Protracted periods before menopause: causes, treatment

The period in which the woman observed age-related changes in the nature of menstruation, their irregularity and the subsequent cessation is called menopause. During menopause a woman cycle gets off completely and in the end month must stop. If it doesn’t, but the woman feels signs of menopause, the cause of such bleeding (and if they are still lingering) can be pathology of the genitourinary system.

Long periods can be a symptom of menopause or abnormalities of the urogenital system

With the appearance of long and profuse menstruation, the woman must consult a doctor.

The duration of menstrual flow during menopause

During the onset of menopause in women disturbed nature of the menstrual flow and the number of them. In this period, as rich and poor selection and understand that the patient’s pathology is difficult. This occurs due to unstable hormones, when estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries is random. Ovulation occurs irregularly, and due to this nature of the discharge changes drastically.

At menopause, periods can go irregular to go several months in a row, stop and resume any day, regardless of the cycle.

Not every woman to consult a specialist with prolonged menstruation as a manifestation of menopause. But this is not correct, such long periods may provoke hemorrhagic shock, and as a consequence lead to death. So, if you are a woman who is concerned about his health, and had symptoms of ectopic bleeding, then you need to contact the experts.

Затяжные месячные перед климаксом: причины, лечение

Irregular periods — a common occurrence during menopause

Causes of prolonged menstruation before menopause

Reasons for the occurrence of prolonged menstruation before menopause may be several. Most of them are associated with pathological changes of the reproductive function of women:

  • Uterine fibroids of various sizes. If it is a leiomyoma, it can cause bleeding when torsion legs or the growth of myoma node. Most often, fibroids do not manifest any symptoms, but in its advanced stage occur a protracted discharge from the vagina, turning into ectopic bleeding.
  • Endometriosis or hyperplasia of the inner layer of the uterus — the endometrium. When dysfunction of the hormonal system and an overabundance of one of the sex hormones, there are various tumors and thickening of the endometrium. The symptoms of hyperplasia is not cyclic spotting of various sizes.
  • Hormonal changes result in menopause. Instability in hormonal levels can cause the appearance of menstruation profuse nature.
  • If in the uterus are observed in endometrial polyps, the symptoms of their presence may cause considerable bleeding.
  • Hemophilia. Clotting of blood in menstruation may provoke ectopic bleeding before menopause, and in his absence.
  • If a woman has observed being overweight, a priori, will be a violation of the thyroid gland. Changes in thyroid can cause symptoms of ectopic bleeding.

Затяжные месячные перед климаксом: причины, лечение

Overweight women usually suffer from hormone disorders

The character of discharge before menopause and what is considered pathology

Not always highlight in her menstrual period before menopause can be described as bleeding. If a woman has symptoms of the following nature, she will need to seek help from a specialist:

  • If after sex a woman feels of bleeding and pain during the act, then these symptoms indicate the presence of pathological disease.
  • Periods in the period cycle can last from two to seven days, all the allocation that lasts longer than a specified period can be regarded as symptoms of ectopic bleeding.
  • Note the nature of the discharge. If abundant monthly (fully filled tampon per hour or the total volume of discharge is greater than 80 mg), often the doctors say ectopic bleeding, which requires immediate hospitalization.
  • Blood clots-excessive rejection of the endometrial uterine layer is a symptom of endometriosis is severe and requires surgical intervention.
  • Frequent monthly. If women have the average cycle length significantly less than 21 days is the right pathology, the presence of which requires examination by a specialist.
  • Highlight the bloody color during the period when menstruation is absent. Those chocolate selection may indicate the presence of uterine fibroids or cysts.

Women who care about their health at the onset of discharge of unknown etiology and symptoms should consult a doctor as this may be a symptom of a dangerous disease.

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