Pay maintenance of pregnancy, the contract for individual genera

Pregnancy – the period when scheduled inspections and examinations every woman especially seriously. Any symptom or deviation from the norm focus. The quality of medical support care every future mother, and paid prenatal care is intended to reduce this anxiety.

By selecting a paid service, the woman and her family agree that quality and comfort are worth paying for. So what is usability and how big the difference between the paid offers on the market of medical services?

Mandatory minimum and maximum

Pregnancy on a fee basis are engaged not only in private clinics. Polyclinics, women’s consultations, maternity homes provide both free and commercial terms. All the main points prescribed by the Ministry of health, adhere to organizations with any form of ownership.

For minimal examination and obtain the card exchange, allowing you to give birth in any hospital, enough for up to 22 weeks to go once these procedures:

  • clinical analysis of blood;
  • analysis for HIV, RW;
  • screening for hepatitis b and C;
  • urine;
  • a swab.

The results of the analyses required to attach a confirmation from the therapist. This minimum set is enough in the free version, and for private clinics. Information is recorded in the exchange card is handed out as needed. All other surveys are recommended, but not required. They may be waived, if a woman is healthy and wants to bring medical support to a minimum.

Usually pregnant wishes more detail to monitor the state of health in this crucial period. The list of studies showing the full picture is much broader. Optimal quantity is also contained in the instructions of the Ministry of health.


  • an average of 8 to 12 appointments with a specialist, a leading pregnancy;
  • a single ultrasound in each trimester;
  • consultation of dentist, eye doctor, internist, otolaryngologist;
  • urinalysis prior to each consultation of a gynecologist;
  • a number of tests and of tests for infection;
  • hardware diagnostics.

If you have a paid version support pregnancy in women more opportunities to affect the schedule of examinations. If you wish, or on the testimony of a number of tests can be changed. They should not be less than the recommended number, this is followed by the state structures, issuing medical licenses in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. The maximum threshold does not exist – paid medicine provide any number of services that are willing to pay patient. Importantly, it does not harm the health.

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The question is whether to pay for what is guaranteed by the government as a free service – more often than not in quantity but in quality and convenience. At the moment there are several ways of paid pregnancy.

The agreement with a physician

Personal sympathy and trust in the physician can play a crucial role in the selection of medical support of pregnancy. A verbal agreement with subsequent material gratitude is the traditional way to solve these issues. It does not subscribe to the paper, are not given documents that guarantee only personal integrity and reputation.

More civilized methods to with paid medical services today are many. The choice is so varied that in favor of personal agreements is only the price which can be quite modest. Burdensome the amount paid in this case, will increase significantly if you need additional tests or treatment.

The contract with the hospital

Almost any maternity hospital can provide such surcharge services as the maintenance of pregnancy. There is a contract stipulating all the commitments. Childbirth is often dealt with separately. If place of birth is not yet completely defined, signed the contract only for the period of pregnancy (usually up to 36 weeks).

Advantages of of pregnancy by doctors from the hospital:

  1. The opportunity to experience and to bear with one specialist. All the features and pathology of a patient known to him in advance, unpredictable situations occur very rarely.
  2. In monitoring the condition of the mother has the opportunity to attract any doctors to use all the technical base of the hospital.
  3. If necessary the newborn get immediate medical help. The state has appropriate expertise and equipment.
  4. The number of tests and hardware studies conducted at the maternity hospital, often do not affect the overall cost. Usually maternity hospital does not expose additional accounts for the “extra” medical consultations or examinations.
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Maintenance of pregnancy in the nearest hospital is a common practice. Additional plus is the proximity to the residence that eliminates unnecessary worries expectant mother and relatives.

Among the shortcomings referred to the workload of the attending physician, his time constraints, the impossibility of reception at any time. Possible turns, but such factors are very specific, do not happen in every hospital and every day.

Private clinic

Much more attention and provide comfort to a pregnant woman private treatment centers. No queues, all kinds of studies, tests take a few minutes using the latest equipment. But all the services are to be paid.

A feature of private hospitals is a flexible approach to payment methods. This can be a one-time payment, payment, term or even installment. The contract for the maintenance of pregnancy can be basic or advanced. It depends on the material possibilities and the extent to which a woman wants to get the attention of physicians. Prices differ markedly depending on the features of the clinic, its popularity and location.

The best option in pregnancy occurring without pathologies – pay for each admission or analysis separately, without the conclusion of a comprehensive Treaty. The total cost for the entire period may be substantially lower than under the contract.

On that note:

  • a valid license from a private centre;
  • if all required documents (exchange card, medical certificates) issued by the clinic;
  • possible hospitalization if necessary, as well as conducting the delivery.

Large clinics may include in a contract call an ambulance or a doctor, dental, and able to communicate with the attending gynecologist at any time. Carefully review the contract terms before making the decision and the conclusion of the contract, especially when you pay with one payment.

Medical insurance

Companies providing insurance services, we can offer several options for paid pregnancy from medical institutions both private and state ownership. Need to find the clinic and find out their terms and conditions does not arise. All necessary information is collected, contracts are signed, there is a sample application, and it only remains to choose the appropriate option available.

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The price is also immediately known, and if you want to compare how each case is profitable to buy an insurance policy and which company is better to buy insurance.

Important! If a woman is already a customer of any insurance company, or insurance provided by the employer (LCA), it is imperative to ask, does the policy pay maintenance of pregnancy, are there any other great deals for the insured in this organization.

The list of medical institutions provided by the insurer, usually by government, private clinics, female consultations in different price categories. Women have the opportunity to choose according to cost, convenience or personal preferences. In the presence of concomitant diseases pay attention to centers specializing in this profile. All these aspects must be taken into account at the planning stage of pregnancy.

Every woman finds their “perfect” option. Trust all the red tape of the insurance company, independently to visit the hospital, clinic or simply to choose a doctor who is credible depends on the availability of free time, strength and desire. Paid services in medicine it is no longer news, and a good opportunity to choose the option that will let you safely, with maximum comfort to carry and give birth to a wanted child. If you wish you can arrange an insurance policy for the newborn.