Ovarian cyst during pregnancy: symptoms, treatment

Ovarian cyst (cystadenoma) doctors call the pathology which arises from the follicle of the corpus luteum, endometrium and other tissues. The disease affects both the left and right ovary. The size of tumors ranged from a few millimeters to 20 cm Cyst does not cause harm to the body women, if in a few months resolved. If it increases with time and new education, that needs urgent treatment, and after the operation.

If the cyst in pregnancy is increased, it is necessary to remove with surgery

Causes of the cyst and its types

This pathology of the left or right ovary is a benign entity that occurs as a consequence of pathological processes in the female organism. Doctors call these the main reasons for the formation of cystadenoma:

  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • prolonged inflammation of the genital organs;
  • abortion;
  • operations on the genitals;
  • menstruation began before 11 years of age and others.

If a woman smokes, her constant stress and problems with excess weight, it contributes to the emergence of pathology. These and other factors increase the likelihood of the transformation of education into a malignant, interfere with the process of conception or pregnancy.

Киста яичника при беременности: симптомы, лечение

Smoking can trigger the occurrence of cysts

Doctors call such principal cystadenoma of the left and right ovaries:

  • functional (appears when a malfunction of the uterus);
  • follicular (grows out of the follicle);
  • yellow body;
  • hemorrhagic (occurs after hemorrhage inside the cyst formed);
  • endometrioid (endometrium cystadenoma develops);
  • dermoid (with the remains of frozen embryos);
  • not a pathological epithelial tumor (mucinous, serous).

Sometimes a woman may not suspect the presence of pathologies, since they appear and disappear in a few months. After the disease symptoms have to go to the doctor.

Киста яичника при беременности: симптомы, лечение

If you have symptoms of cysts, you should immediately contact to the doctor

Ovarian cyst and pregnancy

Gynecologists advise young couples to plan pregnancy, to exclude the presence of abnormalities of either the left or the right ovary. Sometimes cystadenoma prevents the process of fertilization. Follicular form prevents the release of Mature germ cells, which the couple cannot conceive. This kind of disease often disappears within a few cycles or pregnancy (if the egg came from a healthy ovary). Follicular ovarian cyst during pregnancy does not appear, since the new follicles are not producing.

In the early stages of pregnancy always appears luteum cyst. It is not harmful to women’s health and embryo, does not require treatment.

Nature has taken care of therefore on ensuring and protection of new life in the early stages of development. From the moment of conception increased the yellow body produces special hormones to normal pregnancy. After 12 weeks the placenta Matures, and goes through all the functions on the livelihoods of the fetus. Luteum dies, and the disease disappears.

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Endometrioid cyst of the left or the right ovary can also appear at any time. It causes harm to the expectant mother and the baby, if is increasing rapidly. A small entity is not affected by pathological pregnancy. His rupture can cause inflammation in the abdominal cavity and the risk of miscarriage. Such cystadenoma are subject to urgent treatment and removal.

In determining the cysts of any type pregnant should be under increased scrutiny by the gynecologist.

Киста яичника при беременности: симптомы, лечение

If you are diagnosed with cysts pregnant woman should be under constant supervision of a physician

Pathology of the left and right ovaries in pregnant women

The probability of formation of cysts in the left or right ovary in pregnant women is the same. The causes of pathologies are diseases of the uterus and hormonal balance due to the reorganization of the woman’s body.

All types of cyst of the left ovary interfere with the process of conception and cause infertility of the woman. If pathology is evident during pregnancy, the gynecologist establishes a particular control state of the patient. Complaints of pulling and sharp pain on the left side are an indication for urgent hospitalization of the pregnant woman, since a gap or too large size of the cyst constitute a threat to the life of the expectant mother and the fetus.

In such cases, only the deletion of the education saves lives and women’s health.

A small cyst of the right ovary does not pose a threat of miscarriage. But the increase or inflammation of the education it delivers pregnant the unpleasant and painful sensations. Severe pain on the right side of the abdomen can be easily confused with vocalism appendicitis. Therefore, if you have any kind of pain the woman needs to go to the survey. Due to the close location of the ovaries has shifted to the gastrointestinal tract, a patient visiting several specialists and do an ultrasound. After discussing all the symptoms put an accurate diagnosis.

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Киста яичника при беременности: симптомы, лечение

The ultrasound examination is necessary for accurate diagnosis

Clinic ovarian cysts in pregnant women

Symptoms of cystadenoma in pregnancy suggests that education is beginning to actively grow, to happened looping the legs of the cyst, rupture of the cavity or inflammation of the peritoneum. The first thing that feels expectant mother, it is a strong pain syndrome in the lower abdomen in the left and right ovary. Sometimes pain is felt in the lower back and pelvis. This condition is accompanied by these additional symptoms:

  • swelling;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • temperature above 38;
  • possible bowel problems due to the pressure of the uterus and cysts.

The belly becomes hard, probably swelling from the tumors. A pregnant woman in any trimester needs to be hospitalized because of the risk of miscarriage and death of the patient.

Киста яичника при беременности: симптомы, лечение

If the cyst is pain in the ovary region, accompanied by vomiting

Therapy ovarian cysts

If pathology arose in the early stages of pregnancy, doctors usually prescribe a conservative treatment with drugs based on progesterone. This hormone does not allow the cyst to grow and at the same time supports the pregnancy.

When symptoms show the negative result of conservative treatment or had a worsening of the disease, gynecologist assigns an operation to remove the cyst. Surgery possibly carried out in the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy with already formed placenta. Expectant mothers cyst of the ovary using a laparoscope (laparoscopy), which allows to carry out the surgery with the least risk for the woman and fetus.

The risk of removal exists. Therefore, doctors inform pregnant woman about the possible consequences of this method of treatment, and only the woman gives permission for the operation.

Киста яичника при беременности: симптомы, лечение

Progesterone is effective against the cysts at an early stages of pregnancy

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The effects of laparoscopy

Surgery to remove ovarian cystadenoma may have complications for the expectant mother. The main ones doctors call:

  • severe pain the stitches;
  • inflammation;
  • unusual vaginal discharge;
  • allergic to the drugs;
  • abortion and others.

These effects laparoscopic surgery occur infrequently, but each patient should know the main symptoms, in order to adequately evaluate the situation. If a woman will adhere to appointments and treatment, the risk of complications is reduced almost to zero.

The cystadenoma of the ovary is not the most terrible disease during pregnancy. Many women successfully carry babies, and then go to the removal of the disease.

Pregnancy planning helps to eliminate the cyst and to enjoy the most wonderful period of waiting for a baby.