Monastic tea at menopause: preparation and application

Aging, the female body undergoes certain changes, they are particularly noticeable in the reproductive system, when it functions out. This period doctors call the climacteric or menopause.

With the help of natural tea can mitigate the symptoms of menopause

In pharmacies, pharmacists can purchase medications, leveling the symptoms of menopause, but some alarming their chemical composition. Safer for human health are natural products, among which stands out the monastery tea during menopause. Its regular use normalizes blood, eliminates irritability and promotes good mood. But most importantly, the tool rapidly relieves the major symptoms specific to the menopause.

Negligent attitude to their health and ignoring the menopausal symptoms can result in cardiovascular disease and uterine bleeding.

The monastery collection, its properties and effects on the body

Thanks to the phytoestrogens that are contained in tea, normalizes hormones and improves overall health. The herbs included in the composition anticlimactical collection, help to get rid of:

  • depression caused by instability in hormonal levels;
  • excess weight, pursuing a woman during menopause;
  • dry skin and mesh of wrinkles;
  • high blood pressure;
  • the lack of appetite.

Using monastic tea you:

  • improve the condition of nails, hair and skin;
  • will bring your weight back to normal;
  • will gain courage and increase vitality;
  • stabilizarea HELL.

Use of herbal is based on the properties of each of its components, reinforcing each other’s action. The effect of the use of funds is noticeable almost immediately.

About the medicinal effects of tea as evidenced by the testimonials of patients and medical studies that were conducted before it went on sale.

Монастырский чай при климаксе: приготовление и применение

The positive effects of tea consumption are visible almost immediately

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Natural origin ingredients talks about safety and absence of allergic effects collection. Herbs are selected in such composition and in such quantity that they enhance the beneficial qualities of each other, and thus the effectiveness of tea increases dramatically. In particular, this:

  • Thyme – relieves chronic fatigue, normalizes sleep.
  • Rose hips – are a part of the phytohormones that contribute to the normal functioning of the endocrine system.
  • Sage leaves – eliminates sweating, normalize hormones, reduce the frequency of symptoms of hot flashes.
  • The herb St. John’s wort – improves condition of skin and hair, improves mood and promotes vitality.
  • Herb oregano – relieves depression, normalizes the sweat glands and appetite.
  • Stevia leaves – lowers blood sugar levels, slow down the process of recruitment of extra pounds and aging of cells.
  • Grass fireweed – helps to normalize blood pressure, reduces risk of uterine bleeding, improve the blood composition.

The basic principle of the efficiency of collecting is the exact dosage of each herb. Cook collection at home is unrealistic because the manufacturer keeps the secret of the proportions and refuses to disclose it under any circumstances.

Монастырский чай при климаксе: приготовление и применение

Stevia will prevent the recruitment of extra pounds and stop aging

Correct preparation of tea

To master the technology of making tea for everyone. To prepare a medicinal beverage it is necessary to prepare the correct dishes – it must be a teapot out of clay or glass. Before you can put in a collection, you need to rinse the inner walls of the boiling water to warm up. Then measure 2 teaspoons of gathering to fill them with 2 cups of hot boiled water. The kettle lid can’t close, and in a position to leave the tea for 10-15 minutes.

For improvement of flavouring qualities are allowed to sweeten the drink with honey or sugar. The first option is preferable.

How to apply?

Limitations in the duration of use of the monastery of tea no, but the observance of the middle course – 2 months, sure. The manufacturer advises women to engage in prevention, and avoiding heavy flow of menopause on a training course 2 times a year for several years before menopause.

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Instructions for use included in each box of tea, it can always be read. The important thing to remember is to keep the multiplicity of reception – twice a day, one Cup and after a meal. Monastic tea at menopause has no contraindications for use and devoid of side effects. Tea exerts its effect not immediately, but after a few days, you can feel its beneficial effects and lasting results.

No less important point: the collection is devoid of contraindications and has no side effects. This compares favorably with hormonal drugs that the doctors had to assign earlier.

Монастырский чай при климаксе: приготовление и применение

Monastic tea you need to drink a Cup after meals


Without violating the rules of storage, you will save the healing properties of the collection and protect it from damage. First of all, opening the factory packaging, you need to immediately pour the tea into a glass container that has a tight lid, impervious to air and moisture. It is in this state a remedy must be stored in a dark, dry closet.

The collection has a certain shelf life. Opening the pack, you must use it for three months, observing the rules described above.

Menopause is inevitable in every woman’s life phenomenon, it can not escape. So why to wait in horror of the period when it is possible to step into it fully prepared and not be afraid of depression, irritability, mood swings. Monastic tea should be drunk women over the age of 40 years. Thus, they become trained and able to enter into menopause, without fear of unpleasant symptoms. Frequent hot flashes, sweating, racing HELL – all this passes them by, if the time to address prevention and twice a day drink a pleasant taste and properly cooked, herbal infusion.

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