Saline abortion: indications, preparation, how it’s performed

Salt is called abortion, produced in the later period of pregnancy with the use of sodium chloride solution. It is also called a saline fill.

Many doctors agree that a saline abortion can bring a woman many complications:

  • unpredictable hormonal changes in the future that are difficult to remedy;
  • sudden bleeding;
  • obstruction of the lumen of the vessels, which leads to disturbances of local blood supply;
  • violation of mental health.

A woman should be aware of when choosing this method of abortion. Late-term child – formed personality that is able to feel pain, especially pain from chemical burns. The child has already formed nervous system, and it is actively functioning.

Indications for abortion

In some cases, to save a woman’s life, one has to resort to abortion in the later stages.
Medical indications for abortion:

  • malignant tumor of the mother;
  • tertiary syphilis;
  • open forms of tuberculosis;
  • peptic ulcer with complications;
  • transferred during pregnancy rubella;
  • mental illness;
  • severe preeclampsia;
  • the fetal malformations detected at the later time;
  • epilepsy;
  • severe course of diabetes mellitus;
  • other conditions that threaten the woman’s life or capable of inflicting serious injury

There are also social indications for which it is the termination of pregnancy before 22 weeks. These include rape, death of her husband, stay in the MLS and the termination of parental rights.

The consequences

Often after abortion using saline fills are observed the following effects:

  • hormonal disorders,
  • hypertonicity of the uterus, causing bleeding;
  • infertility;
  • infection and inflammation of the genital organs.

Preparing for a saline abortion

If the medical evidence suggests that pregnant need to call artificial birth with the help of a saline abortion, then it should work psychologists and psychotherapists, which prepare her for the upcoming procedure.

If there are medical or social indications for termination of pregnancy a woman should contact women’s clinic, have an ultrasound to clarify the exact duration of the pregnancy and to pass all the necessary tests.

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A saline abortion involves a procedure in which the uterus using a special needle with a syringe is extracted with 200 ml of amniotic fluid. Instead of the deflated amount of the amniotic fluid injected the same amount of salt solution. Thus, the environment is replaced by a very caustic solution in which the fetus dies painfully in a few hours.

Reasons for death of the fetus:

  • dehydration, that is, the dehydration, the child’s body is dried;
  • poisoning;
  • cerebral hemorrhage;
  • chemical burns of the entire body surface (skin of the fruit becomes bright red in color).

From the womb of dead fruit get after one or two days after administration of saline solution. Woman intravenous drugs are introduced that provoke contractions. Through such means, the fetus is torn away, and begin artificial birth. Extracted fruit similar to a Lollipop, as his wrinkled skin is very thin and translucent, through it you can see all the capillaries.

Before performing a saline abortion, the woman must report that the introduction of a caustic salt solution, the child begins to move actively. These movements are called tremors, which are associated with the fact that fired all the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, eyes, respiratory system and skin.


This type of abortion is sought less often. Doctors prefer to terminate the pregnancy, more humane ways. This is because saline abortion causes greater post-Natal injury to the whole body of the woman, and often complications.

Also there is a more compelling reason not to use this form of abortion. The child as a result of the introduction of the salt solution can survive. But you live, such children are usually short. Almost immediately after birth (after an hour) they die. But there were cases when the child survived and did not die after childbirth. The surviving child looks like his head was dipped in boiling liquid. Mom for the rest of life gets psychological trauma of seeing the body of his child. Not all doctors will be able to help the woman to cope with it. This sight requires nerves of steel.

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An abortion can be performed only for compelling social reasons and for medical reasons. Saline abortion should be chosen only in very rare cases, when there is no other way. If there are indications for artificial interruption of pregnancy, then you need to choose the most humane way, not forcing the child to die in agony.