Sex life during menopause: how to protect themselves

With the advent of menopause and after it a woman expects a lot of psychological and physiological changes that affect the lives of couples. Ladies often think about the possibility to have sex during this period. Menopause amends normal sexual life of the couple. This time of testing new feelings, a new level of understanding of loved ones.

Climax introduces new rules in sex life

Sex life and menopause

Sexual intercourse allows the man and woman to bond, to relieve psychological and physiological stress. But in a certain period in a woman’s body undergoes changes that affect her sexual sphere. Menopause occurs.

Some couples think that the start of these changes, sexual intercourse becomes a problem. But menopause and its consequences do not threaten the sexual relationship of the couple. Sex life changes, but does not disappear.

Physiological changes in a woman’s body based on the decrease in the number of female sex hormone estrogen. He is responsible for sexual desire, functioning of the reproductive system as a whole. When it is lacking, sexual intercourse is not so bright.

These changes make a woman feel psychological discomfort. This can provoke feelings of inadequacy, depression, isolation or other problems.

Половая жизнь при климаксе: как и чем предохраняться

Sex life during menopause is quite possible

Physiology of the menopause and sex

The normal amount of estrogen regulates the female sex organs, helps our cells to properly grow and recover. The pelvic organs receive sufficient oxygen because of proper blood circulation.

After menopause, these figures are reduced. If a woman is a passive way of life, the stagnation in the pelvis it provided. This can cause problems with the elasticity of the vagina and uterus, which is bad for sexual intercourse. Dryness, burning and other unpleasant sensations make sex a real challenge for women who hurt her.

Menopause and the period after him is not a reason to refuse from sex. At this stage you just need to pay more attention to my body to prepare it for intimacy. For this there are different methods that need to know the man and the woman.

Lack of estrogen makes the reproductive system more vulnerable to diseases and infections. This period may be exacerbated or recurring women’s illnesses. Because of this, the ladies at the age you need to carefully monitor their health. Consult a gynecologist for these issues will help to understand yourself and the time to fix the problem.

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Половая жизнь при климаксе: как и чем предохраняться

Gynecologist will help to understand the changes in the body during menopause

Psychological changes during menopause

To existing changes in the woman’s body can increase problems with moral health. Because of this, couples are recommended together to study in detail features of menopause and its consequences. Participation in this process of sexual partner women is an important factor.

A man should know about women and change them later in menopause. From his relationship to the partner depends on the ability to preserve busy and regular sex life.

One of the main psychological problems of menopause is decreased libido (sexual desire for the partner). Its appearance is influenced by many factors:

  • Physiological changes that make intercourse unpleasant or impossible.
  • A misunderstanding on the part of the husband (sexual partner).
  • Change in appearance, which made the woman very upset.
  • Hormonal imbalance and others.

Sometimes sexual desire is not altered or even enhanced. But there’s always a way to stimulate a woman to reach. For advice you can contact the gynecologist or psychologist. The expert will tell you the basic techniques that will help permanently extend the sexual life of the couple.

Some Mature ladies feel uncomfortable with their newfound freedom: menopause mostly occurs when children are adults, worries become less, there is no need to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. The probability of getting pregnant also disappears. This is a new stage with the pluses and minuses, which need to get used to.

Половая жизнь при климаксе: как и чем предохраняться

Menopause frees women from the need to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy

Protection during menopause

The probability of fertilization in adulthood is low. But partners should remember that need to protect themselves with a prophylactic purpose.

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After the disappearance of menstrual bleeding, intercourse should be safe for at least 2 years. During this period, the body adjusts and may fail. The result is unwanted pregnancies, which adds to the problems.

Gynecologists advise to protect themselves by such means:

  • Female sterilization (via surgery). This method is used for features and the wish of the patient.
  • A condom. This method is very popular: it does not require additional material costs, does not violate the natural course of sexual intercourse. While using a condom often used a special lubricant which moisturises the vagina. The woman feels no discomfort and the act becomes natural. Protected by condom suggest also to avoid many diseases of the genital organs that are easier to pick up during menopause.
  • Intrauterine contraceptives. To protect themselves using these tools or systems should be cautious. Their use is not possible without consulting a gynecologist. These funds are based on hormonal exposure. They also produce a therapeutic or preventive purpose.
  • Hormonal drugs. The use of pharmacological agents during menopause should discuss with a gynecologist. The effects of some drugs based only on the relief of symptoms of menopause. And to protect themselves from pregnancy with their help will not work. Other medicines protect against fertilization, but during menopause, they are contraindicated.

Sex life during menopause and after it can be rich and colorful. This phase of life need to join together to achieve total harmony in a Mature relationship.

Половая жизнь при климаксе: как и чем предохраняться

The condom is the most popular means of protection during menopause

Improving sex life to menopause

If You do not get to set the sexual life in adulthood, it is necessary to take a fresh look on existing problems. Simple tips of gynecologists and psychologists, will help to prolong intimate relationships.

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With anxiety and uncertainty during intercourse will help to handle additional information about the developments. Learning about your body or problem anymore, You will not be afraid to do something wrong.

If lack of sexual desire on the part of women is recommended to connect a partner. It needs to possess an individual effective means of excitation. These include literature, video or audio, affection and long foreplay and so on. You don’t have to be ashamed of, sexual intercourse during and after menopause can be unforgettable. A woman can also use the techniques of self-satisfaction that enhance her sexuality in the eyes of the partner.

Romantic dates, erotic massage, aromatic baths and other relaxing intimate techniques will help to bond, get to know each other on an emotional level.

Sexual intercourse after such events is of particular tenderness and closeness of the partners at the psychosomatic level.

Menopause and menopause makes a woman change appearance, change or no relation to normal life and herself. Sex life the first is subject to change. The act becomes not the same as before. This does not mean that everything is bad. In this case, you need to accept his new position and to reach a new stage of relations with the beloved man. The sexual act is shown to a woman at any period of her life to preserving women’s health.