Methods for the treatment of vulvitis in women and girls

The term “vulvitis” is understood an inflammation of the vulva – the external female genitalia. The main symptoms that causes to turn for help to the gynecologist – strong itching and discharge of a different nature. After the appearance of the first signs of the disease is necessary to immediately diagnose and start treatment. Vulvitis in women when running for will lead to the spread of the process of rising through all the genitals. With the defeat of the vulva and vagina talking about the development of vulvovaginitis (vaginitis).

Causes and symptoms

In gynecology there are several forms of vulvitis and vulvovaginitis:

  • infectious (caused by fungi and bacteria);
  • allergic;
  • atrophic (due to hormonal changes in the menopause).

View vulvitis will determine the tactics of treatment and selection of drugs. Special attention deserves vulvitis in pregnancy. The use of drugs during this period is limited because of the high risk of negative consequences to the fetus.


  • hyperemia (redness) and swelling of the skin of the external genitalia in the small and large labia, clitoris;
  • itching, burning and pain in the vulva;
  • abnormal discharge;
  • plaque of the labia.

In the acute stage the symptoms are most pronounced in the subacute – smoothed. The chronic course might the complete absence of symptoms. At occurrence of first signs of vulvitis should be set to go to the doctor.

Treatment of vulvitis

There are preparations for the treatment of vulvitis in women with local and General application. Extra care-the cosmetics of folk medicine. In the acute stage of an important physical rest and abstinence from sexual activity. This is a necessary condition for the patient to avoid mechanical damage to the inflamed vulva.

Upon inspection of acute and chronic vulvitis does not vary, and photos of women visible by pronounced swelling of the labia, redness, marked selection. Current long disease with periods of exacerbation has the same characteristics. It is characterized by their smaller intensity.

Means for the local treatment of vulvitis

As drugs local application of prescribed ointments, suppositories or creams made from the following groups:

  1. antibiotics;
  2. antifungal agents;
  3. antiseptic;
  4. preparations for the normalization of the vaginal flora.

  • High efficacy differs Poliginaks due to the combination in one capsule of antibiotic and antifungal agents.
  • Terginan is very similar in composition, but additionally, there there are prednisone to reduce inflammation. It much easier burning during urination and itching.
  • Tool Betadine contains as the main active ingredient povidone-iodine. Due to its antimicrobial action it is directed against large number of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Action in Hexicon vaginal suppositories allow the inflammatory process triggered by the causative agent of venereal disease.
  • Pimafucin effective against thrush, and is used for the vulvovaginal candidiasis.
  • Klion-D 100 and Neo-Penotran Forte contain in its composition of metronidazole that allows the use of these drugs in anaerobic infections.
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To clarify the indications and contraindications for each drug in the user. During pregnancy, selection of tools, safe for baby and the expectant mother. Refuse treatment in this period in danger of fetal infection and infection of newborn during childbirth when passing the birth canal. Further possible infection of babies in unavoidable close contact.

These suppositories are used most often before bedtime. Dosage appointed by the gynecologist, depending on the cause of the inflammation of the labia. Treatment men (sexual partner) is a doctor-urologist.

For the treatment of the affected areas genital is assigned to a cream or ointment. They not only reduce redness, but also moisturize the mucous membranes of the genitals. The broad-spectrum antibiotics include the Liniment of syntomycin, Levomekol. Last resort differs only in the presence of methyluracil, accelerating the tissue healing.

As a holistic treatment, it is recommended to use When. It combines an antibiotic (gentamicin), anti-inflammatory agent (betamethasone) and an antifungal (clotrimazole). Triderm relieves itching and burning. Thanks to the combination of main active ingredients of the sexual organs from the vulva cease to become inflamed. This greatly facilitates the patient’s condition in a short time from the start of treatment.

One of the antiseptic solutions for topical use is perfectly. It is used not only as a means for treatment but also as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and exacerbation of chronic forms of vulvitis.

At the end of the therapy a mandatory part is the restoration of the vaginal flora. This task is handled by Lactogal.

Agents used in acute course of the process, when you can marvel at not only the labia, vagina, cervix, uterus. To treat nonspecific forms of vulvitis choose Amoxiclav. In combination with clavulanic acid the drug is considered a powerful tool for treatment of the disease.

If vulvitis is caused by other infection, then assign Trihopol (trichomoniasis), Sumamed and Doxycycline (with gonorrhea), Erythromycin (chlamydia.).

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Often at night the area of the vulva begins to itch, which every girl complains of insomnia. To cope with the sleep disturbances shown the vitamins from group b and magnesium preparations. In solution or tablets is assigned to Magnesium-B6 or MINICOM. As a means to strengthen the immune system prescribed Immunal, Immunoplate or want to say.

The treatment of atrophic vulvitis complemented by the use of estrogen-containing drugs. This therapy is used in klimaktericescoy period and allows us to greatly facilitate its flow.

Vulvitis treatment folk remedies

When a woman has vulvar itching needed treatment of folk ways will be performed after consultation with a gynecologist. This is due to the low effectiveness against microbes, though many have a good antiseptic effect. Therefore, treatment of vulvitis in the home only with the help of traditional medicine can translate acute process into a chronic form. The most known and effective tools are:

  • chamomile;
  • oak bark;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • nettle;
  • the marigold flowers;
  • onion peel.

Infusion of chamomile added to the water to prepare the sitz bath or as a means of irrigation of the external genitalia. The broth is prepared in 300 ml of hot water, which add 30 g of dry chamomile. Then it is filtered and applied as directed. It is well relieves irritation, and with regular use the mucosa of the genital organs can not become inflamed.

To prepare the bath, you can use several plants. Per Cup of boiling water will need 20 g of oak bark, the same of chamomile and 20 – 30 g of nettle. After preparation of the solution it is filtered and used. Tablespoon St. John’s wort pour 0.5 liters of hot water and infuse for several hours. After straining the infusion is used up to 3 times a day.

From onion skin obtained a good tool for irrigation of the genital organs. 0.5 l of water will need 4 large onions. The mixture needs to cool, then filtered and used for the purpose. The infusion of marigold is prepared in boiling water, in which put 1 tablespoon of dry plants. After staining of the fluid in the Golden color of the resulting solution is removed from the heat and allow to cool, then filtered. All the prepared infusion stored in a cool place.

Homeopathic medicines in the treatment of vulvitis are used only for relieving symptoms and in combination with the methods of traditional medicine. Before using any medication, consult your doctor homeopath.

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Treatment vulvitis tampons and medicinal drinks

Pharmaceutical preparations such as suppositories, ointments and creams, quickly eliminate the discomfort in the crotch area. There are ways with the local application of swabs soaked in a remedy to ease the symptoms of vulvitis. Using drugs meant for ingestion.

If you are not allergic, then honey or sea buckthorn oil soaked tampon and inserted into the vagina, or of these means can be lubricated labia. The multiplicity of treatment prescribed by the gynecologist.

Strengthens the immune system and makes the disease herbal that combines the leaves of Wintergreen, the mother-and-stepmother, sweet clover. All of the components poured into 300 ml of hot water and put in a water bath to 20 minutes. The solution is filtered and this should be made inside a tablespoon 3 times a day.

Treatment for vulvitis in girls

Only after establishing the cause gynecologist will tell you how to treat vulvitis in girls. In children prescribe:

  1. A special powder.
  2. Irrigation with a solution of chamomile, potassium permanganate or furatsilina external genitalia.
  3. With the unbearable itching and severe irritation of the anesthetics used.
  4. Compresses and lotions with eucalyptus.
  5. Before bed apply the ointment with anti-itching effect.

The combination of all medical procedures allows to alleviate the symptoms of vulvitis the girl and cure him in a short time. Further the health of the girl will depend on compliance with all hygiene standards and recommendations of the doctor.

Time assigned therapy avoids complications, the spread of inflammation to adjacent organs and the transition of acute forms to chronic. Vulvitis in women treated comprehensively, so all preparations need to be applied in accordance with the physician’s prescription. It is undesirable to pass techniques of medicines. This can lead to protracted course of the disease.