Pathologic menopause: possible causes, treatment

Every woman is faced with menopausal changes. Half of the ladies experiencing this period is very difficult: the extinction of the activities of the reproductive system leads to problems with other organs and systems. Such States have a definition of pathological menopause and require doctor’s consultation and subsequent therapy.

Pathological climax occurs every second woman

The pathological features of menopause

Mature women concerned about the upcoming climax. Some members of the fairer sex he’s scary, but fear is not necessary. Menopause and menopause is a natural phenomenon in women’s life which has advantages and disadvantages.

Doctors distinguish the concept of male menopause. He comes later than in women (after age 50), takes longer and changes are less pronounced. Often the couple does not notice these changes.

Menopause consists of the premenopausal, menopause and post-menopause. In the first stage of the reproductive system of women is starting to fade: periods become irregular, changed their nature and quantity. Such changes do not last one year. Some ladies duration premenopausal can be more than 5 years.

During menopause, the ovaries produce female sex hormones, their function ceases. This phase is counted from the day of the last menstrual period. Duration of menopause is about the year that women have no menstruation.

The menopause is characterized by the complete extinction of the work of the ovaries and termination of menstruation. If everything goes naturally, after the period 50, when the fairer sex enters into a new phase of life.

The beginning of menopause in women is due to natural changes in the body or pathological conditions, which resulted in menopause and menopause. Spaying or other surgery that stopped the functioning of these organs can trigger the start of menopause at any age. Menopause can also be temporary: if, after therapeutic procedures, the work of the ovaries is restored over time.

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Патологический климакс: возможные причины, лечение

Menopause at a young age is considered a pathology

The female climax can be early, late, and physiological. The first two doctors just refers to a pathological, but a natural menopause may be so or not. Pathologic menopause at any age occurs with constant complaints of the patient for General deterioration.

Early menopause occurs in Mature ladies up to 40 years. The beginning of the change can be due to many reasons:

  • Pathologies of the reproductive system.
  • Stressful conditions.
  • Heredity.
  • Surgical interventions in the pelvic organs.

The onset of menopausal changes after the age of 40 may also be accompanied by pathological conditions: diseases of the pelvic organs in severe, constant stress or heavy physical exertion.

Late menopause occurs after 55 years. The doctors attribute it to pathological because of the possible severe diseases of the reproductive system that caused the delay of the natural process of extinction of the reproductive system.

Патологический климакс: возможные причины, лечение

Male climax comes later women’s

Symptoms of pathological menopause

Symptoms and signs of menopause a woman may notice well before the menopause. In adulthood, the changes begin on the emotional and vasomotor level:

  • Frequent irritability.
  • Sleepiness and fatigue.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Hot flashes with profuse perspiration.
  • Problems with pressure and heart.
  • Reduced sexual desire (libido) and others.

A woman may not notice early signs of menopause, but should know about them. State data should be cause for consultation at the gynecologist.

Later, women begin to bother, problems with the reproductive system: vaginal dryness, itching and burning, pathology of the bladder and so on. This affects full sexual life of couples. These changes are added to the external changes of hair, skin, nails and so on.

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The late manifestations of pathological menopause, doctors include cardiovascular diseases, problems with bone tissue (osteoporosis) and teeth, weight gain and so on. Women are advised to consult the gynecologist before, in order to facilitate the further state.

But health problems at this stage should not prevent the conduct and lifestyles of women. Doctors known modern techniques, which will help to cope with unpleasant symptoms.

Патологический климакс: возможные причины, лечение

Pressure surges — the characteristic symptom of menopause

Therapy pathological menopause

Some women do not consider menopause a threat to the overall health. But doctors insist on a mandatory inspection, which will determine the possibility of alleviating symptoms. The main recommendation is for women not to resort to self-medication.

Gynecologist definitely draws attention to the individual characteristics of the patient, and then prescribes treatment. It should be comprehensive. Do not use appointments, which approached your friend or relative.

Treatment of pathological climacteric produce three main ways: drug-free medications, non-hormonal or hormonal means. Rate also includes these additional recommendations:

  • The decrease in physical activity.
  • The optimum mode of work and rest.
  • To minimize stress.
  • Psychological treatment.
  • Homeopathy and so on.

If hormone treatment are out of date, the gynecologist can prescribe herbs that will remove the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. To sedative and analgesic herbs include Valerian, hawthorn, Melissa, sage and others.

Modern treatment of pathological menopause produced using hormones. Their action is based on the injection into the body of the missing hormone (estrogen). Under these conditions, the General condition of the patient is easier to keep normal.

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Hormonal treatment:

  • To improve the condition of skin, hair and nails.
  • To normalize blood flow through the dermis and epidermis.
  • To get rid of problems with urination.
  • To maintain muscle tone and bone marrow.
  • To stabilize the emotional background and so on.

But such treatment is not prescribed for cancerous diseases of the reproductive system and other pathologies, which take into account the gynaecologist (fibroids, problems with blood vessels, mental disorders, and so on). The use of drugs prescribed only by a doctor.

Menopause all women occurs in different ways. Most of the ladies perceive this stage as a new span with its pluses and minuses.

Many suffer from pathological menopause and need additional treatment. Doctors advise to pay attention to their own body, to avoid complications of this period.