Pain and colitis in the vagina, weight and backache

The main cause of pain in the vagina are gynecological diseases. Although it is possible that the reason lies in other organs that are close. Such bodies can be the intestines, bladder and even the spine. Characteristics are different: the pain cuts, pulls, aches, stabs and shoots into the vagina.

This symptom may accompany other abnormal discharge, deterioration of General health, increased body temperature, bleeding, itching. The intensity can be of different strength and nature. Here a not unimportant role played by the perception of sensations. Each person has his own pain threshold.

Pain in the vagina is not always connected with pathology. The cause can be trauma, individual characteristics of buildings, natural changes in the body.

Classification of pain in the vagina

Provisional classification:

  • Single. Single pain attack;
  • Recurrent. Without repeated cycles;
  • Periodic. Manifests itself in a certain temporal algorithm;
  • Constant.

Some diseases have a specific localization. For example, bartholinitis, which hurts the vagina. The cause – inflammation bartolino glands in the lower part of the vagina. In order to understand the cause of the pain, you need to determine its nature.

Aching or stabbing pain is a manifestation of chronic inflammatory processes of the vagina and not only:

  • Colpitis – inflammation of the vagina. Is a consequence of infection, trauma or hormonal disorders. Patient complains of profuse discharge, itching of genitals and stabbing pain in the vagina;
  • Bacterial vaginosis – the reproduction of conditionally pathogenic microflora of the vagina and lack of lactobacilli. The main symptom of the disease – profuse discharge from the genital tract, which resemble the smell of fish. During the inspection there is no local inflammation;
  • Candidiasis or thrush is a vaginitis, which is caused by the microorganism Candida. Complaints of severe itching, stabbing and shooting pain in vagina, thick discharge is very white in color with a sour smell;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases cause pain in the vagina and purulent discharge, pain and burning sensation while emptying the bladder;
  • Kraurosis vulva. Age-related changes are manifested in insufficient production of sex hormones that cause a violation of the process of moistening the vagina and leads to atrophy of the mucous membrane;
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If nagging pain is growing day by day, adding new symptoms and condition worsens – this may be a symptom of serious problems such as ectopic pregnancy.

Nagging pain says the violations in the structure of the tissues, formation of scars or the drooping of organs. Weakened by childbirth, age-related changes of muscles are unable to hold uterus and vagina in the correct position. The uterus is lowered, this pulls the bladder and displaces the intestines, causing heaviness in the vagina. Advanced case – prolapse of the uterus and vagina to the outside, the prolapse.

Another reason for the pulling sensation is a benign neoplasm in the uterus: the fibroid or fibroids.

In adolescence is the consequence of abnormal development of the genital organs. For example, atresia of the hymen. The vagina thus closed tightly. Menstrual discharge appeared to have no outlet and accumulates inside.

Acute or sudden pain is a symptom of genital injuries. Bleeding can accompany, but in its absence there is a risk of formation of internal bruising or internal bleeding.

Strong sudden pain may indicate ovarian apoplexy. Weight lifting, extreme sex, or abdominal trauma lead to this problematic situation.

Pronounced pain in the menstrual period and during sex are symptoms of endometriosis (disease in which the tissue growth of the endometrium outside the uterine cavity)

A sharp pain similar to contractions, accompanied by vaginismus. The cause of this disease is not clear. When pressed on the walls of the vagina is a strong muscle spasm.

Pain during sex

Pain in the vagina during sex is a common cause of complaints and hesitation women. The intensity of these different sensations, sometimes accompanied by a bloody discharge.


  1. The impossibility of the penetration of the penis a consequence of bartholinitis, endometriosis, presence of scars;
  2. Negative feelings in deep contact cause benign tumors, cancer or features of the structure of the internal genital organs.
  3. We should not exclude the strong discrepancy in size, is also possible;
  4. Pain across the surface of the vagina. The cause of pain is movement, friction. Small selection of lubrication due to a lack of willingness to engage in sexual intercourse either due to hormonal imbalance, age-related changes;
  5. After surgery, other medical procedures or severe inflammation occurs adhesions. Touching this area during sexual intercourse becomes the cause of pain;
  6. Touching the site of the existing inflammation leads to the fact that it starts to hurt.
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Pain in the vagina of a pregnant woman

Pain in the vagina during pregnancy can be caused by one of the symptoms described above, but may have its own peculiarities:

  • Sprain – is a normal process in the second half of pregnancy. The ligaments which are the support of all the internal organs of the pelvis, are stretched in connection with the fetal growth and increased pressure on them. Feeling of sprain can be very sharp and painful. Can hurt the vagina and perineum;
  • The pressure of the uterus and fetus on the underlying organs causes pain;
  • The opening of the cervix during childbirth. Very strong arching pain deep inside the vagina. If erection much faster than the event of childbirth, the cervix installing the retaining ring pessary. This fixture also brings the discomfort until the pain.

Pain in vagina during pregnancy cause the following factors:

  • Sex can become painful, some changes while carrying a child;
  • A woman in a position more prone to infections and disruption of the natural vaginal flora;
  • Ectopic pregnancy manifests increased pain in the lower abdomen and perineum. Bleeding may occur. It is therefore important to attend antenatal clinic immediately upon detection of pregnancy.

The pain that gives the vagina

Sometimes the worst pain does not have a gynecologic source. Then say “give” in the vagina. In such cases, it is a manifestation of disease of closely spaced bodies:

  • Intestine constipation can give a shot in the vagina. Problems with the chair will be explaining the symptom;
  • The bladder is in their disease can manifest itself like vagina hurt. Painful or difficult urination might be helpful to determine the diagnosis;
  • The spine with a lesion in his lower parts manifests himself shot in the lower back, the anus or the vagina.
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In order to make an accurate diagnosis when the pain in the vagina, the doctor conducts the following steps:

  1. Conducting a survey. On the basis of complaints and explanations, the doctor may suggest the disease, or the way forward;
  2. Inspection of the external and on the gynecological chair will help to determine the presence of precipitates and to determine their nature, and in some cases to see the focus of the inflammatory process;
  3. Laboratory tests administered following the alleged illness. General blood and urine will show the presence of inflammation in the body. A swab of the discharge may contain culprits of the disease – pathogens. A blood test for hormones as needed. Blood from a vein for the presence of HIV, hepatitis and syphilis. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
  4. On the basis of obtained data the diagnosis or appoint additional research.


It is impossible to speak about the treatment of pain in the vagina. This is wrong from a medical point of view, because the pain is a symptom, not an independent disease. For treatment it is necessary to find the cause of the pain. Only a professional doctor after the necessary tests can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Attentive to your body is crucial for protecting human health. Hygiene of the body, and hygiene of sexual relations reduces the risk of infection. Self-treatment by douches, heat warmers and self-administration of drugs leads to many of these problems. A trip to the doctor’s office – the fastest way to get rid of the disease.