Ruptured ovarian cyst: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences

The formation and release of an egg from the ovary – a natural physiological process that takes place in women in the childbearing period. On the site of the rupture of the follicle, the formation of cysts. It is not pathology. There are abnormal varieties, the gap which leads to many problems and complications in the body and this is for good reason.

Ruptured ovarian cyst can lead to serious health consequences

Ovarian cyst – formation in the ovary. It contains serous or mucinous substance.

The reasons for the formation of cysts

After the formation of the egg, there is a tearing of the follicle and it enters the fallopian tube. This follicle is formed a yellow body. When the follicle rupture did not happen, instead it produces a follicular cyst. The liquid content builds up inside the follicle. Within a few months of follicular formation disappear without any intervention.

In place of the yellow the body when it is extended, forming a cyst of yellow body. These species emit into the group of so-called functional cysts.

When observed in women of endometriosis from the endometriosis cells, the formation of so-called endometrioid cysts.

Another kind of hemorrhagic. In the follicle or yellow body burst blood vessels. Begins painful the bleeding.

Dysontogenetic – formed in girls at puberty. It is formed because of failures in the development and growth of the ovaries.

Cancerous tumors consist of cancer cells and often lead to the development of cancer in the ovaries.

Разрыв кисты яичника: причины, симптомы, лечение, последствия

Diagram of an ovarian cyst

Causes of cysts

A ruptured ovarian cyst doesn’t always happen. Functional (follicular), are by themselves or after the appointment of combined hormonal preparations.

Under certain factors and late consultation at the gynecologist, she increases in size.

There are situations, endometrial, follicular, luteum still burst, which is a serious problem for the body that has certain consequences. With this diagnosis appear unpleasant symptoms and shows with instant access to a doctor.

The causes that can lead to rupture:

  • disruptions in the hormonal background;
  • increased physical activity (sports, gravity);
  • injury of pelvic organs;
  • frequent active sex;
  • violation of the mechanism of blood clotting;
  • inflammatory gynecological diseases.

Разрыв кисты яичника: причины, симптомы, лечение, последствия

Regular weight lifting can lead to rupture of the cyst

The symptoms of rupture of ovarian cysts

The main symptoms when rupture – a sudden, sharp pain in the abdomen. If the ruptured cyst of the right ovary, the pain can radiate to the liver and show symptoms of inflammation of the Appendix. Rupture of the cyst of the left ovary, was escorted pain, which can be symptoms of diseases of the pancreas. Based on the type, show different signs of pain. Also the type of pain depends on the day of the menstrual cycle when the ruptured ovarian cyst.

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Symptoms and signs that occur in the gaps.

  • Fever that is not reduced by the application of antipyretic drugs.
  • Sharp, strong, long lasting pain in the genital opening of the uterine bleeding.
  • Irregularities in the bowel movement and urination.
  • Pallor of the skin.
  • Weakness.
  • Sometimes fainting.
  • Marked reduction in blood pressure.
  • Intoxication (nausea, vomiting).
  • Разрыв кисты яичника: причины, симптомы, лечение, последствия

    Sudden fainting can be a symptom of a ruptured ovarian cyst

    If appear the above symptoms, you must appeal for help from a qualified physician. Gynecologist for an accurate diagnosis and then assign a rational treatment, is guided by these characteristics and survey results:

  • Ultrasound.
  • The puncture of the abdominal contents.
  • Laparoscopy.
  • Gaps various types of ovarian cysts

    Ovarian cysts during pregnancy

    According to the latest data, there are cases of the formation during pregnancy. There are two types of cysts during pregnancy:

    • The cystadenoma. Inside contains mucous or liquid substance. Grows to 12 see This kind of accompany the constant excruciating pain.
    • Endometriotic (chocolate). Contains brownish bloody discharge. It is formed when endometriosis on the background of hormonal disorders. When you break this cyst blood filled abdominal cavity.

    Conservative treatment is not provided. You have to remove, despite weeks of pregnancy.


    Endometrioid cyst must be removed immediately after detection, because the rupture of cystic capsule can occur at any time. Other treatment is not carried out.

    The gap of this kind is characterized by the presence of a strong, paroxysmal pain with the manifestation of nausea and vomiting, swelling of the intestines. Possible fainting.

    Endometrioid cysts are formed near the endometriosis and their tears are threatening the formation of adhesions and paresis of the intestine.

    Разрыв кисты яичника: причины, симптомы, лечение, последствия

    Scheme of endometriotic ovarian cysts

    Yellow body

    Cystic formation of the yellow body has a dense thicker capsule. Pain when rupture of the cyst of the corpus luteum are shrill, acute. The weakness, cold sweat, fainting. If burst ovarian cyst near the blood vessels, filled with blood and got into the pelvic area, a condition called apoplexy of the ovary. The woman will change from weakness, drowsiness to stupor and shock. Apoplexy can occur when a sudden change in body position, kick, active lovemaking.

    The treatment depends on the severity of bleeding, blood clotting, the condition of women in General.


    Treatment, normalizing the content of sex hormones, helps get rid of follicular cysts. The symptoms which accompany rupture of the follicular neoplasms: dagger type pain, fainting, dizziness, vomiting, cyanosis or pallor.

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    High loads, pregnancy, sexual intercourse is a causes, which can lead to rupture of the follicular units.

    Rupture leads to peritonitis, massive blood loss, the development of anemia, the formation of adhesions and problems when planning a pregnancy.

    Approach in the treatment of ruptures of cysts

    A ruptured ovarian cyst, its degree is determined by the physician after examination of the patient and receiving results. On this depends the further treatment approach. If the bursting of the tumor diagnosed as early as possible, you can assign a pharmacological approach to treatment. In more complex situations.

    Разрыв кисты яичника: причины, симптомы, лечение, последствия

    Complex cases of cysts that require surgery

    Upon detection of a gap functional tumors (follicular, luteum), often for the treatment of prescribe a course of drugs. The woman is shown in bed, a cold compress on the belly. To resolve the inflammatory process prescribed receiving anti-inflammatory drugs. To normalize the level of hormones in the blood prescribe a regimen of oral contraceptives. Treatment of rupture of the follicular and luteum cysts performed in a hospital. And every day watching the dynamics of the process.

    In case of rupture, endometriosis (non-functional) cysts is surgery indicated.

    In modern surgery use two methods:

    • laparoscopic surgery;
    • laparotomic surgery.

    When laparotomies surgery, surgeons make an incision through which the ovaries are removed with the signs of lesion and a benign neoplasm. Then clean the abdominal cavity from the contents of the cyst, which burst. Then sutured. The woman left for hospital treatment to three weeks.

    In laparoscopic operations in the abdomen several small incisions are made. Thanks to the endoscope with flashlight surgeon sees abnormal area and removes the damaged areas.

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    These operations are performed with the introduction of General anesthesia.

    Разрыв кисты яичника: причины, симптомы, лечение, последствия

    Surgery on the ovaries is performed under General anesthesia

    The consequences of the rupture of the cyst

    A ruptured ovarian cyst, like any other similar process, has its negative effects. If the gap was accompanied by extensive bleeding, a woman may develop hemorrhagic shock. It is therefore very important quick admission, which will help to save a woman’s life. Another important complication is the removal of the ovary during surgery (especially if a woman is planning a pregnancy).

    Remaining in the uterine cavity blood after surgery, can cause the formation of adhesions. The presence in the body of the uterus adhesions modifies the physiological status of the fallopian tubes. The fertilized egg is unable to descend into the uterus and develops an ectopic pregnancy.

    The most tragic consequence for women of childbearing age is infertile. The impossibility of pregnancy appears because of adhesions, and because the remote of the ovary.

    Разрыв кисты яичника: причины, симптомы, лечение, последствия

    Infertility is one of the possible consequences of rupture of ovarian cyst

    Prevention education and ruptures cysts

    Prevention is always better than cure. It is important to all women at least once in six months to undergo preventive examination by a gynecologist and not to forget the timely treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases. First and foremost, this applies to women planning a pregnancy.

    When diagnosed with «ovarian cysts» ( follicular, luteum, endometrial and other types), you must complete all the prescribed recommendations. If the attending physician considers necessary a treatment is, we must obey them.

    When appropriate, in the opinion of the doctor performing the operation, is to listen to the advice of doctor.

    The best prevention education and later rupture, is planning and pregnancy.