Menopause: the woman’s age

The end of the menstrual cycle and the beginning of a decline in level of sex hormones in the blood is menopause. Changes during menopause affect all body systems, triggering mechanisms of aging. To determine the onset of menopause can the doctor conducting the necessary tests.

Age of menopause is individual for each jensenii

Age range of menopause in the body. Stages and causes. Symptoms

Menopause is the period during which a woman’s body undergoes changes, completely stopping the reproductive function. Like all processes, menopause is the stage of gradual increase:

  • The premenopausal women.
  • Menopause.
  • The postmenopausal women.

Each of these periods is characterized by its timing of onset and symptoms.

The premenopausal women-the start time of menopausal changes in the body. It starts around the age of 40 years and the norm duration is up to 10 years. At this time the woman is changing in a loop (its acceleration or the body is increasing the interval time between menstruation), periods become irregular and then stop. There is a gradual inhibition of ovarian function, the epithelium of the uterus thins and the ability to pin the egg on the uterine wall is reduced to zero.

Menopause is menopause, which is coming at a time when the end of the last menstruation. A vivid sign of menopause is the occurrence of high tides in combination with other symptoms of menopause. And the average time of onset of menopause between 50 and 55 years. The age at which the menopause starts individual, and to determine the time of its occurrence can be passed the test for the level of sex hormones. Help to determine the time at what age in the body comes menopause tests menopause. They can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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Postmenopause female body begins at the moment when she lost all the symptoms of menopause. The menopause is the period of the end of menopause and the age at which it occurs is determined individually.

Климакс: возраст женщины

In 40 years of age occurs premenopausal women

Causes of

Menopause is the period of natural aging of the body that is directly connected with the possibility of maturing follicles in the ovaries. When estrogen level falls, the egg cease to be and the possibility of pregnancy is reduced to zero.

The decrease in the level of production of sex hormones leads to the symptoms of menopause. Menopause to 50-55 years is the norm, with the beginning of the premenopausal 40-45 years.

When symptoms of menopause are manifested in 38-40 years, this is an early onset of menopause. Early menopause can occur due to:

  • Heredity. If a woman has genetic changes that lead to early ovarian failure, menopause can occur as early as 30 years. Most women have the twin time, the onset of early menopause range from 30 to 35 years and is a genetic anomaly.
  • Wrong way of life. Early menopause symptoms can occur in women who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, as Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption provokes oxygen starvation of the blood vessels and cells, including tissues of the reproductive system.
  • Menopause artificial nature. In women, which after removal of the uterus or appendages, at any age, symptoms of menopause, there is a period of menopause surgical type. In this intervention, in women dramatically decreases the level of sex hormones, which leads to a sharp dip in the symptoms. Women with this menopause time for preparation, and the symptoms immediately remove the patient from a habitual way of life.
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If the symptoms of menopause is delayed, and after 50 a woman does not feel the tides, in this case, we can talk about a late menopause.

Климакс: возраст женщины

Alcohol use in youth can lead to problems during menopause

The symptoms of menopause

For each individual stage of menopause is characterized by the presence of certain age-related norms and the availability of accurate symptoms. At the onset of symptoms can be determine the onset of menopause. Age in this case is purely individual.

Symptoms at onset of menopause:

  • Tides. This striking symptom of the onset of menopause, manifested itself as one of the norms of the beginning of the entry into menopause. Most often it appears between the ages of forty years and can last until reaching women age 50 years. Tides in conjunction with irregular cycle is a symptom of the onset of premenopausal. The tide’s coming in as a short-term increase in temperature of the upper body, accompanied by excessive sweating and palpitations. Hot flashes can accompany a woman throughout the menopause age and stop when they begin menopause.
  • Violations of the Central nervous system. The patient have difficulty with the perception of new information, regardless of age. Possible symptoms of depression, anxiety, and excessive irritability.
  • About the beginning of menopause and the beginning of the natural period of aging women show irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Menses become irregular and cease altogether soon.
  • Deviations from standards in production of sex hormones leads to reduction of skin elasticity and drying of the mucous membranes of the reproductive system. In consequence, in women, there comes a time when possible problems with future sexual life. Dryness of the mucous membranes of the organs of the excretory system can cause complications with urination. Frequent occurrence of incontinence.
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If a woman notes the presence in the body of the signs of menopause, she should seek help from a specialist who will help you to find the right treatment to eliminate the pathological symptoms.