Nonspecific vaginitis: symptoms, treatment

Such a common disease as nonspecific vaginitis, is characterized in that in the lower genital tract occurs the accumulation of opportunistic bacteria and micro-organisms in very high concentrations. This can cause inflammation and even purulent diseases of the female genital organs.

Nonspecific vaginitis, unpleasant disease

In the vaginal microflora of healthy women should prevail lactic acid bacteria and various pathogens of vaginitis should be inactive. But under certain circumstances pathogens begin to multiply rather quickly, which causes vaginitis.

The main agents and causes of non-specific vaginitis

Nonspecific vaginitis is usually caused by penetration into the mucous membrane of the microorganisms, a fungal infection. The spectrum of causative agents of this disease is wide enough:

  • Proteus, E. coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and various combinations thereof (bacterial vaginitis);
  • herpes viruses, human papilloma (viral vaginitis);
  • yeast-like fungi (fungal vaginitis).

The impact of the heterogeneous group of microorganisms provoke mixed vaginitis (infectious-bacterial, fungal, and bacterial).

Неспецифический вагинит: симптомы, лечение

Yeast-like fungus is the causative agent of vaginitis

Characteristics of the disease in patients of different ages

The main causes of nonspecific vaginitis in young girls are considered to be endocrine pathology, local damage, infectious diseases, reduced ovarian function.

In older women, obesity develops because of the impossibility of conversion of glycogen to lactic acid, which reduces the protective properties of the mucous membranes.

Risk factors

The main risk factors for the development of such diseases as non-specific vaginitis are:

  • violated the metabolism;
  • overheating or overcooling, injuries, regular stressful situation;
  • malnutrition;
  • toxic effect of certain medicines;
  • extragenital diseases;
  • immunosuppression during pregnancy and obstructed labor (inflammation of the genital organs, migrated during pregnancy, childbirth and the large long waterless interval, operative delivery, multiple vaginal examination, significant blood loss);
  • improper personal hygiene.

Неспецифический вагинит: симптомы, лечение

Complicated pregnancy can cause vaginitis

Symptoms of nonspecific vaginitis

Symptoms of the disease directly related to the severity of inflammation, and therefore, the combination of symptoms are very individual.

Most of the complaints of patients associated with burning, itching, profuse vaginal discharge and aggravated by walking or urination painful sensations in the genitals.

The form of the disease is divided into chronic, subacute, acute and subjectively-asymptomatic. 30% diagnosed in the acute stage, while the rest of the patients the clinical picture is not clearly expressed and has a predisposition to prolonged chronic course with periodic exacerbations.

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  • In chronic vaginitis there is no inflammation and pain, and most of the signs, which will be described below, poorly expressed.
  • Sub-acute stage of nonspecific vaginitis is characterized by redness of the mucous membrane expressed moderately.
  • The acute form is accompanied by swelling, redness, rash on the inner lining of the genital organs. Observed moderate or strong enough discharge (serous or purulent). In 96% of the disease accompanied by itching of the vestibule of the vagina, which cause the selection. A large number of patients 68% suffer from dysuric disorders. 62% there is a burning sensation of heat and heaviness in the genitals.
  • Subjectively-asymptomatic form of vaginitis is characterized by vaginal content has 4 degree of purity, manifested leukocytic reaction.
  • The main symptom of non-specific vaginitis is the presence of a vaginal discharge. Such allocations are watery, frothy, festering, sometimes mixed. In certain cases, the allocation of foul-smelling, there may be blood layer.

    Неспецифический вагинит: симптомы, лечение

    Acute vaginitis is registered in 30% of cases


    The basis of the diagnosis of this disease — complaints and data of anamnesis, results of laboratory and clinical observations. When conducting the gynaecological examinations with the use of mirrors there is swelling of the mucous membrane, thickening it. The shell is sometimes hyperemic and covered with gray bloom, when scraping off which there are small bleeding.

    Diagnosis is carried out with the use of smear microscopy, which clearly defines grandinetti microorganisms is their indication.

    It also evaluates the epithelium and leukocytes for detection of inflammation. So, the number of leukocytes should not exceed 25, but when I found a colpitis, the number is much higher.

    Bacteriological diagnosis of nonspecific vaginitis informative. The selection and recognition of various species of Corynebacterium, enterobacteria, non-fermenting bacteria staphylococci, streptococci subjected to quantitative evaluation, which gives the opportunity to assess the degree of influence of these microorganisms. The so-called culture allows to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to various drugs.

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    Неспецифический вагинит: симптомы, лечение

    The study of cultures of bacteria under the microscope helps to diagnose

    Thus, the main etiological factor, which has a nonspecific colpitis – is a conditionally–pathogenic microflora. Also, patients with marked immunosuppression.

    Treatment of nonspecific vaginitis heavy

    If patients great concern bring a strong burning, itching, pain in the abdomen, in the genitals, you need to treat severe manifestations of vaginitis. Usually in such cases, prescribers systemic exposure to effectively suppress the activity of pathogens nonspecific vaginitis. Such drugs are prescribed after determining the sensitivity to them is available to patients of infections.

    Also used a symptomatic treatment. Swelling and itching, reduce the drugs on the basis of calcium (intravenous). To eliminate symptoms, doctors prescribe antihistamines: claritin and pipolfen. Dosage and combination of different antihistamine drugs are selected by a gynecologist to each patient personally.

    Effective for relieving inflammation of the drug of local action terginan. This drug has antifungal, antibacterial and Antiprotozoal effects.

    Неспецифический вагинит: симптомы, лечение

    Antihistamines relieve symptoms of vaginitis

    Treatment during pregnancy

    It should be noted that if a pregnant woman nonspecific vaginitis, the treatment of it in this case is not an easy task. This is due to the inability of such patients to assign the desired dose of antibacterial drugs due to their adverse effects on the fetus. Douching and other methods of local therapy in pregnancy is unacceptable.

    Pregnant prescribe creams or candles with a high concentration of lactobacilli, which are present in a healthy vaginal flora. Used baths with a solution of chamomile or calendula.

    Treatment of mild non-specific vaginitis

    When vaginitis patients flows not heavy, the treatment was exclusively local. As nonspecific vaginitis, are mixed, it is often prescribe medications combined type: poliginaks, terginan. They have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Неспецифический вагинит: симптомы, лечение

    Chamomile tea is an effective and safe folk remedy for vaginitis

    To reduce inflammation help vaginal douching with solutions of potassium permanganate, tincture of herbs (calendula, sage, chamomile). For irrigation it is recommended to use the solution hlorofillipt (15 ml of 1% solution diluted in one liter of water) is a good antiseptic. In addition, an oily solution of drug used for therapeutic soaking tampons.

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    After decrease in acute inflammation to bring the vaginal flora back to normal, recommend douching once a day with a solution of lactic acid (one teaspoonful dissolved in one liter of water). To abuse the method is contraindicated, as lactic acid can cause irritation of the mucous membranes.

    The treatment of the underlying disease

    Treatment of nonspecific vaginitis aimed at normalizing hormone levels in the blood. Focuses on endocrine diseases that weaken the immune system.

    Must undergo rehabilitation foci of infection: teeth with caries, maxilla, tonsillitis, chronic disease of the kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines.

    You need time to detect and cure poisoning, stress and prevent physical and mental overload.

    Неспецифический вагинит: симптомы, лечение

    Stress can be one of the causes of vaginitis

    Pregnancy complicated by non-specific vaginitis

    As the practice of medicine, inflammation occur in 65% of women in various stages of pregnancy, regardless of the suffering in the past inflammation. The wrong treatment in this period may lead to the following complications:

    • the development of intrauterine infection, which can cause premature birth, miscarriage and even miscarriage;
    • polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios;
    • chronic fetal hypoxia;
    • preeclampsia;
    • toxicosis;
    • early discharge of water.

    The primary reason why obesity can occur during pregnancy is immunodeficiency, because the load on the immune system women is doubled. Another, equally important reason — a diagnosis that, to date, not an absolute.

    No PCR or microscopy tests do not guarantee the absence of infections in women.

    So, Ureaplasma and chlamydia are often in a latent state, so they are discovered using so-called provocative tests. That’s why often during pregnancy, which in itself is provocative circumstance, found infections that trigger non-specific vaginitis.

    Thus, preventive measures, quick and accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of nonspecific vaginitis help to eliminate a serious threat to women’s reproductive health.