Signs of diabetes in women after 50 years

The last decade has seen a surge of diabetes cases. At risk – women older than 50 years. Statistics show that every 10 years the number of cases becomes twice as much as before. In Russia diabetes sick 3.5% of the population. Need to know the signs of diabetes in women over 50 years of age when the first symptoms to the doctor to keep the situation under control.

Dangerous, insidious disease

There are two types of diabetes: first, second type. The second option is more common after the age of 40 – 50 years. To predict the disease is difficult, the development is slow. There have been cases when patients women signs were not evident 10 years or more.

Knowing the symptoms of the disease, the time to go to the doctor are blood tests for sugar. The normal rate of glucose is 3.3 – 5.5 mmol/L. If you go to the doctor it is impossible, we should examine the blood glucose meter. Measurements are taken on an empty stomach. Developed test machines to check blood insulin resistance. If in doubt about the results of a blood glucose meter, do the test. The result of the analysis shows whether the organism is predisposed to the disease.

When blood right?

You can not worry, if capillary tests showed sugar level not more than 5.5 millimol. Option does not depend on gender. For venous blood the normal rate is up to 6.1 millimole. The numbers are fair for women aged 50 – 60 years. For the 60 – to 90-year more standard: the concentration of sugar up to 6.4 millimol – norm. In those older than 90 years, the excitement is only sugar in excess of 6.7 millimole.

The primary symptoms

The modern woman is over the age of 50 faces daily physical and mental load. On her shoulders the house, do not let a stressful situation at work, there are conflicts with friends and within the family. This leads to fatigue, chronic fatigue and weakness. Amid the frantic pace of life hard to notice the first manifestation of diabetes.

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The first signs:

  • reduced performance;
  • weakness;
  • lethargy.

The symptom that makes you wonder: a woman rested, slept, went to warm the coast, but the apathy remained. This weakness, lack of strength manifests itself in the initial form of the disease in middle-aged and older.

Characteristic signs of diabetes in women after the age of 50 years: strange discomfort, sluggish, fatigue after eating. If after a meal every time I feel sleepy, “disabled brain”, the concentration is reduced to zero, don’t wait, visit your doctor.

A typical symptom of diabetes at the age of 50 years – a never-ending thirst, dryness of the mouth. Patients in the day drink up to five liters of water. These volumes provoke frequent urination.

Characteristic manifestation at the initial stage of the excess weight. First of slender, thin women are rapidly gaining weight. But ladies with overweight initially at risk: every extra kilogram increases the chance of developing the disease. Body fat reduces insulinodependiente tissues, violates the metabolic processes in the body. By insulin glucose comes to needy tissues, cells. Body fat is difficult surmountable obstacle, causing excessive concentration of glucose in the bloodstream. Increased volume leads to vascular lesions of the heart.

Triggers diabetes is not any problem with the extra weight. Body fat accumulates on thighs, buttocks and not interfere with the normal functioning of internal organs. But the pounds that occur in the waist area is the risk of high pressure, heart disease, a prerequisite for a failure of carbohydrate metabolism.

The scientific staff of the Swiss research Institute has proven that type II diabetes peculiar people, whose childhood was spent in poor conditions. A child forced to eat cheap food, from an early age accustomed to easily digestible carbohydrates. Even with improved living conditions and balanced nutrition in adulthood people still at risk. The probability of diabetes is twice that of one whose childhood was spent under conditions of good nutrition.

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The characteristic symptom is itching of the skin in the groin area. Appear on the skin boils, festering sores. Do not leave the symptoms ignored. There is a chance that the ulcer is unhealed in transformirovalsya that will cause gangrene.

Two types of diabetes

There are two types:

  1. insulin-dependent (first type);
  2. insulin-independent (second type).

The first is provoked by diseases of the pancreas. Of organ such that the insulin is not produced. For patients characteristic low weight. Typical symptoms of the first type:

  • weakness;
  • thirst;
  • a metallic taste;
  • acetone in the urine;
  • vomiting;
  • heart pains;
  • cramps of calf muscles;
  • dry skin;
  • weakness of vision;
  • vaginal infection;
  • furunculosis;
  • headaches;
  • neuroses.

To support the body constantly have to take insulin injections. 50 years and older diabetes of the first type is easier than in younger years.

The disease manifests itself, often at a young age. The disease is incurable.

The disease is the second type is not always associated with impaired production of insulin, the main problem is the inability of the tissues to use insulin.

Typical signs of illness:

  1. polyuria (frequent urination);
  2. polydepsia (thirst);
  3. polyphagia (increased appetite);
  4. General weakness, fatigue.

The disease is spread wider than insulin-dependent “brother” – up to 90% of diabetics suffer from type two. Disease develops at the age of 40 – 50 years. A violation is curable if the patient adheres to medical diet.

Increased risk

Women at risk, the probability of occurrence of a disease is higher than others:

  • women who have experienced miscarriages and abortions;
  • patients with atherosclerosis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • women with obesity (including abdominal obesity);
  • diabetes having relatives in the maternal line;
  • with resistance or gestational diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy.
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Knowing that the risk of developing the disease is elevated, keep the blood under control, measuring glucometer the blood sugar level. In this case, doctors recommend to think about a possible disease and to live a full life: to move, have a social life, to travel. Numerous tests, the tests help to control the condition, spending 5 minutes a week.

Prevention of diabetes

Physical education – an indispensable preventive measure. Load important for women leading a sedentary lifestyle. Doctors recommend:

  • every day to make a 10 – 15 minute walk in the fresh air;
  • off from work every 3 to 4 hours to warm up;
  • walking after a meal.

Tangible health benefits bring breathing exercises, yoga, aerobics, fitness, swimming. Don’t become athletes, engage in the fun, without stress or strain to the activity brought joy.

Prevention of diabetes – it is also food. Eliminate fast food and limit sweet and starchy foods. Preference for low-calorie dishes, healthy food with a low glycemic index.