Nmts in gynecology (menstrual disorders)

The onset of female puberty marks the onset of menses. As a rule, in the first years of the cycle is unstable, but at the end of puberty in normal it needs to be adjusted. The diagnosis of NMS in gynecology is often enough, and the reasons for it varied. The menstrual cycle cannot be ignored because it reflects the functioning of not only the reproductive system but also the entire female body.

As manifest deviation?

Coordinated work of the cerebral cortex and the endocrine system ensures the regularity of the cycle, the beginning of which is considered the first day of menstruation. Any failure was not in itself a disease, it only indicates the presence of problems. It is not necessary to sound the alarm about occasional minor fault, but it should be noted clear symptoms of NMS:

  • cycle duration beyond 21 – 35 days;
  • severe pain before and during menses, extending to the loins, back, hips;
  • the total volume of discharge is less than 25 or more than 150 ml;
  • duration of menstruation less than 2 or more than 8 days;
  • irregular cycle;
  • frequent delays in the regular cycle;
  • spotting in mid-cycle;
  • complete cessation of menstruation outside of menopause, pregnancy, or lactation.

Often the woman turns to the doctor complaining of multiple symptoms: scanty menstruation, short cycle, pain or no menstruation for six months, but occasionally there blood. Not always of NMC speaks about any disease, perhaps this is a variant of normal for a particular woman. But most harmless, it would seem that the deviation from the norm (especially if before the body worked like a clock) can be a sign of serious problems.

What caused the violation?

A single delay or other unusual phenomena of menstruation can be caused by:

  • stress;
  • a long journey with a change of time and climatic zones;
  • colds.

If after a month or two, the cycle parameters will not be restored or established a different schedule is already talking about changes in the body that needs to be explored.

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Among the factors leading to the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) there are:

  • the strong reduction of body weight;
  • hormonal failure due to natural causes;
  • hormonal imbalance, caused by taking medications;
  • dysfunction of the ovaries;
  • prohibitive physical activity;
  • features power;
  • poisoning, intoxication toxic substances;
  • sexual infections.

Modeless heavy bleeding often talking about serious diseases, including:

  • Oncology;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • the emergence of uterine cysts, polyps and other tumors;
  • injuries of the pelvis;
  • the blood circulation;
  • complications after childbirth or abortion.

The use of intrauterine devices can also increase blood volume.

Diagnostic methods

Because nmts is only a concept that brings together a lot of symptoms in gynecology, the cause can be identified only comprehensive examination:

  1. A swab from the vagina, which will show the presence of pathogens.
  2. Gynecological examination and palpation on the chair.
  3. Endocrinological examination to detect failures of the ovaries, thyroid, pituitary and hypothalamus.
  4. Blood testing for hormones.
  5. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
  6. The conversation with the patient, which physician will know the important moments of her life: the age of first menstruation, nutrition, physical activity, area of activity, sex life, medications, and stress factors.

The danger of nmts

Often infertility and violation of the cycle are directly connected. Failures indicate problems with health. Disorder of the hormonal system prevents the maturation of oocytes, pregnancy does not occur, or ends with a miscarriage or a sinking. Sometimes a woman does not pay attention to mild symptoms: scanty menses, fluctuating cycle length. This output is beyond the norm can also be a consequence of pathologies of the reproductive system.

In time the survey is able to prevent the development of severe disease (fibroids, cysts, tumors), finding it early. Lost time can lead to death or disability.

If NMC is missing

Quite often, a woman can not get pregnant at an ideal cycle. In this case we are talking about novolisina menstrual cycle when the egg leaves the uterus. Over the years, these cycles are becoming more, so the chance of getting pregnant decreases. Suspected of NOMS the patient is sent to the same survey, as at NMC, adding the diagnosis of ovarian tumors, polycystic, endodermis, exhaustion.

Reduction of ovarian reserve may be due to genetic problems, diseases and operations, intoxication, dysbiosis of the vagina, prolonged sexual abstinence.

Note that each woman has is genetically inherent ovarian reserve. Ideally fertility in women persists for 40 years – from puberty to menopause, but many factors can significantly shorten the reproductive period, and menopause occurs in 10 – 20 years before the norm.

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Treatment with nmts and NOMZ

To establish the cycle, and ovulation only after finding and eliminating the root causes. If examination of health problems was not shown, it is not excluded that the reason for the failure of menstruation is only in the way of life, and therefore receive no treatment. It is sufficient to change diet, reduce emotional stress, correction of physical activity, adequate sleep and rest. Additionally the doctor may prescribe vitamins. If after the accepted measures the problem is not solved, again it will have to go to the gynecologist to undergo treatment.

If serious endocrine disorders there is a need for hormonal treatment, but it can be avoided by minor deviations from the norm. Medicine in this case, offers a phytotherapy, which gently restores hormonal balance without side effects.

Menstrual pain (in the absence of diseases as causes), well-removed breathing techniques, acupuncture and other nontraditional methods. Because the medication these days is focused on the removal of spasms, alternative methods are good because they last long. Sometimes psychotherapy sessions. Positive results are achieved and people’s methods, but only after discussing with your gynecologist.

Oral contraceptives as a method of correction of the NMC are appointed by the gynecologist-endocrinologist is strictly indicated, are selected individually, the treatment process is controlled. To prevent weight gain the doctor prescribes a diet for the period of reception OK.

For the treatment of genital infections prescribed antibiotics and drugs that restore the microflora of the vagina. In some cases, need surgery or complex therapy in the hospital.

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We should say about working with NAMC. The number of eggs in the body cannot be enlarged, and artificial stimulation will only lead to early exhaustion, so this method is only used in the diagnosis of infertility.


Nmts is possible the entire reproductive period, is a wide range of symptoms, talking about the failures of the female body. It is believed that modern women are increasingly faced with problems such as infertility and hormone disruption due to environmental degradation and food quality, the appearance of electronic equipment, medication and reduced physical activity.

Prevention of NMS is based on two rules:

  1. Avoidance of anything that might undermine health.
  2. Regular visits to the gynecologist and tests.

Life is full of stress. So often the nmts problem is solved after the elimination of harmful factors from a life. The body begins to operate at full power, given to him by nature. You must accept the fact that you may need medical or surgical help, and the sooner, the better.