Retention cysts of the cervix: causes, treatment

The occurrence of cysts on the surface of the cervix is due to the frequent inflammation. Ducts, drainage products and activities glands get blocked due to which there is an accumulation of secretion and the formation of retention cysts.

To the occurrence of cysts cause inflammation in a woman’s body

Information about the disease, the causes of cysts cervical

A cyst is a common gynecological disease, which can be a source of localization in absolutely any position on the reproductive system of the female body. Cyst of the cervix is called retention and is located on its surface. Cyst is a filled with an internal secretion of the uterine glands bubble, formed by the blockage of the output channel of waste slime. A cyst formed as a result of inflammation caused by:

  • Mechanical damage of the cervix (in case of a mechanical abortion; curettage of the epithelium to diagnose, install, intrauterine system; complications in childbirth; hysteroscopy).
  • Inflammation, in which the output channels of the uterine glands to drain mucus clogged scaly epithelium. The ducts are thickened, the gland increases in size and when viewed has a distinct character.

Despite the fact that the disease is common among women of reproductive age, it provides no symptomatic reactions and is found at the doctor’s random. Cysts of the cervix are not dangerous to the health of women, in the presence of such tumors, there is no impact on the hormonal balance of the body.

Ретенционные кисты шейки матки: причины возникновения, лечение

Damage during hysteroscopy can cause cysts

Symptoms of the disease

Externally, the disease is asymptomatic and detected only during routine gynecological examination. With the presence of endometriotic cysts, the cyst of the cervix does not change the nature of menstruation, pain of unknown etiology is absent. Menstruation not changed in quantitative form and do not bring discomfort to the woman.

Gynecological examination may reveal a cystic neoplasm in the cervix, which represent a white seal with a diameter from several millimeters to three centimeters. If the disease be protracted and late diagnosed, before the discovery of cysts gynecologist, women may receive the following symptoms indicate the presence of:

  • Of bleeding, small amounts in the periods between the menses.
  • Pain syndrome is not a clear etiology in the lower part of the abdomen.
  • Sexual intercourse is not fun, but delivers only pain.
  • Extraneous spotting vaginal discharge in the absence of excitation.
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Ретенционные кисты шейки матки: причины возникновения, лечение

Abdominal pain can be a symptom of cysts


There are several causes of the disease, but you can’t exactly say which one is the exact factor for the occurrence of cysts. It should highlight certain factors which may trigger the development of the disease:

  • The birth of a child. It is the injury of the cervix during childbirth can be the factor, which the result of inflammation will push the body to the formation of cysts. Or the situation may change radically, as a result of injury to the cervix during childbirth, restoring her normal state will begin with redoubled force. Similar recovery period disrupts glands of the cervix that can lead to their blockage, and as a result, the formation of cysts on its surface.
  • Abortion is different; the Mechanical action on the cavity and the cervix; diagnosis of the samples by scraping.
  • Menopause and menopause. The result of hormonal changes within the body during menopause possible changes in the reproductive function. During this period, the uterus and the epithelium undergo a series of changes (the epithelium of the uterus thins. The function of the glands reminiscent of puberty, when any irritant glands begin to produce more mucus. Excess mucus clogs the ducts of the weekend and the formation of retention cysts of the cervix).
  • Infections of the genitourinary system. Any inflammatory disease of the reproductive system can cause the growth of cysts on the cervix. Inflammation leads to the fact that the output thresholds of the glands of the cervix become clogged with mucus, greatly increase in size and form cysts.
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Ретенционные кисты шейки матки: причины возникновения, лечение

Hormonal disorders during menopause can cause cysts

Retention cyst of the cervix. Research methods and treatment

Retention cyst of the cervix has a different etiology origin and method of education:

  • The injured character. Appear due to injury to tissues of the cervix. Their bias, corruption, or deletion.
  • The nature of the tumor. Result from abnormalities in the development of the tumor.
  • Parasitological. Appear as a result of infection by parasitic organisms.
  • Genetic predisposition to education.
  • Retention of character. Tumors arise from excessive secretion products of internal secretion glands.
  • Appearance retention cysts may be genetically determined, even at the stage of fetal development and do not interfere with the patient to lead an active lifestyle for many years.

    But the disease can occur at any time takes place to be a failure in the endocrine system.


    After identifying during the inspection the presence of a lesion on the cervix, the doctor prescribes more detailed study of the cyst:

    • Colposcopy.
    • Taking maskovich trial to determine microflora of the vagina and cervix.
    • The procedure of detecting the presence of infectious diseases of fungal and bacteriological nature.
    • Study ultrasound.

    Come in the choice of treatment is individual characteristics of the development of the organism.

    Ретенционные кисты шейки матки: причины возникновения, лечение

    Colposcopy is a reliable method of diagnosis of the cyst


    Most doctors disagree about what treatment to apply to the disease. Some propose to use an alternative treatment since the development of retention cysts of the uterus is not a disease, and its natural state. Including the use of traditional medicine.

    Others believe that surgical technique is the most appropriate treatment for such tumors, which allows to exclude the development of pathologies and complications of the disease.


    To agree on such a radical treatment would agree not every woman, especially if the tumor does not cause discomfort and does not increase in size. But it’s worth noting, if the tumor will continue to grow, it is fraught with rupture of the walls of retention cysts of the cervix and infection of the tissues with infiltration of purulent type. Infiltration infiltration into tissues can cause a number of serious complications, including infertility.

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    Operation is assigned after conducting a survey and identifying all the necessary data. Treatment of cysts of the cervix takes place on an outpatient basis and does not require hospitalization.

    There are several ways of influence on retention cysts of the cervix:

    • Cauterization of lesion localization of tumors, thermal or chemical effects.
    • Laser removal is used only when necessary to exclude contact with the epithelium.
    • Cryotherapy. The impact on the hearth low temperatures.
    • Radiowave method of influence on the tumor.

    Treatment using any of these methods can bring relief to the patient and to relieve from the consequences of alternative treatment.

    Treatment of folk remedies or surgical intervention-any of these types of treatments should choose a physician for each patient individually.