Normal pressure in women after 50 years

The problem with blood pressure in women occurs increasingly with age. Just like yesterday, she fluttered like a butterfly, and this morning is already knocking at the temples, dark eyes and rolls up nausea. But this alarm signals the female body that is ready to be reconstructed in the period of fading of functions of reproductive organs. So what should be the normal pressure in women after 50 years? Why body thus responds to age-related changes?

Blood pressure and types

Blood pressure reflects the heart and condition the circulatory system of the human body. Under the action of the heart rate the blood circulates through the arteries and veins and creates a certain pressure on the inner surface of the walls of blood vessels.

The value of the upper pressure reflect the heart muscle, which force pushed the blood after contraction of the heart. From the top pressure will directly impact on the indicator lower. Lower pressure reflects the function of blood vessels of the peripheral system, which is the blood supply to the tissues of the body. The increased bottom pressure depends on the elasticity and tone of blood vessels.

To the natural functional processes in the organs of the human body that perform a major role in regulating blood pressure include:

  • the force when the heart;
  • the blood volume during compression is expelled by the heart;
  • the response pressure of the walls of peripheral system of blood vessels and large arteries the pressure of blood flow;
  • the pressure generated in the lungs in the breathing process;
  • the total volume of blood in the body.

Changes with age in blood pressure in women?

Usually years to 45 – 50 woman because of their employment do not pay attention to short-lived headaches.

Just drinking analgesic tablet, do not think that it would be useful to first measure the pressure.

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But to know high or low pressure, you need to know the pressure in the working condition of the body when nothing hurts.

At a young age the level of pressure in case of deviations comes quickly to normal, while the pressure in the 45 years for women itself will not be restored without the use of medication.

Conventional physiological norm is 110⁄70 mm Hg. art for young people, and 120⁄80 mm Hg. article for adults, but not elderly.

  • 110⁄70 – 120⁄80 mm Hg. article

Increase in blood pressure above 140⁄90 mm Hg. the article tells about the development of arterial hypertension.

How to determine the working pressure?

There are two ways to learn. working pressure: measuring and calculating. When the measurement method uses a special instrument called a tonometer. Sphygmomanometers are manual and automatic. Before you start measuring you need to follow the established rules that the testimony was the most credible:

  • the pressure should measure no less than an hour after work and a meal;
  • two hours not to smoke and not to drink alcohol;
  • the pressure measured in a sitting position on a chair with a backrest;
  • during the measurement the arm should be resting on the table, at the level of the chest;
  • try not to move and not to talk;
  • it is desirable to measure with both hands, the period between measurements should be at least 15 minutes.

If for some reason the monitor is not present, the pressure can be calculated using the formula Volyn, the calculation of which depends on the given value:

Age and weight is taken into account:

  • The GARDEN (upper) = 109 + (0.5 X years) + (0.1 X weight (kg));
  • DBP (bottom) = 63 + (0.1 X years) + (0.15 X weight (kg)).

Considering the weight:

  • The GARDEN (upper) = 109 + (0.4 X years);
  • DBP (bottom) = 67 + (0.3 X years).

Deviation of pressure from norm after 50. Reasons

A pressure surge in the direction of reduction or increase is a response of woman’s body for one or another reason. This is connected primarily with age-related changes. Therefore, there are some common causes of changes in the pressure level in women:

  1. With age, the woman is gaining weight and moving less, which affects the heart, which relaxes and at a certain load is not doing its job. The blood supply of organs and tissues slows down, there is oxygen starvation. There is a spasm of blood vessels, the blood is slowing in some areas, while elsewhere it creates pressure, which the heart tries to resume.
  2. As a result of some diseases and changes with age the viscosity of the blood increase. Therefore, how dissolve various compounds and protein molecules, and eventually obtained the total number of blood cells increases blood viscosity. Increased viscosity of the blood makes the blood flow. As a consequence, in the blood are formed atherosclerotic plaques.
  3. With age the elasticity of blood vessels decreases, change the lumens of blood vessels. This leads to an increase of the internal friction of blood in the vessels, there is a likelihood of blood clots.
  4. Disruption of the endocrine system. The glands of the endocrine system ensure the stable functioning of the processes in the body in conditions of continuous changes in the external environment. Thanks to the tidiness of the endocrine system, the chemical processes in the organs and tissues are coordinated. As a result of breach in the system occurs complete loss of control of all processes, which prevents quickly restore the pressure surge without medication.

Tips for maintaining a normal pressure after 50

High or low pressure is not lost on the female body. It is much easier to prevent the development of disease than the rest of your life to suffer and to constantly swallow pills to support stable pressure. A few tips will help our women to support the body and lead an ordinary lifestyle:

  1. Keep track of your weight. Any deviation of weight (obesity or sudden weight loss) effect, primarily on the work of the heart. No one is forcing to the point of exhaustion to rock at the gym, even the little exercise in the walk harden heart muscle and increase bone strength.
  2. Make constantly changes to your diet. Eliminate all foods that adversely affect blood composition, increase in cholesterol. It is desirable to reduce the amount of salt and animal fat. Eat more fish and try to cook with Flaxseed oil. The amount of fluid per day should be not less than 2 liters. Caffeine and limit alcohol to a minimum. In the daily diet of type products containing dietary fiber, which will promote metabolism.
  3. Sleep time should not be less than 8 hours. This is the time that the body needs to restore all the vital functions. The more that a bad dream is immediately reflected on the woman’s face. Clearly are visible all wrinkles, the face looks a mess. Good and adequate sleep lead to that well-rested woman always looks good.
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