Pregnancy with twins week by week, signs of multiple pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial moment in the life of every woman. Pregnancy with twins is a dual responsibility related not only with the expectation of upcoming trouble and possible complications during pregnancy. When registering pregnant this just falls under the special supervision of health facility staff. To get pregnant with twins can any woman.

Causes of multiple pregnancy

During fertilization, the joining of two sex cells – the egg cell of the mother and the sperm of the father. If the mother’s body is formed from multiple eggs, can occur simultaneous fertilization. In this case, it develops two babies at the same time, they have a different set of chromosomes and a small similarity. Such children are called twins. If there is a fertilization of one egg, but in the process of dividing the formed two fruit, they say that this pregnancy is twins. These children have the same set of chromosomes and are born always of the same sex.

Signs of multiple pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, a woman may suspect the development of twins. All the symptoms of pregnancy are particularly pronounced. Features of twins:

  • in the early stages of pregnancy is more pronounced toxemia;
  • the chest greatly increased in size, becomes painful;
  • on the body may appear pigmentation;
  • pronounced anaemia in pregnant women;
  • stronger manifested shortness of breath and heartburn due to the high standing of the diaphragm;
  • when preeclampsia is more pronounced edema;
  • often appears varicose veins on legs;
  • there are often stretch marks on the skin;
  • due to the increased load on the spine there is pain in the lumbar region;
  • appears weakness and fatigue, stronger than in normal pregnancy.

Signs of twins in early pregnancy are nonspecific, therefore, to obtain accurate diagnosis you must contact your obstetrician-gynecologist for a checkup.

Multiple pregnancy has the features already in the early stages. The doctor may reveal signs of multiple pregnancy in the survey: size of the uterus are increased, does not correspond to the gestational age. In the study of the level of HCG it is possible to identify a significant increase.

In the later stages it is possible to identify objective signs of pregnancy with twins, – listened to the heartbeat of two hearts, as well as palpation of the bodies of two fetuses. Most precisely it is possible to identify twins using ultrasound. Pregnancy with twins after cesarean can occur without complications, however, women need greater supervision of doctors. After cesarean section, doctors often recommend a second operation and rarely allowed to birth on their own.

Abdominal enlargement in size

Belly during pregnancy with twins growing in size faster than in a regular pregnancy. The size of the belly during pregnancy with twins week by week:

  1. 12 week. During pregnancy with one fetus the abdomen at this stage is hardly noticeable, in multiple pregnancies the uterus is sufficiently enlarged and the position of women becomes noticeable to others.
  2. 17 a week. At this period the woman becomes difficult to lie on your back, pull back. How to sleep when pregnant with twins? I had to sleep lying on your side with knees bent to facilitate breathing. For unloading of the spine it is recommended to put a pillow under your pregnant belly or between your legs.
  3. 20 a week. It is recommended to use a special bandage, which is placed in the supine position and is worn throughout the day. The bandage is worn on the underwear, so as not to irritate the skin of the abdomen. The bandage is chosen individually according to the size.
  4. 30 week. The stomach is much increased in volume, may develop stretch marks. Doctors recommend to use special creams to improve skin turgor.
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Many people think that during pregnancy with twins weight belly also increases two times. But it’s not. Weight gain during pregnancy depends on the initial growth of a woman and her weight. According to these indicators, calculate the body mass index. To do this, the weight (in kilograms) divided by the growth of women squared (in meters). If a woman before pregnancy had a low body mass index less than 20, it may gain twenty pounds in the whole pregnancy, especially if pregnant with twins. Weight gain when the index is 20 – 27 in twin pregnancies can reach 17 kg. And at the level of mass index over 27, the woman adds no more than 13 kg with normal multiple pregnancy. Set in weight during pregnancy with twins is more noticeable.

Trimesters of pregnancy

Table of pregnancy:

Trimester A month Week
I 1 1 – 5
2 5 – 9
3 10 – 14
II 4 14 – 18
5 19 – 23
III 6 23 – 27
7 28 – 32
8 32 – 36
9 37 – 40

Normal course of pregnancy with twins in first trimester

The first trimester is the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This term is the formation of major organs. Pregnancy calculator will calculate the duration of pregnancy and the upcoming birth day on the day of the last menstrual period. Sex in the early stages is irregular because of the morning sickness and constant nausea in women. With the threat of interruption of sex you want to restrict. At any stage of pregnancy can have sex, if there are no contraindications.

Embryo development week by week of pregnancy:

7 – 8th day after fertilization, implantation of the amniotic SAC into the uterine wall. For 10 – 14 days pregnancy can be determined using test or blood test for HCG. On 13 – 14th day, you can determine pregnancy with pharmacy test the accuracy of the result is 95 – 100%.

By the end of the first month of pregnancy the fetus has a length of not more than 1 cm, are actively developing internal organs are formed the baby’s head and senses. Begins to add up the weight of the mother. At 4 to 5 week beats the heart of a child. This period is held the first ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and assess the status of the embryo.

In the period after 12 weeks the morning sickness is gradually disappearing. Disappears nausea, gradually returning appetite better. 12 – 14 week belly is visible underneath tight fitting clothes. Children have formed fingers and toes, head and neck. Heart in week 10 already formed, it is possible to diagnose the defects. Usually in a period of 10 – 12 weeks appoint an ultrasound. There is a bookmark deciduous teeth, the woman recommended taking a multivitamin with calcium.

12 week optimal period during pregnancy with twins to determine the gross violations of the development and possible down’s syndrome. The abortion is performed for determining whether a twins of gross malformations.

Peculiarities of pregnancy in the second trimester

Second trimester starts from 13 and ends at week 24. Sex in this age is not contraindicated, if there is no pathology of pregnancy.

Pregnancy with twins week by week:

  1. 13 weeks pregnant with twins features a large burden on the mother’s body. It’s the fourth month of pregnancy. The uterus begins to grow, there may be pain in the groin due to stretching of ligaments. The developing child actively moves in the womb, there is the sucking reflex.
  2. 15 weeks pregnant with twins every fetus has a length of about 10 centimeters, the lungs have been formed, and the child trains the respiratory muscles. The glottis is also closed, so there is no risk of aspiration into the lungs of amniotic fluid.
  3. 17 week appears a good appetite, if pregnant with twins belly growing more noticeable, it becomes more difficult to breathe and sleep on my stomach. Need to start using a cream for the chest and belly to avoid stretch marks. Children begin to hear everything that occurs around. You need to talk to them, turn on good music.
  4. 18 weeks pregnant with twins – the period when it is time to start using the brace. Pain in the lower back, it becomes difficult to walk in heels. It is necessary to start to do gymnastics, to attend classes in women’s consultations in preparation for childbirth. The doctor may recommend hospitalization to maintain pregnancy. On what term it is possible to determine the sex of future children? From 18 to 21 week of pregnancy is a routine ultrasound to assess the condition of the child, and in this time, you can determine the sex of the children.
  5. 19 weeks pregnant. The younger twins is half your height at birth. All the organs are already formed, the children continue to grow and develop. The sense of touch is already highly developed, the twins can feel each other in their mothers ‘ bellies. Children have their own biorhythms, sleep and Wake up simultaneously, which does not always coincide with the biorhythms of the mother.
  6. 20 a week. Be the first tremors. In twin pregnancies, the woman feels the movement of the kids in different parts of the abdomen. Toddlers can swallow amniotic fluid, which accumulates in the intestines in the form of a dark pasty stool – meconium. The selection of the chair occurs after delivery to the environment. Piss twins in amniotic fluid, which is continually updated through the placenta.
  7. 21 weeks pregnant with twins. Pregnant constantly feels the quickening. Belly increased in volume significantly, does not bend. The weight of each child at this time about 400 grams.
  8. 22 week of pregnancy. Twins achieves the total weight of 800-1000 grams.
  9. Week 23 of pregnancy. Each fruit weighs about 500 grams. Developing twins actively metabolize the calcium they need for bones and teeth bookmark, so at 23 weeks you must take a multivitamin and visit the dentist. Enlarged uterus presses on the bladder, frequent urination.
  10. 24 weeks pregnant with twins. At this stage can worsen all chronic diseases, especially kidney disease. Anemia increases appear enlarged veins in the legs, swelling, violation of the chair. The lungs of children are already fully formed, is formed of a surfactant, which is responsible for respiratory function.
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The third trimester of pregnancy

This trimester is the preparation of the body female and kids for the upcoming birth. In order to check the status of the child, it is necessary to conduct TPC. In this case the anterior abdominal wall is applied a sensor that measured the baby’s heartbeat and the tone of the uterus. CTG is on the period after 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy calendar twins week by week:

  1. 25 weeks pregnant with twins. At this stage, actively shaping the nervous system and sense organs, your immune system. In children on the body brown fat is deposited, which will serve as a source of energy in the first days after birth.
  2. 26 weeks pregnant. The uterus is high, the twins already weighs more than fifteen pounds. It’s hard to breathe and walk because of the increase in the volume of the stomach and increase the volume of circulating blood.
  3. 27 weeks pregnant with twins. Keep ready the necessary things for hospitalization, as it increases the risk of premature birth. If there is prolonged pain in the abdomen or leave the amniotic fluid, the urgent need to call an ambulance.
  4. 28 week pregnant with twins. This is the seventh month of pregnancy. Sick leave for pregnancy and childbirth in multiple pregnancies opens 84 days before giving birth. Pregnant woman goes on maternity leave and regular visits to the doctor. In the third trimester may cause preeclampsia, therefore it is necessary to measure the pressure, monitor weight and dialed in for a urine sample for analysis.
  5. 29 weeks pregnant with twins. Kids intensively gaining weight. Weight of twins at about 2400 grams. Children may gain weight differently, the difference in weight can be up to 300 grams.
  6. 30 week is characterized by a decrease in amniotic fluid. In twin pregnancies, the babies start to move less as their weight is large enough, and in the uterus becomes cramped. The internal organs are developed enough, the gastrointestinal tract is preparing for digestion.
  7. 31 weeks pregnant with twins. Total weight of children is approximately three kilograms. Kids gain strength and the tremors are becoming more tangible. The belly reaches its maximum size, pull in the lower back. Children begin to take in the uterine cavity position, which will remain up to the birth.
  8. 32 week. Began the eighth month of pregnancy. Ultrasound examination of the twins determine the presentation and determine the way of delivery. With high probability it will be a cesarean section. In twin pregnancies, toddlers gain weight more slowly, but the process of the final formation of all organs and systems is accelerated.
  9. 33 weeks pregnant with twins. Starting this week you need a doctor’s visit weekly with regular weighing and analysis of urine. Children have well-developed senses, they react to sudden sounds and light, taste the amniotic fluid, look dreams.
  10. 34 week. The stomach is lowered. When pregnant with twins into the pelvis the head falls on one of the kids, the twins are getting crowded and they are moving less. At this period the fetus is already completely viable.
  11. Week 35 of pregnancy. The body is preparing for childbirth. Twins fully formed. At birth at 35 weeks almost never complications. Need to lay down and keep ready all the necessary for hospitalization.
  12. 36 weeks pregnant with twins. This week expectations the long-awaited birth. The weight is almost not added. Doctors examine pregnant regularly planned and prepared for childbirth.
  13. 37 weeks pregnant with twins. Often, the doctor recommended hospitalization this week. More than half of twin births are born in this period.
  14. 38 weeks pregnant. Children grow not so intensively. Twins adds about 30 grams a day. Approaching the calculated day of delivery. Should monitor edema and high blood pressure. Labor can begin at any time. When pain in the stomach and the first fights you need to go to the hospital.
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When multiple pregnancy childbirth usually planned. For a week or two before the birth, doctors recommend to go to a specialized hospital. In most cases, a woman is offered a caesarean section. Do not worry, because this operation is done to preserve the health of the mother and babies. If desired, the woman can get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.