Pills causing my period delay, and drugs

The delay period is an important signal. This suggests that women experience any disorders in the body. These include pregnancy, gynecologic disease processes, inflammatory, nervous disorder and a hormonal imbalance. Any woman in such a situation, interested in the question of what to do to go in the period. Even in such cases there is a solution. Enough to take pills that cause your period, and wait a few days.

The reasons for the delaying of menstruation

It is believed that the woman in the home, can shift the cycle. It’s enough to eat a lot of seeds, which contains a lot of vitamin e, or taking daily hot baths. But don’t go to extremes. The first thing is to determine the reason for the delay, not to make myself worse.

The main reasons considered:

  1. Pinch the menstrual cycle. Making sure that the woman is absolutely healthy, it can cause the occurrence of menstruation when she needs it.
  2. The disappearance of menstruation. Often a delay happens when a nervous breakdown or hormonal failure. This can be caused by divorce, relocation, injury or the birth of a baby. When conditions change menstruation can go on their own.
  3. Pregnancy. One of the most popular reasons for the retention period. In this situation menstruation might not be called, even if the state is unwelcome.
  4. The occurrence of inflammation in the pelvic organs. Gynecological diseases can be characterized not only by loss of menstruation, and other symptoms such as painful feelings in the abdomen, fever, pain when urinating. The menstrual cycle will be able to recover only after the treatment process.
  5. Increase of the menstrual cycle. In the normal menstrual cycle should last from twenty three to thirty five days. So every month it can vary from three to five days.
  6. Emergency contraception. If a woman has been unprotected intercourse, to prevent pregnancy, it can cause monthly with the help of special pills. In its composition they contain a loading dose of progesteronelike. These funds help the egg is not fertilized or attaching to the uterine walls. But these drugs are considered harmful to the body, so they can be taken only in emergency cases.

Drugs that cause monthly

If you delay the menstrual cycle of women trying to learn what to do to went monthly. Sold in pharmacies number of medicines that can cause menstruation bleeding. Release them only on prescription. These include:

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The main. This drug is the most common method to deal with irregular menstrual cycle. But he can come only to those who have actually observed progesterona failure. To monthly came need to take a pill twice a day from the eleventh to the twenty-fifth day of the cycle.

It is also prescribed in a period of gestation when a strong threat. Its action is aimed at maintaining the power of the uterus and the successful implantation of the fetus. But this method does not solve the core problem of delayed menstruation, but only artificially support the hormone level.

Postinor. Considered the most effective means to induce menses. The drug is levonorgestrel. It can be used not only as a means to call monthly, but for getting rid of unwanted pregnancies. When using it in the middle of the cycle Postinor causes inhibition of synthesis of luteinizing hormone, which affects the process of release of an egg.

When applying Postinora as pill to induce menstruation, it is sufficient to take it once. After that, the menstruation comes much faster. But remember that this drug should not be consumed too often, as it has many side effects. In some situations, the period may never come. The fact is that the absolute has no contraceptive effect.

Pulsatilla. To provoke your period, you can take this drug. It belongs to the homeopathic drugs, which includes the plant in the form of a cross. This substance has a calming effect, so I have to take it in stressful situations. To monthly able to go faster in a single dose under the tongue put seven tablets. Approximately through the day menstrual bleeding starts. It is also worth noting that the effectiveness of Pulsatilla lower products in the form of chocolate, lemon, mint, coffee, alcohol and camphor. Contraindications the main contraindications are usually referred to the period of gestation and increased susceptibility to components of the medication.

Monitor. Another drug that can trigger the start of menstruation. It consists of norethisterone. The disadvantages of this drug is considered as a failure of the menstrual cycle. To know how to provoke menstruation, it is sufficient to read the instructions. It indicates that we should consume two tablets per day for five days. The action on a Monitor based on the impediment of ovulation and decreased tone of the uterus. The main component blocks the production of hormones in the pituitary gland. After the patient stops taking the drug, menstruation occurs.

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But the Monitor has a number of contraindications:

  • the presence of tumor-like formations in the mammary glands and pelvic organs;
  • diseases of the liver;
  • the presence of bleeding of an unknown nature;
  • epilepsy;
  • of diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • kidney failure;
  • obesity.

Many women try to understand what pills cause period and how safe it is. But in order to avoid various violations, you should consult a doctor. Only he can figure out how to cause menstruation delay and how many tablets you need to take.

Traditional methods if your period is delayed

There are not only traditional ways of inducing menstruation, and folk methods. They were used in ancient times our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. This could include the use of medicinal herbs. All plants that can be used to induce menstruation, possess special properties. Therefore, the patient should inform the gynecologist about their decision. To folk remedies include:

Nard. Refers to the medicinal herbs. A decoction of elecampane taken for delaying periods. For its preparation you need to take two spoons of powder, add water and boil for fifteen minutes. The broth should infuse for four hours, and then strain. You need to drink several times a day. After taking this infusion menstruation should come quickly enough. Contraindications the main contraindications are usually referred to the period of gestation and lactation, as well as diseases of the heart muscle. Stimulating the appearance of the menses decoction with long-term use can cause severe poisoning of the body.

Tansy. Refers to the medicinal herbs. Tansy is a yellow flowers that are often used for the treatment of many diseases. To month came, the woman is recommended to take a decoction of tansy. Indeed, thanks to the infusion is the stimulation of uterine contractions. To prepare the broth should take four teaspoons of dried flowers pour one liter of boiled water. After forty or sixty minutes the infusion need to strain. You need to take medicine for two spoons three times per day.

Bay leaf. This plant can be used not only as spice for making soup or other dishes, but also to take in a decoction to induce menstruation. Bay leaf has a high concentration of tannins, essential oils and organic acids. The decoction can be drunk, if the delaying menses caused by a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or stress. When using infusion causes severe bleeding causing a miscarriage. For its preparation required to take ten grams of leaves and pour two cups of boiled water. Give the broth to infuse for one hour. To cause monthly urgently, you need to drink one mug of infusion times.

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Milk with iodine. Our grandparents also thought about how urgently call period. And the most popular method was considered the use of milk with iodine. He drank not only to restore the cycle, but also to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Indeed, when taking this means, the uterus begins to shrink. But to remove this method from the unborn baby is strictly forbidden. A woman can harm not only the child but also yourself. To call the monthly in a glass of milk you need to add five to ten drops godovogo solution and heat up to a temperature of sixty degrees. This method is considered the most dangerous, as caused by periods can lead to severe blood loss. There have been cases with a fatal outcome.

Vitamin e is Often taken as hair rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the skin. It is necessary for good vision and also nourishes the heart muscle. But also Vitamin E is used when the delay of menstruation. Drugs with content to help induce menstruation, which had been delayed as a result of hormonal failure or insufficient development of the endometrium. In this case, what to do to go monthly? Make the vitamin E you need from the sixteenth day of the cycle until the day of the anticipated monthly two capsule in the morning. Then repeat in a month.

When using folk remedies without doctor provoked periods can cause adverse effects.