Nutrition and diet when planning pregnancy, women

Pregnancy planning is an important process for women. An important role in this plays a proper diet. The foods that consume in your diet a woman can not only favorably affect the reproductive function of the organism, but, as many claim, to affect the future gender of the child. The food must be balanced and complete, so that the body receives the necessary nutrients and vitamin.

When you need to change your diet

Healthy food is always necessary, but in the planning stage of pregnancy especially. It is important to not only eat right but also to lead a healthy life, be active and do not abuse bad habits. Start to monitor my diet for several months before the planned conception. Proper and healthy diet is necessary to observe not only the woman but the man. During this time, the body will receive and gather all the necessary materials that will allow you to pass the pregnancy easily.

A woman planning a pregnancy should not set a goal to lose weight with proper nutrition. In this case the main task is to prepare the body for the subsequent 9 months. This does not mean that you can consume foods that contain “bad” fats. The food should contain all the necessary substances to the body. Both future parents are advised not drink alcohol, overeating, dieting with restriction of fat. You should give up on fast foods and quick snacks.

How to eat properly

Rule diet when planning a pregnancy is very simple – eat only healthy foods. The entire diet women planning to become pregnant, should be balanced.

For those women who have problems conceiving, doctors recommend products that contain vitamin C. to Find this element in citrus fruits, sour berries, and some vegetables: tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers.

Special attention to women should be paid to products containing folic acid. Find this product in the greens, potatoes, cereals and citrus fruits. Folic acid is not only suitable for women who plan pregnancies, but also those who are already carrying a child. The daily rate should be 400 mcg.

Attention! A lack of folic acid can cause miscarriage or developmental disorders of the fetus.

It is recommended in the diet more useful to use carbohydrates, which are:

  • in flour products from durum wheat;
  • in whole grain rice;
  • in trubna bread.

These products will help to control the desired level of blood sugar. The woman must be sure that pregnancy will not provoke the development of anemia. Therefore, it is necessary to use when planning a pregnancy, sufficient amounts of iron. This product contains pomegranate, beet and meat. Red meat in the diet should be mandatory. Another product that required women to easily get pregnant is whole milk. You can substitute milk for yogurt.

An important component in the diet of women should be the vitamin e in the required amount In its natural form this vitamin is vegetable oils. It is better to choose natural oils: corn, olive, sunflower. Vegetable oil should not be added when frying, as in this case they lose their useful properties.


If you eat the right foods, you can not only restore the body and prepare it for a future pregnancy, but also to get rid of stress. Often the problem of conceiving becomes nervous strain of the parents. Constant stress, frustrations due to unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, more chances to push the long-awaited pregnancy. In addition stress can cause various diseases, which are also a bad influence on a woman’s body.

Chronic stress can be removed by using certain products. The most popular are herbs that provide anti-stress effect on a woman’s body.

You can drink a decoction of medicinal herbs:

  • ginseng;
  • chamomile;
  • Valerian.

In this case, should not be abused concoctions. You can drink one glass a day, for the night. A good anti-stress drink is milk with honey before bedtime. It will help the body to fully relax during sleep. Also anti-stress product is chocolate. Women should choose organic chocolate, preservative-free. But not worth much to abuse the chocolate, as it can cause the appearance of excess weight. It will be enough to take 20 gr. chocolate a day.


Proper nutrition during pregnancy implies a diet. But this does not mean that we should immediately get rid of extra pounds. Of course, obesity is not a positive effect on the conception of a child. Sometimes it is a great weight women is the reason why she can’t get pregnant. But to limit yourself to food in this situation is not worth it. Meals should include low-calorie foods rich in essential vitamins. We also recommend adding moderate exercise.

But the woman’s weight may be low. In this case, come to the aid of products such as:

  • cereals;
  • dried fruits;
  • legumes;
  • nuts.

In case of any potential deviation of the weight from the norm to strive to restore the balance. To observe a strict diet to wear down physical exercise the body, women who plan to become pregnant, is highly undesirable. Otherwise the body will be exhausted and will not be able to bear a healthy child. Any improperly constructed diet is stressful to the body, what should be avoided before conception and during pregnancy.

Your diet should reconsider and women who renounced the use of animal products. Most vegetarians do not have sufficient body levels of minerals and vitamins. The body of a vegetarian is suffering from a lack of protein, iron, vitamin D and folic acid. If vegetarianism is a principled way of life, it is better to get advice from a dietitian.

What not to eat

Nutrition when planning a pregnancy for women also has a list of products that are not recommended. One of them is soy. It is best to exclude it from the diet completely. Such categorical attitudes of gynaecologists to soybean caused by its composition. The substance Genistein, which in large quantities contained in soy products, inhibits the activity of spermatozoa. As a result, the ability of fertilization decreases dramatically. All products must undergo sufficient heat treatment. It is best to drink purified or boiled water, refusing raw.

You should refuse such products as:

  • Cakes. All cakes, sweets, cakes should not be consumed in unlimited quantities. Otherwise the woman runs the risk of gaining weight.
  • Semi-finished products, canned food, frozen food. They should be excluded because of the risk of poisoning the body.
  • It is better to reduce the number of greasy and spicy foods.
  • You should not drink too much coffee. Coffee greatly reduces the possibility of conception.
  • Alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Planning a pregnancy should understand all the responsibility for their own diet. Therefore, during the planning of the future child is not worth to experiment, using unfamiliar products. Do not get involved in exotic dishes that used the woman did not try. Some products may cause an allergic reaction in the body. Whether to implement the diet Supplements, a woman should decide for herself, but it is better to replace supplements with natural products.

Foods that affect the baby’s gender

Parents often dream about a particular sex of the child. With a 100% guarantee to predict in advance the sex of a baby, of course, impossible. But certain food can affect who will be the parents of a boy or a girl. Nutritionists depending on the preferences of women can prescribe a special diet to have the greatest impact on the child’s gender.

During pregnancy and for the birth of a girl is recommended to use the following products:

  • Bread and pastries. Eat in moderation and watch for calorie content.
  • Dairy products, eggs.
  • Porridge, curd cheese;
  • Fruits and berries, dried fruits, vegetables.
  • Pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds.

Women, dreaming about a daughter, it is recommended that your diet to diversify low-calorie sweets: candy, marshmallows, organic chocolate.

When planning a boy diet women during the preparation for pregnancy should include:

  • Pasta.
  • Meat, poultry, sausage. You can eat the fish, but it is not necessary to include in the diet other seafood.
  • Cheese.
  • Mushrooms.
  • From drinks recommended green tea and mineral water.

There is a theory that a certain food helps to conceive twins. Evidence that this diet really affect conception just two kids, there is no large role played by genetic predisposition. But if it is a dream of the future parents, it is worth a try. A woman must eat fresh fruit. You can drink natural fruit juices containing no preservatives. Seafood, fish and meat should also be present in the diet of the expectant mother. Walnuts, sweet potatoes, eggs – good helpers for the conception of twins.

The main rule when planning a pregnancy should be proper nutrition. It is impossible to prevent the use of substandard products that can cause poisoning of the body. It is not necessary to prevent overeating. The woman should eat more often but small portions. If you conceive a child does not work, you should consult a doctor. It will help adjust the diet. Also the doctor will conduct the necessary surveys that will help to understand the reason why not is conception.

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