Nystatin — usage instructions

For several decades in gynecological practice widely used antifungal drug Nystatin. The experience with this drug has proven effective in the treatment of infectious diseases caused by fungi of the genus Candida and Aspergillus. Nystatin, instruction manual, gives a detailed analysis of the drug and discloses methods for the treatment of candidiasis in different parts of the body.

How does the drug

Modern pharmaceutical market offers a wide selection of antifungal agents with broad spectrum of action. In uncomplicated cases, short course of treatment systemic antifungal drugs of new generation for the complete destruction of the fungus. Why is domestic doctors continue to prescribe Nystatin patients, despite the fact that he is included in many combination medicines?

The opinions of experts popular. Some doctors believe that the drug is obsolete, and in its place came a new, more efficient means (Pimafucin, Levorin, fluconazole, Terzian, Micogynax, Poliginaks). Others, conversely, argue that a selective effect on a specific type of pathogen very effective in the treatment of established infections and the use of combined means in this case not rational.

Despite the ongoing debate, it is safe to say that the use of Nystatin in combination with other antimycotic drugs increases the effectiveness of treatment. Given the fact that Nystatin is almost not absorbed into the bloodstream, it is successfully used by pediatricians in the treatment of children-infants. The appropriate use of medicines to patients who for any reasons can not take systemic anti-fungal drugs with many side effects.

Non-prescription status of medicines in the pharmacy network, low cost and minimal side effects (compared to other antimycotic agents) pose a great temptation to self-use of medication without consulting a specialist. However, do not self medicate. The appointment of the drug precedes the collection of data from laboratory studies of material collected to identify the species of causative agent and its resistance.

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Destructive acting on the cell membrane of the fungus, Nystatin may act as fungistaticeski and fungicidal (depending on dosage).

The table lists indications for medications and existing restrictions, contraindications to its use.

Testimony Contraindications
Candidiasis of the vagina Systemic diseases of the liver
Candidiasis of the mucous membranes Infectious-inflammatory processes in the organs of the digestive tract (ulcer, gastroenterocolitis, diarrhea, pancreatitis)
Candidiasis of the skin Pregnancy
Candidiasis of digestive organs Lactation
Preventive appointment with active systemic antibacterial therapy Apparent side effects because of individual intolerance of the drug
Preventive measures with long-term topical application of antibiotics Proven the ineffectiveness of medicines due to the development of resistance to the agent
Prevention of infection is a fungal infection before surgery on the intestines, and after him Menstruation
In combination with other antimycotic remedies for maximum effect

A limitation to the use of medicine are developing side effects against the background of its use in the first days after the doctor appointment. These include the following symptoms:

  • pain of varying intensity in the abdomen;
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • migraine;
  • systemic allergic reaction (broad rashes, erythema, intense itching);
  • local allergic reaction in the application area.

When expressed clinical manifestations, medication overturned. If the reaction is poorly expressed, it is possible to change the form of release. In any case, this issue was discussed with the attending physician is mandatory.

Forms of release of the drug

Pharmaceutical companies produce the medication in the following forms:

    • tetracycline antibiotics, penicillin and cephalosporin reduce its therapeutic effect when administered simultaneously with Nystatin;
    • antimycotic preparations-systemic (Clotrimazole) impair the effectiveness of using a comprehensive intake;
    • Chymotrypsin in combination with Nystatin increases the efficiency of the latter;
    • Warfarin and Coumadin analogues require excess dose with the complex application;
    • sorbents must be taken 2 hours before or after taking the Nystatin in order not to lose therapeutic effect of the latter;
    • oral hormonal contraceptives reduce its effectiveness in combination with antifungal drugs and therefore require additional protection measures;
    • Nystatin in combination with retinols requires caution in use due to the probable increased intracranial pressure.

    Therapy with Nystatin prolonged treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics involves the use of medications in the form of tablets according to the scheme developed by a physician.

    At obvious signs of a candidiasis it is necessary to drink tablets simultaneously in both sexual partners. Nystatin ointment applied to the glans penis two or three times throughout the day. Sexual activity during treatment must be limited to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

    At the end of treatment after sex gynecologists recommend the use of local antiseptic solutions for the treatment of intimate areas to prevent recurrence within 10 days (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine).

    Has not lost its popularity of the drug in Pediatrics. It is still successfully used in the treatment of thrush (a yeast infection). The children prescribed nystatin in suspension in early childhood. In pre-school and school age – in pill form.

    For the treatment of stomatitis antifungal pill is ground, connect it in equal proportions with Methyluracil, 1 tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil and treat the affected area 3 to 4 times a day until symptoms of the disease. Sea buckthorn oil can be replaced with vitamin B12. This compound has not only anti-fungal effect, but also accelerates the process of regeneration of the mucous membranes. Because of the unpleasant taste of the child may oppose the treatment of the wound surface, but this is not a reason to stop treatment.


    Pregnant and lactating women medication is contraindicated to the appointment because the Nystatin still has side effects. However, in some cases it is used in the form Nistatinovaya ointment for vaginal candidiasis or infection of the skin.

    Treatment of fungal infection involves strict observance of personal hygiene and rules of asepsis, not only during therapy but also after it. Timely diagnosed and competent approach to its elimination of lead to a complete recovery from the fungus.



    Nystatin – vaginal suppositories I used on the advice of a gynecologist in the treatment of thrush, which appeared as a result of long antibiotic treatment. Limited to only nystatin suppositories and soda douching of the vagina. Disease recurrence was not.


    Candles Nystatin I was prescribed a gynecologist when vaginal candidiasis. I saw the pill, Fuzis. The disease was cured in 10 days. The doctor explained how to take Nystatin topically. Candles with nystatin contain detailed read the instructions. Nystatin ointment morning and night.


    After treatment with antibiotics sores appear in the mouth. Probiotics didn’t help at all. The doctor said that disturbed intestinal microflora. Cures such as Nystatin with Methyluracil. For this you need to chop antifungal tablet with Methyluracil in the ratio of 2:1 and add to it contents of an ampoule of vitamin B12. The course of treatment 10 – 14 days.


    When I had thrush, I used Nystatin – candles, the product contains detailed instructions on the application. Husband also took Nystatin for prevention. Nistatinovaya ointment treated the head of the penis. The gynecologist explained that if you do not follow these steps, then recurrence is possible in 80% of cases.

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