Menopause: symptoms,age, treatment, signs

Climacteric period in the life of every woman is the beginning of her natural physiological aging. During menopause a woman’s body is changing hormone levels, fading of ovarian function, a woman is no longer capable of reproductive function. Most modern women are afraid of menopause, not only because it is aging, but also because during menopause symptoms which can knock out of a habitual way of life for a long time.

Symptoms of menopause can significantly degrade the quality of life

Stages of menopause and their symptoms

The climacteric period can be divided into three phases:

  • The premenopausal women. This period is a preparatory period before the onset of menopause and easily determine its the beginning of an irregular cycle. The irregularity of the cycle is caused by the decline of ovarian function and irregular production of sex hormones.
  • Menopause. This period is the coming of the time when a woman over the last month. During menopause are the main changes in the body. The epithelium of the uterus, vagina and bladder shrink, increasing the level of FSH and estrogen decreases. In menopause a woman feels the greatest number of symptoms, bringing their traditional way of life. If time does not go to the doctor, who will prescribe HRT, you can get complications in the cardiovascular system, or to give impetus to the development of osteoporosis.
  • The postmenopausal women. This period never ends. It comes after the completion of all symptoms of menopause and lasts the rest of a woman’s life. It was during this period after the onset of the menopause need to take care of their health a comma so as not to complications of the cardiovascular system.

Age boundaries for the occurrence of each of the climatic periods is difficult to determine. Women can observe changes in the menstrual cycle beginning at 40 years (early menopause), or symptoms of menopause sees a woman after 50. All of these symptoms and the age limit is individual, but the average age of menopause ranges from 50 to 55 years.

Климакс: симптомы,возраст, лечение, признаки

In rare cases, the menopause starts at age 40

Common symptoms

The main symptom of menopause in a woman’s body is changes in menstrual cycle. During menopause, the time between periods increases and eventually they stop. Once a woman has this symptom, it is necessary to seek help to the doctor the gynecologist, who will pick up the necessary preparations for a comfortable entry into this stage of life.

Of menopause symptoms do not manifest immediately, they can develop and grow in the next few years. Some symptoms may manifest themselves as premenopausal and after it:

  • Tides. The tides is the most vivid indicator of menopause in a woman’s body. At high tide there is a sudden sensation of heat, which applies only to the upper torso. The woman reddens the face and neck. Hot flashes can last no longer than a minute, and the frequency of their occurrence depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body. Some women note a small number of tides during the day, and many tides disturb up to 50 times a day. Due to the fact that the tides occur mostly at night, women the dream is broken, which leads to a disorder of the Central nervous system and fatigue. The appearance excessive sweating and the occurrence of the tides, the signs of menopause.
  • Insomnia. A woman can disturb any sleep disorders that are associated with the appearance of the tides or upset psycho-emotional sphere. Women poured harder, they worry and get hung up on problems. Poor sleep translates to the appearance of irritability and fatigue, which also contributes to violation of the usual rhythm of life.
  • Problems of the cardiovascular system. A woman can be unusually more frequent bouts of palpitations, muffled feeling in his chest. There are signs of heart failure, such as numbness of hands, feet and attacks of angina pectoris.
  • From the nervous system. From the nervous system the signs of menopause can be expressed as: tingling, weakness in the limbs, goose bumps, weakness, fatigue, short-term loss of consciousness. Along with the hot flashes, the woman may note fluctuations in blood pressure — low to high, which leads to headaches or migraines.
  • Pain. The woman may experience pain in the lumbar region or the abdomen.
  • The skin and mucous membranes. Before the menopause begins the phase of aging of the skin due to the fact that estrogen is produced in lesser extent be dryness of the mucous membranes. The skin becomes dry and tightened appear and deepen existing wrinkles may appear gray. May cause itching in the vagina, which will further aggravate the emotional condition of women. Thinning of the mucous membranes, and leads to a thinning of the bladder walls and reduce compression of the sphincter, there are problems with urination and incontinence develops.
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Климакс: симптомы,возраст, лечение, признаки

Insomnia often accompanies menopause

The symptoms of pathological menopause

Pathological climacteric syndrome affects one in two women and causes can be premature ovarian aging caused by:

  • Early menopause. If menopause in women occurs earlier 40’s, early menopause the Main cause of this manifestations can be heredity (5% of twins observed early menopause), and influences of abnormal environmental factors (Smoking, alcohol, intake of drugs of drug content, the adverse environmental factors). Symptoms of early menopause occur is very difficult, as the woman’s body is not characteristic of the onset of menopause at such an early time. In addition to hot flashes and other symptoms of normal menopause, in women with early menopause may be observed: the development of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis; weight gain; sudden decrease or increase of libido; the appearance of ectopic bleeding. Against the background of constant bleeding anemia.
  • Surgical menopause. After surgery and removal of uterus, ovaries and their tumours, the body enters the period of artificial menopause. Early entry into menopause after surgery is caused by the decrease in the level of sex hormones. This period is extremely difficult, do women have atrophic changes in the genital organs and there has been a General deterioration of the body. The symptoms of menopause, artificially introduced him appear sharper, but when using hormone replacement therapy are well eliminated.

Anaemia is a frequent companion of pathological course of menopause, which has a negative impact on the physical condition of the patient.

Anemia contributes to the emergence of dizziness and decompression, which is possible the emergence of a large number of unintentional injuries.
Климакс: симптомы,возраст, лечение, признаки

Removal of the ovaries causes artificial menopause

Treatment and diagnosis of menopause

Diagnosis of abnormal development of menopausal changes in the body based on the primary complaints of the patient. If a woman feels the approach of menopause and went to the doctor, the doctor may prescribe the study of blood levels of FSH. The levels of follicle stimulating hormones and may vary throughout the cycle, so the diagnosis will be accurate, if you take the test multiple times.

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Additionally, you may need diagnostics of luteinizing hormone and additional advanced diagnostics in estrogen levels. The gynecologist checks the functional state of the ovaries, histological examination of smears from the vagina in dynamics, can be assigned a diagnosis for the taking of histological scraping of the uterine endometrium.

Necessary analysis will be blood on the hemoglobin, in order to prevent such a dangerous disease like anemia.

To recognize the onset of menopause can be in the home. If the patient cannot visit the doctor every week several times, then test for menopause, you can do it yourself by purchasing at the appropriate reagent in the pharmacy. Diagnosis is performed in 5 — 6 day cycle, when hormones are most active. Need to purchase 2 of the test as the level of FSH varies during the cycle, and accurate will be the analysis, which will help to identify changes in the level of hormones in dynamics.

Климакс: симптомы,возраст, лечение, признаки

A blood test for hemoglobin will eliminate the possibility of anemia

Principles of treatment

To eliminate the symptoms of lack of sex hormones and the emergence of menopausal syndrome in modern medicine, the use of three approaches:

  • Hormone replacement therapy.
  • Phytoestrogens and dietary Supplements.
  • Homeopathic remedies.


Hormone replacement therapy or HRT is the main treatment method, helping to eliminate the symptoms of menopause the patient has any stage of menopausal changes. Hormone therapy is an effective way of getting rid of symptoms, but it can have a number of contraindications, and therefore the use of hormonal drugs can be used only after consultation with a specialist, and a thorough examination. Hormonal drugs can be used as preformed shapes or using intrauterine spiral system. Tablet form of hormonal drugs convenient because you can dose the medication, and to pick up purely the individual dose for each patient.

But this form has a number of shortcomings: the Effect of hormones is on the entire body, which can lead to degeneration of tissue in a malignant tumor. Long-term use of hormonal medication ample funds is impossible, because the excess of estrogen has a negative impact on the internal organs.

That is why we developed a special intrauterine system, which contains the synthetic hormone levonorgestrel, a modern analogue of female sex hormones, with a gradual release of the drug. The spiral may be established only by a specialist after a thorough examination. Due to the fact that the drug is released from the spiral equal doses and the effect occurs only in the ovaries and the epithelial cells of the uterus, spirals are almost safe means of hormone replacement therapy to arrest all the symptoms of menopause.

Климакс: симптомы,возраст, лечение, признаки

Hormonal pills have some side effects


Treatment with natural estrogen helps to solve the problem with the symptoms of menopause. Natural estrogens called phytoestrogens, they are natural analogues of female sex hormones and are applied successfully to eliminate the symptoms, in combination with other approaches in the treatment of menopause.

Phytoestrogens can be applied as dietary supplements, which need to be applied in pill form, and medicinal plants that can be brewed as teas. Some medicinal plants can be added to food raw, or consumed as a tincture:

  • Treatment peony tincture helps to restore immunity and to get rid of the manifestations of the tides, and included in its composition iron binder components help in the treatment of diseases such as anemia.
  • Nettle. Treatment with nettles and infusions helps with ectopic bleeding in the background of anemia. Nettle can be taken at any age, as a styptic. Female menopause in the etiology differs little from the male, so if your man has come, the age of menopause, nettle and HRT will help to solve problems.
  • The flax seed. Treatment with flax seed helps to rejuvenate the female body at any age, saturate it with nutrients, which will significantly improve the condition of the skin. Anemia and other diseases that can develop due to low hemoglobin in the blood, it is not terrible, if you eat a spoonful of flax seeds for Breakfast.
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Folk medicines need to be applied on the advice of a specialist, he can advise on which species and in what combination should be used to achieve the desired effect. The doctor will explain what are the preparations containing phytoestrogens that fit your age and type and prescribe the best for you.
Климакс: симптомы,возраст, лечение, признаки

Flax seed contains phytoestrogens


Homeopathic medicines do not cause previene and well tolerated by patients when used long. The use of homeopathic drugs type is not the primary treatment. Use of such drugs have to be combined with the funds of HRT.

Homeopathic medicines well cropped pathological climacteric symptoms and help in coping with menopause.

Included in the homeopathic remedies extracts from the poisons of plants and animals cope well with the tides, as they have anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.

But the use of homeopathic medicines does not guarantee their instant action. Their effect increases gradually accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is best to take homeopathy as adjuvant in combination with HRT, but always under the supervision of a specialist.

The principles of treatment of pathological symptoms of menopause

Pathological menopause dangerous symptoms, which reappear in disease. The consequence of progression of symptoms of pathological menopause can be:

  • Diabetes.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Hypertension.

All the symptoms that interfere with a woman to their way of life or caused by its artificial appearance, are called pathological.

In the treatment of pathological menopause plays a big role hormone replacement therapy. The use of funds only folk medicine can.

In addition to hormone replacement the woman needs additional intake of vitamin complexes and drugs antidepresants action.