Overview: Perinatal centers and maternity hospitals of Krasnodar

Every expectant mother is faced with the question about where to best give birth. During pregnancy, the opinion is changing repeatedly. For women it is very important to choose a place where she will feel comfortable. This depends on how the birth will proceed.

The degree of confidence of women in a particular hospital or perinatal center depends on the health of workers and conditions that will be created by them. The information collected about the institutions will help every expectant mother make the right choice.

At the moment, in Krasnodar there are 3 hospital and 1 perinatal center. Each of these agencies has its own characteristics that need to see.

Medical Association of the MUSES “maternity Hospital” in Krasnodar

Budgetary institution established in 2002. It came with the merging of maternity hospital No. 1 and No. 4, and women’s clinics 1, 2, 4 and 7. As a result of this work appeared consultative and treatment centre. From the very beginning of its Foundation permanent Director is Alexander Storozhuk. Not only is he a specialist of the highest category and doctor of medical science and honored doctor of Kuban.

The structure of the institution includes the following divisions

  1. The clinical diagnostic unit (CTG, ultrasound, consultation of the therapist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, neurologist).
  2. Immunological laboratory.
  3. Clinical diagnostic laboratory.

If necessary, patients have the opportunity to receive surgical care. This endoscopic technique is used, performing the operation less traumatic way.

Women are given all the necessary conditions during pregnancy, during childbirth and after. The patient, who has problems with gestation have an opportunity to be in a special Department of pathology. Before birth, given adequate analgesia to relieve the condition.

In the hospital the woman are other possibilities:

  1. Early discharge from hospital.
  2. Children and adult intensive care.
  3. Birth partner or stay together.

After the appearance of the baby born women have the right to choose to be they separately or together with the newborn. If desired, it is possible to stay in the house with comfort.

Website: http://roddom-krd.ru you can request an appointment online.

A former hospital №1

The building of the hospital, part medical Association is on Sedina street 50. It is equipped with beds for women with pregnancy disorders and its physiological course. For newborns, you have 30 seats, and beds for the intensive care unit of 6 in this institution. Additionally, the hospital provided them with the following:

  1. The opportunity to be the required time in the hospital resembling a home environment.
  2. At the time of labour necessarily with a woman is a pediatrician.
  3. According to the testimony, and only after obtaining the consent of the patient is provided anesthesia (epidural anesthesia).
  4. The availability of beds for adult and pediatric resuscitation.
  5. A man has a right to be present at childbirth.
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In the maternity unit a woman has the ability to move within its limits after the onset of 1st and 2nd stages of labor. After the baby is born she moves to the house, where from 2 – 5 patients. In 2004, the former hospital №1 was awarded the title of “Hospital of the benevolent relation to the child.”

The former maternity home №4

On Komsomolskaya street 44 is of the institution, a member of the Advisory medical center. In it 3 women’s health clinics and 2 inpatient units. In 2009 it became one of the winners among the participants in the national competition “the Best hospital of Russia in 2009”. In 2013, the hospital has the status of “Hospital-friendly to child”.

Regional perinatal center (maternity hospital №5)

The institution is a perinatal centre in the regional clinical hospital №2. In 2013, the hospital has acquired such a status. The Association is composed of 16 active units, daily functioning together.

In the centre there is an opportunity for women to obtain the following types of assistance:

  1. Specialized stationary. It is provided by doctors of various specialties.
  2. Outpatient Advisory.
  3. Regenerative therapy (psychotherapy, physiotherapy, physical education).
  4. The diagnostic study.

On the basis of medical institutions have the ability to help with the use of high-tech equipment. This requires certain evidence that previously considered by the Commission with the subsequent decision.

The hospital is one of the largest units in the hospital. It is able to accommodate 815 patients. Here is the only one in the Krasnodar region Department of endocrine surgery. In the center is 3 major resuscitation. The staff of doctors and nurses has about 800 employees.

The children’s regional clinical hospital is a perinatal center. Its structure is:

  • the Department of observation of pregnant women;
  • the Department of pathology;
  • physiology Department pregnant;
  • generic;
  • gynecological;
  • operating;
  • Department of anesthesiology and intensive care.
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The separation of observation have 30 seats, the number of which increased in 2012. Its purpose is to isolate women with the pathology from which it is forbidden to stay together with healthy pregnant women.

The office for women with pathology was opened in 2011. Chamber equipped with everything necessary for the 45 patients of the hospital. For the management of patients with physiological pregnancy reserved 3rd floor of the center seats up to 50 people. The office located in the chamber with increased comfort on 2 or 3 patients.

On the floor reserved for women in childbirth, are classic techniques and more modern techniques that are owned by many professionals. Necessary modern technologies. Room for childbirth is only one woman. Before that, a pregnant anesthetized and provide one-time set of procedures.

In the intensive care unit on the 5th floor of 9 seats deployed. Thanks to modern technology it is easy to monitor all vital signs. According to testimony performed laboratory and instrumental methods of research.

The hospital BSMP (ZIP)

The institution has a major observing facility. It is directed to patients with the following conditions:

  1. Of infection specific symptoms.
  2. The presence of high perinatal risk.

In the hospital actively practicing birth with my husband and unconventional way. These opportunities are free. Any woman with no identity documents, has the ability to occur in a hospital. With the exception of cases when the patient did not consist on the account in female consultation.

All women after the birth of the baby are together in the same room. In a certain group, when this is not possible include women and children with the following conditions:

  • surgical intervention during childbirth;
  • the lack of surveys, which are necessarily executed the woman after her admission to the hospital;
  • mental illness;
  • infectious disease;
  • birth injuries;
  • malformation of internal organs;
  • prematurity;
  • hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Gynecology Department in the institution has beds for 60 patients. In the hospital obstetrical unit with 40 seats. Children has 40 beds. The anesthesiology and intensive care given to 6 places, and the 20 patients can simultaneously be observed in the Department of pathology of pregnant women.

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Thanks to the multidisciplinary position of the hospital doctors to help women in any trimester and in each case, the revealed diseases.

The nursery has 4 levels of difficulty to help children. On the spot are not only medical events, but also the necessary diagnostics.

Comparative characteristics of centers of Krasnodar

Maternity hospitals and perinatal centers vary in the cost of the provision of services. The price range depends on the technology and the drugs used to help pregnant and new mothers.

Services / Companies 1 bed–

a day in the office

Reception of the obstetrician CTG Epidu–
General anesthesia
1 bed–
tion for neonates–
1 bed–
the Department of pathology
The cost for the treatment
Medical Association maternity home №1 and №4 2477 RUB. 200 RUB. 138 RUB. 795 RUB. 5494 RUB. 1410 RUB. 10 514 RUB.
Hospital emergency hospital 1492 RUB. 482 RUB. 953 RUB. 7 423 RUB. 12238 RUB. 1677 RUB. 24 265 RUB.
Regional perinatal center (maternity hospital №5) 4647 RUB. 590 RUB. 774 RUB. 3 925 RUB 13681 RUB. 2131 RUB. 25 748 RUB.

The total cost of treatment varies greatly depending on the hospital, which observed the woman. Fully paid stay of the expectant mother will cost 10,000 rubles during physiological course of pregnancy. The woman is in the hospital not more than 3 days. Stay in the Department of pathology or intensive care unit is a 7 – 10 days and sometimes longer. If you calculate the cost of observation for a week, it will cost the patient close to 30,000 rubles.