Pain in the sacrum and tailbone in women

The sacrum and coccyx are places that women often cause discomfort and pain. But the nature of this pain can be caused by different reasons and to inform about different issues. In many situations, it is necessary not only to drink painkillers or to wait but to consult a doctor who will be able to establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment.on

Main causes of pain in the sacrum and coccyx in women:

Pain during and after pregnancy

Often these periods of women’s lives are characterized by an unpleasant discomfort caused by changes in connection with the development of baby’s life. During pregnancy there is stretching of muscles and ligaments, which provokes the appearance of pain in the sacrum and lower back.

Menstruation and ovulation

Feelings of ovulation and menstruation, every woman is individual and some is the norm aching pain in my chest and the other in the lumbar region. To be sure that this is the norm, once a year to visit a female doctor and pass all the necessary tests that will be prescribed by your doctor.

Violation of placement of the vertebrae

If pinched nerve or symptom such as “spondylolisthesis” may also be felt pain. To avoid it, it is not necessary to lift weights, and when the pain will turn to a massage therapist or a neurologist. Also often accompanied by displacement of the spine pinching nerve that is very painful.


Diseases such as cystitis accompanied by such pain, often causes hypothermia. The pain is localized over the bosom, but can also be felt in the lumbar region.

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If the tailbone was injured, he can very long be recalled. Therefore, it is preferable to use non-slippery shoes and neat lifestyle.

To avoid the pain you can lean with respect to yourself and your health. Not SuperCool, do not wear severity, I do not see a passive way of life and appreciate health from his youth, as it is corrected, but not updated.