Panties for menstruation will not occur

During menstruation many women experience discomfort due to spasms sudden change of mood, but most of them are concerned about the risk of dirty clothes and bad smell. Especially sharply this problem stands in night, when no opportunity to stand up and to monitor the cleanliness of linen. This week always takes place in women stress. Therefore, in recent years, increasingly began to talk about the underwear that will help you not to worry once again at night, not leaking and easy to go through the critical days.

For a long time during menstruation women were saved by tampons and pads, but at present there is a comfortable panty that effectively fight leaks. In addition, even regular underwear with padding don’t make a girl worry about how not to slap, but in this case you need to choose the right panties that a woman would wear during menstruation.

What kind of underwear to wear during menses

In most cases, the desire to wear comfortable panties during menstruation due to the night problems, when a women chooses a pose to sleep in which blood does not leak on the linen.

Pads and tampons are able to provide a comfortable night, but only if put on top of the right underwear.

An important criterion for the choice of underwear is and its density. In the case of a leakage it will not be able to protect the woman completely, but will absorb more discharge than usual shorts. Experts advise to give preference to linen, which is sewn from three layers of fabric: these panties not only wicks moisture, but will allow a woman to feel comfortable and easy. This linen is considered to be temporary and thrown away after a month, and despite the high price, is a necessary purchase.

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Special panties for menstruation THINX

During the critical days women were having fewer problems manufacturers of underwear, has released a new line of panties that protect women from unwanted leaks. THINX is relatively recent and still not widespread, but women who are fortunate enough to have purchase, filled with confidence in this bill and consider them indispensable during menstruation.

Experts advise to wear special panties for menstruation with the gasket, but in that case, if you still happen to leak, linen absorbs moisture and the clothes will remain stained. Manufacturers of underwear THINX claim that their panties are absolutely safe for women: fabric inside dense enough to hold the allocation, and the outer side allows the skin to breathe and helps avoid diaper rash and blocks the ability of harmful bacteria in a suitable environment.

Pads should be changed every three hours to ensure that harmful microorganisms do not have time to breed due to stagnant blood, but the founder of THINX assured that their lingerie does not need to be replaced during the day. News that the American underwear caused genital diseases, does not exist.

THINX underwear was produced by a group of enthusiasts from the United States. The idea of creating a special menstrual underwear came up with the founder of the brand, Miki Agrawal, and when the woman went to Uganda. On the street she met a girl who looked confused. Miki asked her why isn’t she on the lessons learned from the girls that in their country the period of menstruation is considered the “week of shame”: at this time, the girls have no right to be in public places because of the lack of the ability to hide menstruation. With personal hygiene in Uganda, things are hard.

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This story made Miki a strong impression, so together with his sister and a friend she decided to produce menstrual underpants. Outwardly they do not differ from everyday clothes, but the fabric is able to absorb more fluid than tampons, which are difficult to absorb 30 ml of blood.

THINX underwear is represented by two colors, black and beige, a total of six models, which are designed for a certain number of selections. The fabric is thin panties, successfully resists infection and does not promote allergic reactions, outside is glossy and inside is soft. Women who have already purchased THINX, argue that linen is not like a wet diaper, it conveniently wraps around the body and neutralizes the odor.

For heavy bleeding briefs THINX it is recommended to wear along with strip or swab, but if the allocation is small, then the linen will easily absorb moisture without the need of additional safety net. Special underpants especially useful during the period of critical days, the girl will often have to visit the toilet or use the gasket.

Menstrual underwear is not disposable, after use they should be rinsed in cold water, then wash in the machine, using the delicate cycle. On average, THINX underwear costs about $ 35, and it is not less than the usual briefs.

Japanese underwear YORY

There is a Japanese version of the menstrual pant YORY. Japanese underwear is represented by several models, for different time of day. YORY has a classic shape panties, made of cotton, nylon and polyurethane, and hygienic insertion of polyester. In the first days of menstruation YORY must be used together with the gasket.

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Underwear is made of special hygienic fabric which retains moisture and prevents it from leaking. As THINX, Japanese pants have antibacterial properties and eliminates odors. A hygienic insert, which absorbs the blood is large, from 20 to 40 cm, which is convenient during sleep and during heavy discharge.

Japanese pants intended for multiple use, they are easy to wash after use.

Pros menstrual underwear

There is no doubt that menstrual underwear will easily help you to survive the critical days, and they have several advantages over pads and tampons:

  • reusable;
  • easily satisfied with this content;
  • safe;
  • quickly absorb moisture;
  • do not miss odors;
  • practical does not have a negative impact on the vaginal microflora.

And most importantly, special comfortable pants that will allow a woman to feel confident in the period of menstruation.