abruptly and you have no way to call a specialist, try to calm down and take a horizontal position. If your medicine Cabinet there are medications that reduce the pressure, take them.

Don’t immediately get back to work, if you took the pills. Remember that over time, vessels lose their elasticity and are unable to quickly come back to normal after the pressure drop. You can pass out, so lay down for half an hour before to do anything.

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