On what day discharged after cesarean section

Caesarean section – surgical intervention, which is the opening of the uterus through the abdominal wall to extract the fetus. Before this operation is considered very dangerous because of frequent complications such as bleeding and infection, was carried out only in extreme cases when life is threatened mother. Currently, this operation is more often assigned in the planning procedure has fewer complications.

Discharge after cesarean section occurs earlier than in previous years, on the 4 – 5th day with no complications. A very important role in how day write after cesarean section, played by the method of dissection of the anterior abdominal wall.

Recently used a transverse incision in the lower part of the uterus. With this method patients can get up early, reduces the risk of adhesive disease and thrombophlebitis. Also an important factor in shortening the rehabilitation period is the availability of preparation for the operation, i.e. emergency or planned conduct, as in emergency surgery greater the risk of complications.

The operation was successful

In the normal flow of cesarean section postpartum is in intensive care just before the end of the first day, later transferred to postnatal ward together with their child. In the first hour on the lower part of the stomach superimposed ice to reduce bleeding.

With the aim of prevention of infectious-inflammatory process introduces a broad-spectrum antibiotic. After about 4 hours the doctors recommend to turn over in bed, after 8 hours you need to sit down, pre-turning to the side and his legs dangling off the bed. Then with the help of relatives or nurses should try to stand up.

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By the end of the first day the woman must be careful not to move around and to go to the toilet.

All these activities are made in connection with the fact that early rising and movement does not occur the formation of adhesions and congestion. The first time when moving can be a pain, but despite this, postpartum women need to gradually increase the range of motion. Painful sensations cease to bother about the third day.

Provided local anesthesia the child is put to the breast immediately after extraction. Further feeding is the same as for normal births. While in the postnatal ward with the baby, the mother will have to perform all manipulations associated with child care, just need to remember that it is not necessary to do sharp movements. To preserve the integrity of the surgical site, the child must move very carefully.

Treatment of seam is done daily, the postoperative scar is formed on the 5 7 day. After ultrasound in the absence of complications the mother will be discharged home. Currently practiced early discharge from the maternity homes, which speeds up recovery after surgery.

That can prevent a timely discharge from hospital

Discharge after cesarean section can be delayed due to the occurrence of postoperative complications. The risk of complications depends on an emergency or planned, the decision was made cesarean section, and the presence of extragenital diseases and situations encountered during surgery.

The decision to discharge takes doctor, carefully examined the woman on the subject of the General status and condition of the surgical site.

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The reasons for the delay of a woman in labor in the hospital:

  • Poor healing of the seam, suppuration occurs when incorrect maintenance, failure to observe the motor mode.
  • Endometritis, peritonitis occur due to infection during surgery, leaving a foreign body, improper selection of suture material.
  • Anemia – a consequence of massive blood loss when damage to major blood vessels.
  • Thromboembolic complications after surgery.
  • The need for prolonged (more than 4 days) of medication (in the case of complicated childbirth or in other situations).

To speed up the scar formation, it is necessary to improve the quality of the seam treatment, physical activity women should be a constant, but moderate, no need to lift anything heavier than your baby, make sudden movements.

Symptoms of internal inflammation is fever, abdominal pain, purulent leucorrhoea. In this case, you need a course of antibiotics, so mom has more time to stay in the hospital.

In the normal course of operation, blood loss is 1 liter, and in emergency situations can reach up to five litres. The weakened body can not quickly compensate for the deficiency of blood, therefore causing a condition of anemia – a reduced amount of hemoglobin. Signs of anemia are pale skin, weakness, malaise. In severe cases need blood transfusions.

To extract after cesarean section took place, as it should be – on the 4 – 5th day, you must follow the following conditions:

  1. Timely registration for the maintenance of pregnancy, the examination by specialists in the subject of General diseases and diseases of the reproductive system.
  2. If there are indications for cesarean section in pregnancy the appointment date of the operation until the possible start of natural childbirth.
  3. Timely treatment of pregnancy complications.
  4. Thorough preparation for surgery. It is necessary that at the beginning the woman had the fever, as it is an indicator of the presence of the inflammatory process, which subsequently can complicate the rehabilitation period. You should also prepare yourself psychologically.
  5. Observance of all doctor’s appointments, code of conduct, the young mother after surgery, including postoperative care for joint and correct motor activity.
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After discharge from the hospital, it is also necessary to move actively, not lifting weights.

Intense physical activity is allowed after six months, and to plan the conception of the next child is possible only after 2 years, in order to avoid divergence of seams on the uterus.