Narrow vagina — what to do

Many women carefully avoid sexual contact with a male and pregnancy, claiming that they have a narrow vagina. On the Internet, on television and in various magazines contains a lot of information about how important the work of the sexual organs, but experts in the field of medicine argue that such stories are far from the truth.

And yet, women do not cease to complain of the narrow vagina and often don’t know what to do with it. Look for tips, they prefer the forums, where most give advice that no doctor can give would not, so it is best to consult a specialist to know how to act.

Causes of narrow vagina

In medicine there is no such thing as “narrow vagina”. The average width of the vagina is able to accommodate not more than three fingers, this also applies to virgins. During intercourse, the width increases to 6 – 10 cm, growing in size and during childbirth.

The width of the vagina is considered to be really narrow, only in one case – when infantilism reproductive system. For this pathology is typical of the underdeveloped state of the reproductive organs in connection with insufficient amount of growth hormone in the body. The disease is not considered common, and it is possible to identify at an early age at the first visit to the gynecologist. Occurs predominantly in girls lean physique. Infantile reproductive system can be successfully treated surgically.

And yet doctors say that the width of the vagina is either too narrow or too wide. The size of the genital organs is not determined by the growth or the figure of a woman.

The vagina is elastic enough to easily accommodate the penis as well as the baby during birth, without any outside intervention.

Pain during intercourse can occur for other reasons. Diseases of the genitals can cause pain during sex. These include disorders in the urinary system, surgery, and trauma during childbirth, when the woman ruptures of the perineum, and form scars that narrow the vagina.

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What to do if narrow the vagina?

When faced with complaints of “narrow vagina”, women prefer to seek advice on the forums, they are afraid or too shy to visit the gynecologist but only he will be able to provide proper help in this situation. It is recommended to consult with a therapist, especially if pain in the vagina due to psychological characteristics.

To eliminate discomfort during intercourse, experts give some recommendations for women:

  1. During sex the vagina needs to be moist and excited.
  2. Apply lubricants.
  3. To negotiate with a partner that he will not make sudden movements.
  4. To choose the most comfortable position.
  5. To use music and other methods to relax.

But the above tips have given positive results, the woman should be seen by a sex therapist or gynecologist. Experts will help you learn to reduce stress during sexual intercourse and relax muscles of the vagina.

On the forums, decided to advise the physical exercises or use tools to expand the vagina without the help of a doctor. To do so is unwise, as the result of careless intervention of a woman can cause yourself more damage, but physical activities will have no effect.

If problems are not wide enough vaginal happen during childbirth, the woman is assigned to episiotomy, to avoid the risk of rupture of the perineum. During this operation surgically expanding the vagina, and after delivery the incisions sewn with a. Episiotomy is practiced for a long time, so that after the operation the woman has no complications.


In order to successfully solve get rid of the discomfort in the vagina, the woman should pass survey at the gynecologist to make sure that the pain is not caused by diseases of the genitals. Psychotherapist and sex therapist will help to get rid of psychological problems, because of which it is impossible to have an active sex life. To avoid irreversible effects, the woman should cast aside doubts and fears and to consult with a specialist, the only way she will be able to maintain your own health and relationship with your loved one.