Pain in lower abdomen after menstruation — the causes and means of treatment

Menstruating women ended, but the abdominal pain remained or even increased. What is it? Some kind of disease or irregularity in monthly cycle? To understand the question of why pain in lower abdomen after menstruation, and to find the causes of pain, alone, without a medical examination is problematic. If this is infection or the hormonal changes, it is impossible. But get to know these reasons need. At the appointment the woman will facilitate diagnosis: knowing the possible causes of pain in the lower abdomen, she can remember events that may have contributed to the problem.

Why pain in lower abdomen

Pains in the abdomen are:

Problems with the stomach or intestines, constipation. How to distinguish the pain associated with women’s bodies in pain, the cause of which was the failure of the digestive tract? Usually nagging pain is gynecological problems, and sudden and irregular in diseases of the intestine. A possible reason might be bloating.

Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs:

  • Vulvitis. Is an inflammatory process of the mucosa of the vulva. Often it happens people neglecting personal hygiene. Is caused by fungi and infections. The patient feels itching and burning, are allocated purulent clots.
  • Endometritis. Called mostly ascending infections of the uterus. In this disease, inflamed mucosa of the uterus. The symptoms are pain in the lower abdomen, the temperature is raised, there is a vaginal discharge abnormal in character.
  • Inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The cause is a infection. At the early stage of inflammation asymptomatic. Isolated lesions of the ovary is rare.
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Other diseases of uterus and appendages: