Reasons why not the end of my period, what to do?

Menstruation is a monthly phenomenon that occurs in every woman of childbearing age. In the normal menstrual cycle period lasts from three to seven days. But for some they can last longer. And then the woman may begin to worry about why my period coming 10 days and what to do in this situation?

The duration of the period

It is believed that normal menstruation is from three to seven days. But when the patient complains that the selection had continued for more than seven days, it indicates disorders in the body.

There are situations where the period lasts longer than seven days. The exceptions are:

  • The hereditary factor. In such situations, treatment is not carried out, since such a process is an individual feature of the body.
  • Menstruation after abortion.
  • Using the coil as contraception.
  • The appearance of the first menses. Until the body gets used to a new hormonal background, monthly can go longer than seven days (formation cycle can take up to 12 months).

If the patient does not belong to any of the above group, it should immediately contact the doctor. Prolonged bleeding of any kind requires urgent diagnosis.

Causes of prolonged menstruation

There are many causes of prolonged menstruation. Many women are wondering why my period has been underway for 15 days, what to do and whom to contact? In any case, such a process is the pathology? When periods are long, you need to visit the gynecologist.

The main reasons include:

  • Unsteady cycle. Menstruation is 7 – 10 days if the cycle has not yet completely installed. If the first month is not very long, not more than a year ago, then the process is considered normal.

If the patient’s menstruation continues for more than 10 days, the first is to ensure that the discharge is not abundant. If there is spotting, then you need to wait when the cycle comes back to normal. But in any case, you should report your condition to a specialist to rule out other pathology.

  • Disease hormonal in nature. Some patients complain that the monthly go more than 14 days. Why this occurs? Often the main cause of this disease include a hormonal imbalance — endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia and other diseases. The patient is recommended to undergo an examination, including ultrasound diagnostics, blood analysis to determine hormone levels, urine analysis.
    • If my period coming two weeks is not so long ago, then a hormonal imbalance is negligible. Then the treatment will be conservative therapy. The doctor will prescribe hormonal remedies, whose action is directed to the functioning of the ovaries. These include drugs such as Janine, LOGEST, Novinet, antiseptic etc.
    • If the patient discovered endometriosis or an ovarian cyst, in most cases, prescribe surgery.
    • If long periods are due to thyroid disease, it is necessary to conduct a survey of this body. After diagnosis will be prescribed treatment that includes the use of drugs with iodine or other means.
  • Wrong choice of contraception. If periods are prolonged or not terminated, it may have been picked up correctly contraceptive drug. Bleeding may occur in the presence of IUDs.
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Why periods are so long and what to do in this case? If the woman began to drink the pill, and bleeding doesn’t stop, then you need to understand the use of these drugs. In the first months may be changes in the body. It is also worth considering and profusion of selections.

If a woman is spiral and at the same time period last more than 9 days, you need an ultrasound diagnosis. Often, this process manifests itself due to the fact that the means of contraception is not suitable for a woman. In this case, it is urgent to remove the spiral and find another way for protection.

  • Abnormal pregnancy. If you do not stop having your period more than 3 weeks, should be checked for ectopic pregnancy. In such situations, the fertilized egg may attach itself to the walls of the fallopian tube or remain in the ovary. In rare situations, the embryo may remain in the abdominal cavity.

Also bleeding prolonged nature can occur when a normally developing pregnancy. But it tells about the beginning of the miscarriage.

What to do if bleeding does not pass over two weeks and have pregnancy symptoms? The first step is to go to the doctor or to call an ambulance. The experts will make ultrasonic research and identify the causes of pathology.

If the patient has observed an ectopic pregnancy, she surgery is carried out. When the pregnancy develops normally, it is recommended to stay in bed and rest for 8 days. Also female prescribers aimed at maintaining a pregnancy, in the form of Utrozhestane, Progesterone or Antiseptic. If the bleeding does not end for a long time, I advise you to drink a special medication in the form of Dicynone or Tranexam.

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Some women ask the question about why not end with a period during pregnancy? Prolonged menstruation is evidence of the expulsion of the fetus from the uterus. Then the patient should be scraping.

  • Diseases of the blood. If the month is not over and the duration is more than seven days, maybe the woman has a disease of the circulatory system. This pathology can be determined by coagulogram and gemostaziogramma. In such situations, the body lacks platelets or other factors, whose action is directed to block bleeding vessels and blood clotting.

Long lasting monthly often accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms such as General fatigue, dizziness, paleness of the skin. If a woman discovered a blood disease, she shown treatment hemostasiology.

If you do not stop having your period, then the patient is sent to the scraping. Procedure will help to solve not only the problem with a large number of emissions, but will allow you to determine the cause of bleeding after histological examination.

  • The defeat of the cervix and cervical canal. If not the end of your period may be due to erosion, presence of polyps or cysts in the cervix. To diagnose erosion is carried out colposcopy and only then starts the treatment.

Upon detection of polyps or cysts performed emergency surgery, especially if the bleeding is continuous in nature.

  • Cancers. If the month is delayed, then this may indicate the presence of cancer. Often this pathological process occurs in women older than fifty years.
  • Stressful situation. When you experience stressful situations can go period of more than seven days. If you take the treatment (receiving antianxiety drugs), then everything will be back to normal.
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The danger of prolonged menstruation

Not all women know about what the ongoing monthly may carry some risk for the patient in the form of:

  • The loss of large amounts of blood. In such a situation monthly not just go 10 days or more. Changed their character, they can be somewhat thicker or stronger.
  • The need for urgent surgical intervention. When starts, long periods and go a few weeks in a row, women often try to solve the problem themselves. So later go to the doctor and trigger the disease.
  • The presence of serious pathology.

If menstruation is delayed by a few days, lasts for two weeks, it is best to visit a doctor to determine the true cause.

The most common recipes include:

  • A decoction of herbal. For its preparation you need to take birch leaves, peppermint, Valerian root, and yarrow. The mixture is poured boiled water and heated in a water bath for 10 to 15 minutes. Then the broth is filtered and drink throughout the day.
  • The tincture. For its preparation you need to take birch leaves and pour in boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes and take up to three times per day.
  • Tincture on alcohol. For its preparation you need to take birch buds and pour the vodka. Put in a dark and cool place for thirty days. You will take the throat up to two times per day. Long ending menstruation takes place on the third day after taking the tincture.

In any case, long lasting monthly or abundant secretions should consult a doctor to determine the cause of this phenomenon.