Pregnancy after removal of the spiral Navy

Many women use IUDs as the main contraceptive. Yes, this is a quite convenient method is set to 5 years, does not interfere with sexual activity. But probably, few women thought – and is it safe to use a spiral as it is? In some cases, it not only destroys trapped in the uterus sperm, but also kills already fertilized egg. In addition, the use of IUDs facilitates the development of chronic endometritis, which also negatively affects the reproductive function of women.

If a woman wants to have a baby, it is necessary to remove the spiral from the cavity of the uterus and undergo a complete examination of not only the gynecologist, but doctors of other profiles to find out if she was ready to conceive. Pregnancy after helix can occur within one month or year, all women it’s different. How’s the pregnancy after removal of IUD and how long to conceive a child, tell the gynecologist in person.

What is an IUD and how high its efficiency

The IUD is a intrauterine contraceptive means to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Installed IUD in the uterine cavity. The spiral creates a hotbed of aseptic inflammation inside the uterus and also inhibits the activity of the endometrium, thus preventing the fertilization and conception of a child. In case of accidental conception, on the background of Navy Bud simply cannot attach to the lining of the uterus and causes a miscarriage at a very early period (up to 1 – 2 weeks). Modern gormonoterapii IUD (Mirena) inhibit ovulation and have as large a contraceptive effect.

To use this contraceptive are not permitted more than 5 years. If a woman does not remove the Navy at the end of this period, it is likely that the spiral will grow in the uterus and then to pull out it will be very problematic (just surgically). The effectiveness of the method is quite high – about 90 – 95%, that is pregnant with the IUD is only one woman out of ten. Sets and retrieves the spiral only the gynecologist, and the process is quick and almost painless. Clean VMK at home will not work.

The rejection spiral is a rare complication that occurs in a small percentage of women. If the IUD fell out or her background appeared spotting, abdominal pain or other adverse symptoms, you need to see a doctor.

The types of spirals:

  • The most simple and ineffective device – it is a loop Lipps. Is made of plastic. If you use may experience frequent inflammation.
  • Helix, which contains hormones that combine the functions of conventional spirals and hormonal birth control pills. Validity period – not more than 5 years.
  • IUDs that contain metals – copper, gold or silver. The best of them that is manufactured using copper. Can stay in the uterus up to 8 years. Spiral gold often provoke inflammation, and silver – are of low efficiency.
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Reviews patients say that, gormonoterapii helix protects against unwanted pregnancies and thus cause fewer side effects. Before you put the spiral is to study the manual for VMK to verify the absence of contraindications.

The action of the spiral

Intrauterine destroys sperm and does not gain a foothold fertilized egg in the uterus. If the spiral includes copper, it kills all the sperm that enter the uterus. In addition, she helps special cells-macrophages in the processing of semen.

If conception occurred, the spiral prevents the consolidation of the egg the fallopian tube strenuously to decline, because of this the egg faster than expected, gets into the uterus and dies. The presence in the uterus of a foreign body – spiral, provokes frequent non-infectious inflammation, which then arise metabolic disorders. If you are using hormonal spirals gradually atrophies the endometrium. Against the background of an IUD is very high risk of ectopic pregnancy.

If a woman chose IUD as a method of protection, but then decided to conceive a child, then she needs to visit a gynecologist to have it removed IUD. But it so happens that a foreign body (IUD), long time being in the womb can affect female reproductive system and pregnancy after removal of the spiral does not occur.

What they say about experts (opinion of practicing obstetrician-gynecologists):

  • After removal of the intrauterine system of contraception, sex life should resume in two weeks. This is necessary in order to damaged during the treatment the mucous membrane(endometrium) come back to normal.
  • If the woman was a spiral, having in its composition a metal, for example silver, copper or gold, then she needs to wait about 3 months before you conceive. During this time damaged the endometrium is fully restored. If conception happens before the recommended period, in this case, the risk of fetal loss increases several times.
  • After removing the IUD that contains hormones, the body takes time about 3 months to fully recover. Spirals of this type do not allow to produce eggs, and make the endometrium thinner, so the pregnancy when they are used does not occur. A period of 3 months is required in order for the ovaries could earn in a normal mode, and the mucosa to recover.
  • After removing gormonoterapii Navy increases the odds of twins due to the stimulation of ovulation.

The answer to the question, when it comes to pregnancy after removal of IUD and how soon you can plan conception, is not clear. This is largely dependent on the type of spiral, the General condition of women, the presence of comorbidity.

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Why can’t get pregnant

If pregnancy after removal of IUD does not occur immediately, after a few months or even a year, it is likely that this occurs for the following reasons:

  • In the body of the woman’s hormonal disorders. After extraction hormonal spiral of failure begins the monthly cycle, and with it broken hormonal background. In this case, may be unlikely to conceive. In order for the hormones came back to normal, it will take about 6 – 12 months. If the menstrual cycle during this time is not restored, then the woman should consult a gynecologist. You may need a thorough examination and treatment of identified pathology
  • Occurred inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus. This happens after the removal of the spiral in that case, if the gynecologist has admitted some violations, or the woman ignored the doctor’s recommendations regarding intimate life and hygiene. If after this procedure soon appeared symptoms such as severe pain in the lower abdomen, raising body temperature, blood-purulent discharge, the woman should move quickly to seek the assistance of your gynecologist.

What are the dangers of using spirals

After using the IUD in women can be many inflammation, uterine bleeding, disturbances of female reproductive function. This method does not provide 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy, and therefore, conception can occur even on the background of VMK. In some cases, a woman can carry and then give birth to a healthy baby even in the Navy, but possible risk of miscarriage is still very large.

Alarming symptoms:

  • delay of menstruation;
  • scarce bleeding outside the expected day of menstruation;
  • pain in the lower abdomen.

These symptoms may indicate a threatened miscarriage and requires special attention of the doctor.

What to do if in the presence of the IUD pregnancy does occur? If your period is delayed and other suspicious symptoms, a woman should immediately consult her gynecologist. If the presence of pregnancy confirmed by the doctor and the patient wants to keep the baby, then intrauterine carefully remove. If the procedure goes well and without complications, then it will not affect the status of the fetus. But if the gynecologist encounter any difficulties with the extraction of the spiral, then the woman will need this pregnancy to be interrupted. In rare cases there may be bearing fruit on a background of Navy.

How to help the body recover

Gynecologist, underwent a spiral, must send the woman for further examination to establish the exact state of her health and if she could become pregnant in the near future.

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If her health is all right, the future mother will still need to prepare your body for pregnancy. You need to ask the doctor to prescribed to a woman taking prenatal vitamins – taking them will help early conception. In addition to various nutrients, they contain the necessary unborn baby folic acid. In addition to the vitamins we need to abandon the use of alcohol and nicotine: they are damaging to a woman’s body, and interfere with the proper fertilization of the egg.

If a woman is overweight, she will be better before conceiving to bring him back to normal. For this you need to start eating right, but the ideal option would be to go for a consultation with a nutritionist, and then to the fitness coach. Also she should spare yourself from stress – emotional stress negatively impacts the ability to get pregnant.

The first menstruation after the removal of wire comes within 20 – 35 days. Monthly can go a long time and be quite abundant. During this period, the woman should be especially attentive to their health. At a delay of menstruation or the appearance of other unpleasant symptoms should see a doctor.

Is it possible to get pregnant immediately after removal of the spiral?

Experts believe that this is possible. Of course, each woman’s pregnancy after the extraction of the helix can occur in different ways: someone get pregnant on their own in the first month, someone on tenth. To predict the exact date of conception is difficult.

If a woman wants to make a big pause between procreation and wants to put the IUD, then she needs to find a good specialist who will do the procedure with minimal damage to the patient. Before conception you should find out whether healthy woman’s body, and whether he is ready for motherhood. Making sure that everything is in order, you can even choose a convenient time for conception: women are especially easy to get pregnant in the late fall and early spring.