Period after taking Postinor how to restore the body

Life is not always smooth and planned. To mitigate the effects of spontaneous sexual intercourse, the woman is sometimes forced to use an extra method of contraception.

What preparation is now possible to recommend? The most proven is Postinor. It gives quick and reliable results. But there is a problem — month after Postinora lose the pace. This is because the body is experiencing a shake from huge portions of the synthetic hormone contained in the pills. Provoked by this medication hormonal failure is the most important and negative consequence for the female body.

The principle and mechanism of action of the drug

In every period of the menstrual cycle Postinor works in a different way. The adoption of it in the first half causes a disturbance of ovulation, the egg remains in the follicle (its ripening process is suspended).

In the second part of the cycle (after maturation) Postinor affect the structure of the mucosa, preventing the egg (already fertilized) to implant in the uterine wall.

In addition, the mucus in the cervix becomes thicker under the action of levonorgestrel, and sperm harder to get into the uterus.

The drug prevents ovulation or conception of the child, and prevents implantation.

To drink Postinor appropriate after the “failed” intercourse to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

In a package of two pills. Will have to accept both. First – during the day (when the probability of contraceptive effect of almost 100%). If the tablet managed to drink only on the second day, the chance not to get pregnancy drops to 85%. On the third day the probability would be 50 to 50%.

The second tablet should drink after 12 hours, otherwise the contraceptive effect will be.

From this drug there are contraindications and negative side effects:


Side effects

Disorders of the liver

Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

Diseases of the gallbladder



Breast pain

Allergy to components of the drug

Nagging pain in ovarian projection

Adolescence (16 years)


Possible symptoms of ingestion:

  • difficulty breathing;
  • repeated vomiting;
  • swelling of the face;
  • skin rash;
  • severe pain;
  • copious bleeding.

When expressed side effects should immediately consult a doctor.

The correct reaction on Postinor

After a few hours or days after ingestion of the drug in women have to go spotting. They go with different intensity 3 or 5 days. This is a sign that the pregnancy does not come (was rejection from the surface of the uterine mucosa to which the embryo usually attaches). For full warranty should carry out a control test.

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When the risk of unplanned pregnancy had receded, to the fore a problem: how to restore the body after Postinora?

When the cycle to return to its original state?

Regular monthly bleeding after Postinor must start at the usual time. Due to the individual response of each organism on the “lethal” dose of hormones to wait their beginning can be difficult. Someone can go month immediately and profusely, and someone will have to suffer in anticipation.

During this period, all women are nervous and worried. How many days have to wait, and when the cycle after taking Postinor restored, I will not say one gynecologist. Sooner or later my period come. In any case, a few months a healthy body restores itself.

If menstruation does not begin

Delayed menstruation after taking Postinor common. The hormones contained in the product, greatly affect the reproductive system. A woman’s body after such a hormonal impact can strike. If the expected period after taking Postinor does not start, this can be following reasons:

  1. The use of alcohol. Is it possible at the same time with spirits to drink Postinor? Taking any hormonal drug gives a greater load on the liver and additional effects on this organ can lead to toxic necrosis of hepatocytes and other fatal consequences.
  2. Incorrect submission deadlines. Only take the pill within 3 days after the intimate relationship, you can expect a positive result. Otherwise, the embryo will successfully attach to the uterus, and pregnancy will develop. Delay of menstruation may indicate an accomplished conception of the child.
  3. Drugs. The ingestion of such drugs as drugs against HIV infection, gastric ulcer, epilepsy, severe antibiotics, means on the basis of the barbiturates can lessen the impact of Postinor and cause other negative consequences.
  4. The period of early puberty. At this age, menstrual cycle and overall hormonal balance is not stable. Their violation often results in prolonged failure cycle can begin and bleeding to stop, only surgically.
  5. Pregnancy. It is still possible with absolutely correct reception Postinora. If after a month did not come monthly, there is a chance that the embryo managed to gain a foothold in the uterus. For the validation to be tested for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Reuse Postinora in this situation is unacceptable.
  6. Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. These side-effects weaken the effect of the drug, as its concentration in the blood decreases.
  7. Diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Weakened by these diseases, the body can respond to not only a delay of the menstrual cycle, and exacerbation of chronic diseases.
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The fruit, which has experienced a strong hormonal surge in the mother’s body and were fixed in the uterus, is clearly healthy and viable. Active substance Postinor exclusively affects the activity of sex cells (male and female). Therefore, if after the consultation the doctor there is no risk of ectopic pregnancy and the decision to keep the baby, the woman can be sure that he will be born healthy.

When the delay of menstruation after Postinora is more than two weeks, then a visit to the gynecologist is inevitable. Only a doctor will be able to understand, why not start your period, to exclude pregnancy and various pathologies provoked by this drug.

Other deviations

Disturbances in the menstrual cycle are not limited only to delay the onset of bleeding. There are other signs of aberrant behavior of the reproductive system in women:

  1. Go monthly unusual dark brown shade in a smaller than usual quantity. This phenomenon occurs often. Levonorgestrel has a blood thickening effect. She rolled slowly out of the vessels of the uterus. Should be worried if the recovery is not going to happen in the next cycle.
  2. Allocation for a period of 7 days or more are not uncommon. It is affected by day of cycle in which a woman has taken the drug. If your period does not want to dwell on the 8th day, you need to see a doctor, that would prevent internal bleeding and learn how to recover from Postinora.
  3. A large amount of secretions also may indicate pathological changes in the uterus. If the gasket is filled with more than 2 hours, should urgently go to the doctor.
  4. If there is a delay after reception of hormonal tablets Postinora, and the test is negative, the attack on reproductive system was too strong. It only remains to wait for the body to recover.

To take Postinor during menstruation can. This will lead to the suspension of the cycle for a few days, and then its sequel. How to restore the cycle after Postinora during the period? This issue should be solved already with the gynecologist.

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Why not take Postinor regularly?

If a number of vital causes healthy woman has accepted Postinor, then the pathological changes in her body will not happen. But regular (bowl 2 times a year) taking these pills leads to hormonal failure, causing infertility.

Carbohydrate and fat metabolism is also suffering greatly from taking Postinor. A woman risks much to gain weight.

The ovaries cease to function, exhausted and extinguished. Hormones are not produced in the right amount that knocks the menstrual cycle, and may occur infertility. Even treatment by a gynecologist will not restore lost reproductive function.

Frequent blood clots in the blood vessels from the action of hormones additionally causes blood clots. When partial overlap of the circulatory system deteriorates the flow of blood and oxygen to the internal organs, and when complete blockage this can result in haemorrhage and fatal stroke.

Planned pregnancy after emergency contraception

If all went well — after Postinora went monthly and the regular cycle was restored, then in the distant future no complications can not be afraid. After 3 – 6 months after using the drug healthy woman can become pregnant and give birth to the desired and planned child. Ovulation occurs without problems after Postinora.

For this drug were carried out all the necessary tests and trials. He allowed officially and sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

Each extra facility for contraception with proper use helps to avoid pregnancy, but also harm to the body gets strong enough. Use it regularly to cause your body a hormonal one hit after another. Before you use Postinor as a means of emergency in “bad” sexual intercourse, a woman should carefully weigh all the consequences and arguments for and against.