Positive test after abortion and HCG levels

Abortion is the artificial termination of pregnancy. The procedure is performed medically or surgically in the period of twenty-two weeks. With the onset of pregnancy start to occur physiological changes. So she proceeded without complications, it is supported by a variety of hormones. Abortion leads to hormonal disbalance. To recover, the body needs a few weeks. Why can test be positive after abortion? Is there a need to spend it at home?

Features tests

Before you can understand why after abortion the test remains positive, it is necessary to understand its principle of action. The use of rapid test is the most popular method of diagnosing pregnancy. It has a lot of advantages in the form of:

  • availability;
  • ease of use;
  • instant get a result at home;
  • accuracy;
  • eligibility in terms of cost.

Test the new generation is able to show the exact answer from the first day of a delay monthly. To get results, you need to collect some urine and lower the strip to a certain line. Then wait a few minutes.

Pregnancy leads to significant changes affecting primarily hormonal. In the tissues of the ovary begins to form the corpus luteum which synthesizes progesterone. Thanks to this hormone, the fetus stays and develops in the uterus.

The placenta is also involved in synthesizing hormones. Thanks to her, is the production of:

  • placental lactogen (due to its content is maintaining the life of the placenta);
  • prolactin;
  • human chorionic gonadotropin.

The principle of operation of test strips based on the response of the level of HCG in the urine, which starts to grow from the first days of attachment of the embryo to the uterus. HCG in urine is determined after 10 to 14 days after conception. Blood hormone can be detected at 7 – 10 days after fertilization.

Causes of a positive test after abortion

After abortion pregnancy test shows for some reason:

    • At the abortion of the uterine cavity and placenta, remove fetal egg. Synthesis of HCG occurs as a result of the work of the placenta. When addressing the hormone levels gradually decreases. This process is slow, so for one to four weeks on the test you can see two lines. Each time the second strip will fade and then disappear altogether. It is believed that the level of HCG after an abortion is completely reduced after one to two months. In rare situations gonadotropin is detected after only one or two days.
    • The test may be low in sensitivity, the result of which may cause false-positive data. In some cases, the second strip acts as the reagent. But it is not immediate and is gray.
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  • The result cannot be interpreted unambiguously, as it can be affected by factors as:
    • the use of drugs, which include chemical;
    • specialized diet;
    • pathology associated with the kidneys (for example, urine can contain protein, which leads to a distortion of the end result).

Based on the above factors, the test to determine pregnancy after abortion suggest to spend some time with the use of strips from different manufacturers.

  • The test can be positive, if the girl observed an ectopic pregnancy. In such situations, the fetus begins to grow outside the uterus in the tube or ovary.
  • Two lines on the test can be seen after the implementation of the vacuum abortion. This technique in practice is the safest, but is not reliable. Often after the procedure, the likely presence of embryonic membranes, which continue to synthesize the hormone. In such a situation, he speaks about incomplete abortion.
  • Possible after the procedure, the embryo remains in the uterus and developing further. Such a case is malpractice.
  • Two strips can persist after medical abortion. During this procedure use antiprogesterone drugs, whose action is directed on reduction of the uterus and the relaxation of her neck. Definitely worth doing test after medical abortion, as there is a high probability of preservation of membranes and particles of the embryo.
  • After abortion test may be positive in that case, if the woman has entered a new pregnancy. This happens immediately in the first cycle, if the girl didn’t use protection during intercourse.

Unfortunately, many women do not realize that after an abortion their body resumes the ability to conceive within ten or fifteen days.

What action to take in case of a positive test?

If the pregnancy test showed two bands, you should not delay a visit to the doctor. To do this is to pass the examination, which includes:

  • Ultrasound examination of the uterus and its appendages. This method will allow you to see if there are any pieces of fruit. If they were discovered, then have a second abortion.
  • Analysis of urine for presence of protein. Protein can distort the true result to indicate the presence of infection or inflammatory process.
  • A blood test for HCG levels. It is necessary to trace dynamics. If no pregnancy, then gradually every two-three days the hormone will fall. If the HCG will stay or rise, it suggests a new pregnancy, which cannot be seen by ultrasound.
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New the menstrual cycle and monthly

Many women after the abortion care how many days it will go monthly. The beginning of menstruation depends on what type of abortion was performed. Usually the day of the procedure says about the first day of the menstrual cycle.

If a woman held a medical abortion, that period may begin within 2 to 4 weeks after the procedure. The bleeding can go a little earlier or later than this time, but it should not disturb the patient.

You need to see a specialist, if menses are delayed more than 4 weeks.

Life after abortion

After the implementation of abortion is to withdraw from sexual activity for one to two weeks. Often at this time, the patient observed bleeding. Duration and profusion may be different depending on the type of abortion and the individual characteristics of the organism.

When resuming sexual activity, you should choose any method of contraception, because the chance of getting pregnant in a woman occurs within one to three weeks. Within three to six months should not plan for the baby, as the body needs to rest.

The best way of contraception is the use of birth control pills. They have a high level of protection from unwanted conception. If the patient in the near future no plans to have children, you can put an intrauterine device, the use of hormonal implants or injection of medroxyprogesterone acetate.

Reviews patients about positive test

Often girls during the test are upset when after abortion appears not one, but two bands. After reading numerous reviews, women claim that HCG lasts for months. To discard all the excitement, it is better to visit a doctor for control tests in ten or twenty days.

In some women HCG falls on the first or second day. This is possible, if was discovered frozen pregnancy and the fetus ceased to function long before the abortion.

Other women have levels of the hormone lasts five weeks, causing the delay period. But doctors urge women not to worry, since menstruation can begin only after six weeks.

To avoid future pregnancy, it is necessary to use methods of contraception. Remember that coitus interruptus is not a method of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Complications after abortion

After the procedure, you may experience adverse consequences in the form:

  • Uterine bleeding. Pathology is extremely rare in women who suffer from poor blood clotting. Usually after the procedure for several weeks may experience poor selection. Here is the opposite. Moreover, this situation leads to a real threat to life. To prevent bleeding, the specialist will make several injections with oxytocin.
  • The accumulation of blood clots in the uterus. Such a process is due to the strong compression of the cervix after an abortion. This can lead to the development of infection and therefore you should urgently contact your doctor. These clots can be the remnants of the ovum and membranes. As a result of this test at home shows a positive result. The first signal that accumulate in the uterus clots, is the sudden disappearance of vaginal bleeding after abortion, and the occurrence of painful sensations in the abdomen.
  • Inflammatory processes in the uterus. This pathology occurs in the case if you got the germs. To avoid this, the doctors are insured and prescribe antibiotics. The signs of inflammation include fever, fever and pain in the abdomen.
  • Infertility. This happens very rarely. Perhaps after abortion with curettage.
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Some restrictions after abortion

To have women there were no complications and the recovery process was faster, you should observe a few recommendations in the form:

  • the rejection of sexuality for one to two weeks;
  • the rejection of the use of tampons (better to stock up on pads);
  • the rejection of douching;
  • refusal baths, visiting saunas, baths and swimming pool (enough for a few weeks to take a shower and wash);
  • refusal of exercise or heavy lifting;
  • the refusal to accept the preparations containing acetylsalicylic acid.

There are situations when to call the doctor:

  • if a positive test after four to five weeks after abortion.
  • with increasing temperature from 38 degrees;
  • in the absence of menstruation for more than six weeks;
  • in the presence of painful sensations in the abdomen;
  • if you have large blood clots.