Ring NuvaRing – what is it?

Ring NuvaRing is a relatively new form of local hormonal contraception, are increasingly used by modern women. In the pharmaceutical market there is only one manufacturer of this method of contraception – N. O. Organon (the Netherlands). The lack of competition and ease of use explains the high cost of the drug.

Hormonal ring NuvaRing is a combined contraceptive product based on estrogen and progestogen, the contraceptive effect of which is mainly due to suppression of ovulation.

Mechanism of action

The contraceptive ring NuvaRing is a transparent product made from vinyl acetate which contains 2 kinds of hormones etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol. In addition to the contraceptive effect of hormonal ring has a therapeutic effect on the female reproductive system.

Sex hormones that are secreted from the vaginal ring NuvaRing, the temperature of the body penetrate into the tissues of the vagina. The maximum increase in the concentration of hormones in the blood is noted after 3 – 7 days since the introduction of the contraceptive in the vagina. For 3 weeks activedata concentration of the substances is gradually reduced. The bioavailability of etonogestrel higher than that in oral administration of the drug.

Numerous reviews of women who used the vaginal ring NuvaRing, indicate the effectiveness of the contraceptive and therapeutic effects. The outcome of the studies was a reduction in the number of cases of breakthrough bleeding, which is often observed when using oral hormonal contraceptives. This action of the drug reduces the risk of anemia in the result of monthly blood loss and significantly improves the condition of women. There is evidence of reduction of the probability of cancer processes in the organs of the reproductive system after using ring NuvaRing.

It should be noted that the contraceptive does not protect a woman from sexually transmitted diseases, despite Shumilina cervical mucus under the influence of sex hormones. Structural changes in vaginal secretions only prevent the occurrence of inflammatory processes subject to sexual hygiene.

The effectiveness of the ring NuvaRing depends on compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations when using it. The vaginal ring, introduced into the vagina, under the influence of body temperature takes a comfortable position, corresponding to the anatomic features of the body.

When you increase physical activity, the wrong introduction, chronic constipation, hernias, removal of sanitary tampon, the ring can fall out of the vagina. Therefore, required compliance with the precautionary measures in such situations. A woman should regularly check the ring into the vagina in order to ensure reliable contraceptive effect.

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Period hormonal changes within the body when you use this contraceptive does not exclude an additional consultation of a gynecologist and diagnostic examination of the body before therapy.

In a set of standard measures prior to the hormone therapy, include:

  • inspection on the gynecological chair;
  • confirmation of absence of pregnancy (test pharmacy or blood test for HCG);
  • measurement of blood pressure;
  • fence smear for further cytological and bacteriological examinations;
  • General and biochemical blood tests;
  • blood clotting (coagulation or gemostaziogramma).

Consultation of gynecologist-endocrinologist will prevent hormone-dependent tumors in reproductive organs, breast, uterine bleeding, exacerbation of chronic diseases, deterioration of the General condition on the background of the use of contraceptive hormones.

Rules for the use of

The vaginal way use of synthetic hormones can lead to higher bioavailability activitiesthese substances, in comparison with oral and transdermal patch.

This form of contraception is convenient that the woman alone uses a hormonal agent and can delete it at any time. For the proper introduction of contraceptives, it is desirable to choose the most comfortable position (like when using a sanitary tampon). To enter the ring in the vagina, just enough to bend it with your fingers.

Sufficient concentration of hormones present during 1 month after injection. After three weeks the ring in the cavity of the vagina it is removed. The next instance is used in a similar way after one week break.

Ring NuvaRing is administered according to a strictly defined schema to the effectiveness of hormonal agents remained high throughout the month:

  1. If a woman for the first time to use this kind of contraception, it is best to begin with the first day of menstruation. However, also assume option 2 for day 5 of menstruation, provided an additional barrier of protection in the form of condom or contraceptive suppositories (cream). The vaginal ring should be at least three weeks, and after a week of break, enter a new one. The emerging presence of blood – a sign that the drug loses its contraceptive properties.
  2. After previous hormonal contraception in the form of systemic medications (pills or transdermal patch) the transition to NuvaRing carried out at any time, subject to valid bezkorovaina period of time (7 days).
  3. In the transition from micro-dose of oral drugs, hormonal injections, IUDs, implants according to the manual ring NuvaRing to insert immediately at the end of the previous contraceptive (the last day of the interval). Otherwise, you’ll need to use a condom or spermicidal suppositories for at least 7 – 10 days.
  4. If a woman had an abortion before 12 weeks, the ring NuvaRing should be inserted immediately after the surgery, otherwise you will need additional contraception or an alternative method of preventing unwanted pregnancy.
  5. Postpartum gynecologists advise to use the NuvaRing and not before one month after delivery in case of refusal of breast type of feeding of the child. If during this period was at a minimum, verify the absence of pregnancy. Striking confirmation of the fact that the woman is not pregnant, first menstruation. If the discharge is minor, and there are doubts, you can seek the advice of a gynecologist. If you want to use a pregnancy test, it should be remembered that after delivery the female body still has the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, which influences the test result. When breastfeeding NuvaRing does not apply.
  6. After spontaneous removal of the ring from the vagina (for example, increased physical activity) it is necessary to wash with water and re-enter. During the rinse ring to be sure that the water was not hot, otherwise you’ll need to enter the new instance.
  7. In the absence of the ring in the vagina no more than 3 hours on the first or second week of the menstrual cycle you can not worry about the loss of the contraceptive properties of the drug. If the ring were absent in the vagina in the third week of the cycle more than 3 hours, you must enter the new contraceptive, without waiting for the withdrawal bleeding. If the mode of use of the ring NuvaRing is not compromised during the cycle, you can wait for the withdrawal bleeding and to introduce a new contraceptive after 7 days as usual.
  8. Sometimes the NuvaRing can be used without any interruption in the conduct. For example, if you want to delay your period, doubting the action of the product, the errors is to use. If this is an isolated case, special reason for concern there. However, multiple violations of the patterns of use specified in the regulations, increases the risk of side effects, hormonal disturbances. It is not recommended to use the ring NuvaRing for more than 3 consecutive months without interruption.
  9. The administration of antibacterial and antifungal drugs requires additional barrier contraception to ensure maximum contraceptive action. On the background of prolonged antibiotic or antifungal therapy may require the application of local remedies to prevent pregnancy.
  10. Pregnant women NuvaRing is not prescribed. It is not recommended to use during lactation because of the penetration of contraceptive hormones in breast milk.
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NuvaRing has no analogs, but similar effects have hormone products that contain a combination of estrogen and progestogen:

  • Jess;
  • Janine;
  • Kliogest;
  • Novinet;
  • Klajra;
  • Klimen;
  • Silest;
  • Yasmin.

In some cases, the contraceptive is contraindicated

Like any hormone therapy, the vaginal ring NuvaRing, has contraindications and limitations to use:

  1. young age (adolescence);
  2. diseases of the circulatory system (arterial and venous thrombosis);
  3. genetic factor predisposing to thrombosis of the veins and arteries;
  4. heart disease;
  5. diabetes mellitus;
  6. complicated surgery (the break is not less than one month);
  7. severe headache (suspected migraine);
  8. hormone-dependent tumors in reproductive organs and mammary glands;
  9. in case of pregnancy or suspected it;
  10. lactation;
  11. severe gastrointestinal disease (pancreatitis, pathology of the liver and biliary tract, etc.);
  12. hypertension;
  13. prolapse of the cervix;
  14. chronic constipation;
  15. hernia of the organs of the excretory system;
  16. bleeding from the vagina.

NuvaRing can have a negative effect on the body when used improperly or hypersensitive to synthetic hormones.

Side effects

  • acute inflammation of the vagina (bacterial overgrowth, vaginitis, thrush);
  • itching of the vagina;
  • infection of the urinary tract (urethritis, cystitis);
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • soreness in the chest;
  • headaches;
  • swelling of extremities;
  • hypertension;
  • decreased libido;
  • painful menstrualnopodobnoe allocation;
  • increased appetite;
  • a rapid increase of body weight;
  • local allergic to vinyl acetate;
  • common allergic reaction to synthetic hormones.

If you experience any of these symptoms should consult a gynecologist, endocrinologist, or related professionals in the presence of systemic diseases in anamnesis.

The contraceptive NuvaRing property depends on the rules of use of the vaginal ring, the individual characteristics of the organism. Prior hormone therapy diagnosis of the organism, the study of hormonal, timely advice from a gynecologist, endocrinologist, mammologist will reduce the risk of side effects not only in the presence of systemic diseases, but also to prevent their occurrence.