Signs of menopause at 43 goyda, the causes of early onset

Early menopause is a cessation of the menstrual cycle and its absence during one year for different reasons. But normal is menopause from 47 to 55 years if menopausal symptoms occur prior to this age, the women noted early menopause. Early menopause is heralded by the presence of pathologies in the female’s body or outside precipitating factors. The normal course of menopause and its occurrence, there is a small percentage of women, so you should know the symptoms of the onset of menopause, to distinguish it from the disease.

Menopause at 43 years old is considered early

The signs of the onset of menopause at 43. Causes of early menopause

Disruptions in the menstrual cycle are harbingers of the onset of menopausal changes in the body. Periods become irregular and at first the delay is a week, gradually increasing. The interruption of menstruation may be up to several months. Therefore it is very important when signs of disorders in the menstrual cycle the advice of the gynecologist that will help to identify the cause of the breach. If women, the symptoms of premature function loss of the appendages, any treatment is ineffective. Absence of menstruation in a long period is a sign of early pathological decreasing function of the reproductive system. To determine this, the patient is administered a variety of tests

  • Follicle-stimulating hormone. This hormone is responsible for the production of oocytes and their maturation. And when its level increases under the action of the end of production of eggs in the body comes menopause.
  • Estradiol. Showing the level of estrogen in your blood.
  • Luteinizing hormone. Responsible for normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Early menopause is characterized by a residual reserve of eggs in the ovaries, which distinguishes it from normal menopause. That is why the early onset of menopause women may experience menstruation and ovulation.

Therefore, there are cases when during the period of early pathological menopause women become pregnant, which is impossible for the onset of normal menopause. Premature symptoms of menopause perhaps under the influence of many factors, but such extinction does not last for several years, and comes instantly.

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Признаки климакса у женщин в 43 гоыда, причины раннего наступления

For early climax are left in the ovaries the ovarian reserve

Causes the onset of early menopause

There are several factors contributing to the pathological development of early menopause:

  • Chemical or radio-wave effects on the pelvic area. Treatment in such a way causes damage to ovarian tissue, contributes to the cessation of menstruation. The consequences and treatment are problems with conception that arise immediately after undergoing treatment, or after a few months. The likelihood of development of pathological early menopause in this period depends on the intensity and duration of the impacts of chemicals. The younger the patient, the less likely the onset of the artificial menopause.
  • Oophorectomy. The reason for the onset of early menopause in women of reproductive age could be a surgical operation to remove appendages. Surgery may be performed to remove both ovaries or one, but in either case, menopause begins immediately after surgery. As a result of such changes: menstrual cycle stops; in the body dramatically decreases the level of female sex hormones; this condition is accompanied by symptoms of menopausal changes, characterized by the symptoms of hot flashes and to reduce the level of natural libido.
  • Surgery to remove the uterus. Hysterectomy is separate from the rest of the reproductive system, which saved the appendages. Such an operation does not mean immediate onset of menopause because the main organ responsible for the production of female sex hormones, do not stop its function. But such surgery mean that women who have had surgery, will start the menopause at 43 years old or even earlier.
  • Among the objective reasons for the early onset of menopause can serve as chromosomal changes, transmitted through the female line. Scientists revealed the onset of early menopause in pairs of twins associated with genetic changes.
  • A huge influence on the development of pathological menopause in women in the reproductive age has the presence of autoimmune diseases. Such diseases include: thyroid dysfunction or rheumatoid arthritis; and infections transmitted through sexual contact.
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    Признаки климакса у женщин в 43 гоыда, причины раннего наступления

    Chromosomal change is one of the causes of early menopause

    Signs of disease

    Upon the occurrence of both timely early menopause in women, the symptoms arising from the gradual extinction of ovarian function:

    • Violation of the menstrual cycle.
    • The appearance of hot flashes and hyperhidrosis.
    • Various emotional changes.
    • Sleep disorders.
    • Sudden weight gain, and fat deposits in the thighs and abdomen.
    • Observed changes in the skin and mucous membranes. There are signs like dryness of the vagina and inner lining the organs of the excretory system, mucous membranes.

    In each organism these symptoms individually, and to predict what will be the onset of early menopause in a woman’s body is impossible.

    All systems of the body undergo changes, responding to different reactions. These signs are common, but most women have character disorder individual.

    Признаки климакса у женщин в 43 гоыда, причины раннего наступления

    Insomnia can indicate approaching menopause

    Changes in the autonomic system

    The appearance alone of the tides, is not limited to manifestations of hormonal imbalance, early menopause or from the vascular system. But this basis can seriously complicate the life of any modern woman, is manifested by symptoms:

    • The lack of air.
    • The temperature rise of the upper body.
    • Hyperhidrosis.
    • A feeling of tension and anxiety.
    • The emergence of feelings of nausea.
    • The symptoms of paralysis of the heart rate.
    • A sign of weakness and vertigo.

    If the patient there is a glitch in the heart’s rhythm, there are signs of increasing respiratory rate and violations in its depth, it may be hyperventilation syndrome. If there is such a disease, some women have noticed: shortness of breath, feeling of lump in throat and pressure in the chest.

    For some women, characterized by the appearance of carryover headaches migraines. Such patients can not tolerate being in a stuffy office, or in the heat. Such symptoms are due to disturbances in the cellular metabolism level of magnesium and calcium, the situation is complicated further reduced level of estrogen.

    Признаки климакса у женщин в 43 гоыда, причины раннего наступления

    Vertigo is autonomic a violation of characteristic of menopause

    Disturbances in psycho-emotional sphere

    All, without exception women are entering into menopause, early or natural, noted violations of psychoemotional sphere. This is manifested by the presence of asthenic — neurotic syndrome characterized by:

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  • Excessive anxiety.
  • The appearance of unexplained fear or anxiety.
  • Tearfulness.
  • Severe depressive disorders.
  • Irritability.
  • These changes occur due to the lack of level of sex hormones in a woman’s blood, increasing inability to fulfill the reproductive function during the early onset of menopause.

    Changes of the mucous membranes, skin, bone tissue

    The signs of the onset of changes in the early menopause can be expressed with the genitourinary system and the skin, undergo changes of bone tissue, in various disorders:

    • Osteoporosis. Under the influence of estrogen deficiency, bone marrow leaches calcium, which leads to pain in the joints and bone tissues, accompanied by frequent fractures.
    • Vaginitis with a predominance of atrophic forms. This kind of pathological changes in the early menopause occurs because of lack of estrogen leads to the ischemia of the vagina. Noted symptoms: dryness and lack of natural lubrication, the occurrence of burning and sharp pains, to the appearance of prolapse of the vaginal walls.
    • Atrophic changes in the pelvic area. Such transformations entail the emergence of pain in the pelvic organs caused by disruption of the location of the urethra and bladder.
    • A vivid sign of the onset of early menopause is the detection of changes of the skin.

    All of these changes can be accompanied by pain syndrome of different localization, and the frequency and strength of which depends on the individual characteristics of the organism