Menopause, klimadinon — herbal preparation

Nothing is permanent and eternal. Dawn gives way to dusk, youth – old age. And so in a woman’s life comes the time of changes, with the advent of menopause. Every woman should know that menopause is not the end of life, and continued with a complete change in the function of some organs in the body. What organs undergo changes with the onset of menopause? During menopause changes the functionality and the ovaries, a woman cannot produce offspring, develops a huge number of changes associated with age. During menopause changes not only internal organs, but the appearance of the person.

Klimadinon — a drug to relieve the symptoms of menopause

The symptoms of menopause

During this period a woman is facing these symptoms:

  • Hot flashes and associated sweating.
  • Insomnia
  • Unfounded anxiety.
  • Loss of joy from the vicinity.
  • The various disorders.
  • Rapidly changing mood.

The above symptoms of menopause may occur before the other and deliver a woman who turned 45 –year milestone of his life, discomfort.

Климакса климадинон - растительный препарат

A woman in menopause often suffer from the tides

How is the treatment of menopause

In General, the treatment of menopause aims to restore the normal lifestyle of a woman. When doctor woman appointed special preparations containing various components from the vegetative to the hormonal.To return to normal life at menopause, a woman needs to fully move on, you can do any easy sport. To break habits, is bad for health.

Forget fast food and go to proper nutrition, to completely abandon spicy, fatty and smoked, contain a lot of sugar and spices products.

Also woman don’t forget to follow the normal indicators of its weight. In addition, a woman during menopause should take medications prescribed by the doctor (replacing the hormones or homeopathic). Hormone treatment is based on what the patient uses a special drug that eliminates the effects arising due to hormonal imbalance associated with age. After inspection and passing the tests the doctor prescribes the woman with symptoms of menopause drugs with hormones:

  • in pill form;
  • in the form of patches;
  • ointments;
  • suppository used locally.
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All drugs are used as replacement hormone therapy, in its composition contain only the female sex hormones, whether estrogen. So while taking patients rarely complain of negative reactions from the body. In addition, some funds for HRT contain other substances progestins, which do not give very much to grow the endometrium under the influence of estrogen. These drugs are prescribed only by the attending physician after a careful examination of test results, women suffering from symptoms of menopause. Prevention of menopause begin until old age using HRT. In addition to hormonal therapy and remedial works to improve the lifestyle of women with menopause are recommended to undergo symptomatic therapy. The Foundation, which includes the administration of drugs including: sedatives, pain relievers, relieving depression and other medications. For the treatment of menopause, drugs used in containing natural components such as herbal product from Germany, klimadinon.

Климакса климадинон - растительный препарат

The drug Klimadinon made in Germany

Herbal product will help with menopause

Menopause imbalances. Therefore, physicians have been developed klimadinon that resolves all symptoms in menopause. At its core, klimadynon contains a substance the extract of the roots of black cohosh kitewing. The active ingredients of black cohosh interact with a large number of receptors in the woman’s body. Klimadinon a positive effect on a woman’s body: the symptoms go away, causing the tides; resumes vegetative system and emotional state; cease to torment insomnia, improves the General condition of women.

Klimadynon is a natural and safe remedy that can be applied to virtually any drugs of chemical and herbal origin.

Release klimadinon in the form of tablets and drops. So women can choose the right and comfortable it form of the drug. Regimen of klimadinon may be different, but should be administered by your doctor. If a doctor prescribes a certain treatment, klimadinon to treat menopause used one tablet, or thirty drops twice a day, at the same time, independent of meals. In the annotations to the drug, klimadynon says that this drug should be taken 1 tablet once in the evening, to drink water, swallowing the pill whole. The instructions that came with the drops, klimadinon, reads as follows: admission is by nakapyvaniya of the drug on a piece of bread a small or refined sugar. So the effect of taking klimadinon was palpable, it is recommended to use it for about six months as this time period contributes to the development of pronounced and sustained therapeutic effect. In case of overdose, the woman must wash the stomach, then take activated charcoal or other drugs that absorb toxins from the intestine and to treat symptoms of intoxication and other.

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Климакса климадинон - растительный препарат

Klimadinon can drip on refined sugar


Klimadinon, it is strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding; if you are at risk for tumors that have direct dependence on estrogen. If a woman does not have the above conditions, the reception of klimadinon banned. Before you start taking the drug you should consult with your doctor. Basically, klimadinon used to overcome and treat menopausal symptoms in women receiving therapeutic treatment with medicines for the disease in acute and chronic form. For more than ten years, klimadinon used for the treatment of menopause, which confirms its effectiveness and safety. But do not forget about that as when taking other medicines, which include natural substances, you should consult with your doctor